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  1. Hello, Please mark me as red. I had a wonderful oath ceremony yesterday and received my Certificate of Naturalization. I did have all my paperwork to apply for the passport but due to the busyness of the day, we decided to apply at later date from our local post office. I will be applying sometime in the next couple of weeks. I thank you all for being part of this journey and wish you all the very best!
  2. Hey there, I had an update notification a couple of hours after my interview. This notification to notify that they have approved my application. And then another notification stating that they have scheduled an oath ceremony date for me. These were just text/email notification, there were no updates on the website itself. Then the next morning I received a case update notice and the website showed that I attended the interview and in line for the oath ceremony. And then another hour or so later got another notification of document update and this time it was my oath ceremony letter which they uploaded on the website. Have you heard anything back yet? Hopefully, you get your oath ceremony date soon enough. Best wishes.
  3. You would do great! Congratulations on getting the interview date.
  4. Thank you for this tip. I will make sure to get a passport picture of mine for my upcoming Oath ceremony.
  5. Hello, My oath ceremony is scheduled for November 9th. Would you please update. Thank you.
  6. Please update. Oath ceremony scheduled for Friday, November 9th, 2018 in Indianapolis.
  7. Hello, I went to my local county traffic court office. Cost me $2.00 but the price may vary depending on your county court.
  8. Got an email notification that my oath ceremony has been scheduled. Hopefully the USCIS website uploads the letter soon.
  9. Hello all, I had my interview a couple of hours ago and it went successfully. At the end of the interview the officer said that she is recommending me for the citizenship but she also does a quality review (basically another background check) for all applicants, and once that is done I should get oath ceremony notification. I am a little puzzled as I have not read others going through the quality review. My other confusion is that I received two emails at the same time and I am wondering if the quality review has already been completed or not. Got this email - - We recommended that your Form N400, APPLICATION FOR NATURALIZATION, Receipt Number IOE**********, be approved. On September 20, 2018, your case was submitted for quality review. And then this email - - We placed you in line for your oath ceremony and will send you a notice for Receipt Number IOE*********, with the date, time, and location of your oath ceremony. You should receive your notice within 30 days of its mailing date. The interview itself was pretty straightforward. The yes and no questions. Apparently the system showed that I left a bunch of those blank, but I didn't. The print out copy I had showed all of them to be filled. We discussed my traffic citation and I gave her the certified disposition from county Court showing I did pay it off. I personally suggest everyone to keep and present all citation information, some officers are more stricter than the others. The civic questions were easy. It went really fast. The English test was pretty simple as well.
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