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  1. Thanks! So, just to be clear, if they are still in the US, they are not banned and can proceed with AOS. If they left, then they are banned for 10 years. I quickly read through other posts, and it seems the majority related to people still in the country.
  2. Looking through some of the previous posts, I'm still not very clear of the possibilities for this case. Scenario: Naturalized US Citizen wishes to petition parents One parent overstayed B2 visa: -- lawful entry 2000 voluntary exit 2009 I have read about doing AOS, but the parent already left many years ago. There were no removal proceedings, or criminal background. I am unclear if there is a ban on the parent. Also, there is no way to prove lawful entry, as the old passport and visa have now been lost. Is it possible to petition the parent? I have read about waivers, but they seem to indicate the parent must be in the US. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!
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