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  1. Those of you that were approved, what center were you? I'm not expecting approval any time soon, but it would be nice. We did the bio Oct 23rd
  2. Awesome thanks! Last time we traveled, it was two weeks before his green card expired. We ended up having to see someone instead of using a kiosk, but they didn't even ask to see the letter
  3. Does anyone have an experience traveling outside the US on an expired green card? We received the letter that his green card has been extended 18 months while they decide if he is eligible for the removal of conditions. But the green card still has a date of September 2019. We are working on planning a trip to Europe and want to know if they will still view him as a US resident? Please tell me about your experiences.
  4. From what I've read, that would be super, super fast. I was a bit scared to go on our two week trip in August because I thought we might get a biometrics appointment then. But we still haven't gotten one. You just have to go on with life and re-schedule if need be. But I would think a couple of months would be more realistic.
  5. I'm the same. I mean, no problem, I wouldn't mind skipping the biometrics. But why do they take a biometrics fee from everyone if not everyone is required to do one? It would be nice to be able to see my status. I will check out the myuscis page, though I'm pretty sure I tried it a month ago.
  6. Interesting. I haven't gotten anything yet. And when I try to call in, they don't want to give me any information unless my husband is home....I guess I'll wait in suspense until he stops working 13-14 hr days.
  7. Hi! I mailed my packet on June 19th and got the paper NOA in the mail one week later. I have not gotten anything about a Biometrics appointment. Does anyone have similar NOA and mailing dates as me? Can you share about if you have or have not had a biometrics appointment scheduled. If so, when?
  8. I called in. Apparently, they have been having issues with the tracker since December. You just have to call for updates, I guess.
  9. Sue your lawyer..... You shouldn't have to do anything if you're paying him to take care of it. But, I would probably call and see if they can locate your case. If they have no record of it, I would cancel that check and mail a new case to the correct center.
  10. I'm not sure, but I would think you can ask to have it changed to a more convenient location. We are going on vacation for two weeks in August, and when I was on the phone, she said we could always have the appointment rescheduled if it happened to fall within that timeframe. I would think location would be the same.
  11. PS. For those who are having trouble checking their status online, I called in. They said they've been having trouble with the system since December, though it was fixed, but it's not. She couldn't tell me anything about what it said because my husband was not present (anyone can check a status online with the number, but apparently on the phone, the number isn't enough). She did say I would receive a biometrics letter in the mail, usually with a month of when the case is received. She also said (we have a two week trip coming up in August) that they can reschedule biometric appointments no problem.
  12. Okay, have a laugh at my freak out moment. I got the mail today and saw something official looking from the government. Of course, I tore into it first....and it was a check...for about $150....I was like....what? Are they refunding us biometrics? No, that was only $85. Did they not accept our application and just refund us part of it? I have absolutely no precedent on which to base this. I am scanning the check carefully, looking for clues. And then I see....it's a tax refund. Yeah, I've never had one of those before....
  13. We sent it the 17th with USPS tracking. It tracked it as delivered the 19th. But the letter says the 20th. So it's been approx 10 days.
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