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Need to travel and can't find my Green Card
1:04 am January 20, 2024



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I need to travel out of US in a couple of days. But I can't find my conditional Green card. The conditional GC expired 2 years ago but I have the extension letter as my petition for removal of conditions is still processing.

Would I be able to get back into the US, or will I have any trouble?

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I751 ROC Name change of dependent applicant
8:57 am January 15, 2024


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Hello We are about to submit our I751 documents in a couple of weeks.

I am the USC sponsor and my wife and her daughter (my stepdaughter ) are the applicants.

I have a question about the dependent daughter's name change

The dependent daughter turned 18 during the conditional residency period and changed her name in her home country ( India) through that home country's legal process.

While filing the I751 form can we enter the daughter's changed name ? We can also attach the supporting documents that show the legal name change done in India.

Her passport is still with her old name and so is her conditional green card.

We would like to get the 48 month extension letter and the 10 year green card to show her new changed name.

Is that possible?

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Form DS-260: "Mother surnames at Birth" column in Family Section
1:48 pm January 8, 2024



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During filling DS-260 at NVC stage, there is column "Mother surnames at Birth" in Family Section. Should we fill Mother's maiden surname in this column along with first name and middle name at her birth in "Given name" column or is it fine to put current name as present in Passport, which is now her legal name? We have filled current name as per passport for mother in the I130A form (i130 petition is already approved) in the Mother's maiden name column in Parent's Section.

Kindly guide, whether we can put same current name as mentioned in I130A and as per passport in this DS-260 "Mother surnames at Birth" column to avoid discrepancy between I130A and DS-260 forms or will there be any issue during Consular visa processing interview if we put current legal mother's name as mentioned in passport in "Mother surnames at Birth" column in DS-260 form Family Section?

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Applying i-485 for a parent
4:13 am January 6, 2024



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Hello Team,

I am applying permanent residence for my dad who is currently in the US on Visitor visa. (Mom passed away recently). Iam filling his i-485 and have the below questions -

  1. Part 4- Information about parent/SPOUSE
    1. Dad's mom has no Family name- What should be entered?
    2. Dad's parents DOB is unknown - DO we enter Unknown?
    3. Information about current spouse- DO we enter anything here (Since Mom passed away )
  2. Part 16 and 17 regarding SSN- Do I need SSN for my Dad? He retired long back and will not work.
  3. Can the i-485 be signed electronically or do we need physical signature (Asking because he is currently with my other sister in a different state)?
  4. Every page has an A-Number. can we leave it blank?

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Document Checklist and Advise for N-400 I-751 Combo Interview
5:40 pm January 2, 2024



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I have my N-400 Interview (probably a combo interview due to pending I-751) on Jan 9th, 2024 and was wondering if anyone has a document checklist they used to compile all documents outside of the documents mentioned on the interview letter. Any additional tips are also welcome :) Excited but also nervous for the last step of the process. Thank you all for all your guidance throughout this entire journey!

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