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US Immigration from Nicaragua

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Managua embassy
5:54 am March 9, 2021

Harriett H

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Hello! I need to reschedule my fianc 's K1 interview at the embassy but when I log into ustraveldocs and go to the 'reschedule appointment' option, its say no appointments available. I emailed the email address on the embassy website but have not gotten a reply and am concerned given the appointment is set for the 19th of March and its already the 8th. I'd appreciate advice from people who have dealt with this in the past especially at the Managua embassy! Should I be worried? Is there someone else I can email or call? Thanks in advance!!!

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Can't reach embassy in Managua
4:34 pm February 24, 2021

little immigrant

Little immigrant

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The phone number on the 221g slip doesn't let me speak with someone. The information that I found on visajourney doesn't work. The email bounces and the phone number also doesn't work. Please advise how I get in touch because I want to ask for an update on my case.

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Is the Nicaragua embassy processing visa applications for children of lawful permanent residents now?
11:35 pm February 17, 2021



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I am the sponsor of an application for a child in Nicaragua of a lawful permanent resident. The application was submitted just after the June, 2020 order by President Trump blocking the issuance of visas for children in this category. The mother and I are hopeful that the embassy in Managua will begin the processing of those visa applications. Does anyone know the situation at the Managua embassy related to this? Thanks in advance

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Urgent IR2 U number Managua
5:07 pm February 13, 2021

little immigrant

Little immigrant

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I don't know where to my find son's U number. When I Google it comes up with K1. We are IR2. Now we need to send something and it asks for the u number. There is a link but we don't have an email or password either. I don't remember this at all during my journey from Germany can someone enlighten me? Can we leave it blank if we don't have it?

Oh and none of the phone numbers work. There is one on this website and one on the paper. None let you speak to a live person. I remember the embassy Frankfurt had a live support

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Biometrics Rescheduling
10:01 pm February 3, 2021

Landon & Kariana

Landon & Kariana

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Our biometrics appointment was originally scheduled for December, however we were unable to attend as planned. We immediately mailed in the form requesting a new biometrics appointment date. Over the past month we have called, chatted with a live agent via Emma, and gone by in person. Each time, we are told to simply wait. Has anyone else over the past year missed their biometrics appointment? If so, how long did it take to receive a notice in the mail with a new date? Is there anything else we should do, other than continue calling/and chatting with live agents about the status? At this point, we've already received the social security card and notice of approval of work authorization.

Thanks in advance.

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