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  1. My dad's application changed on 4/28 to "Case Is Being Actively Reviewed By USCIS"
  2. Yes, that likely means they generated the Receipt Notice, basically confirming it was received. If you log in to your account and go to Documents (under each application), you should see the PDF there.
  3. Hi! I filed for my mom on 04/03/2022. Potomac Service Center. I also filed my dad's but that was a few days earlier in March.
  4. Filed my dad's application on 3/30 and the status is also Case Received.
  5. Question for recent filers: the online form asks if the beneficiary has ever been in the U.S. Answering yes to that question prompts additional questions that seem to then fill out items 46a.-d as if they are still in the U.S. when they are not. Just checking to see how recent filers went about that assuming they did it online?
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