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  1. Nope, they're randomly assigned. I asked the guy who runs hilites.today, because he tracks a range of IOE numbers, and he confirmed that there's no logic to them. In your case, I think that was only because you filed them concurrently and because both I-130s are linked, and will most likely be approved at the same time.
  2. Our timeline so far: 1/11/2023: Filed online, got NOA1 and was put into AR1 within a few hours. Service center was Potomac. I've checked with Emma twice since then, and both times they said it's in Texas now. Since Texas is generally faster, that's great. 1/20/2023: Sent in our I-129f/K-3. Some stories of people cutting down their approval times by filing K-3, so we figured it was worth a shot. It will be interesting to see if the NOA for the 129f will come from Texas or not. It would have been better if the IOE receipt numbers you get from USCIS were sequential like they are for K-1 filers, as you could check other people's status and see the rate at which they're getting approved etc. But I haven't been able to make any sense of them.
  3. Don't mean to necro an old thread but I just noticed the same exact bug (End date from previous marriage populated on the field for our current marriage) in the pdf version of the I-130 we filed online. So this bug clearly hasn't been fixed since. Is the consensus now to file a typographical error with USCIS or to just let it be? I don't mind filing the error, but I'm worried it might cause an extra delay.
  4. We just finished filing the I-130 yesterday, so we'll look into adding these documents at the NVC stage. Excellent idea with the ITIN, I didn't realize the spouses of US citizens were elgible for them. Thanks for the advice and good luck with your I-751!
  5. Yeah, we decided to remove those sentences. We'd been hoping to get your opinion on this. Thanks, pushbrk!
  6. Hey everyone, my wife and are about to file our I-130 online. I'm from India. Our proof of bonafide marriage pdf is 40 pages long. This is what we have in there: Table of Contents on the first page A small paragraph that is an introduction to us and how we met, with a picture. Proceeds into our first meeting and month long trip together in SEA in April 2022 -- before we got married -- which includes: boarding passes, passport stamps and our airbnb bookings. Followed by 3 pages of pictures of us. Then our second two-month long trip abroad, from Oct 2022 to Dec, during which we did get married, this includes: boarding passes, passport stamps and our airbnb bookings. Followed by 4 pages of pictures of us in these countries. We had a Utah zoom wedding while we were together in Dec, we've included two pages of pictures of the ceremony where we had two close friends as witnesses, and of us exchanging rings. Finishing it off, are our boarding passes going back home, and a few simple sentences noting our sadness at being apart again. And then two pages of chat logs from snapchat and discord, followed by about 5 months worth of consistent call records, birthday cards and finally, two pages of reciepts/movie tickets/etc. As we don't have joint bank account statements, insurance or long-term leases etc that show financial comingling, we've tried to supply an abundance of evidence in other areas like in time spent together. Do you think this will be enough to satisfy UCIS and potentially avoid an RFE later on? Are we producing too much evidence and slowing things down? We'd be grateful for any advice.
  7. I figured because the DS-260 makes you fill out your entry and exit dates, along with the visa type/number, the overstay is kind of implicitly there? Do you think they might not even ask in my case?
  8. Thanks for the explanation guys, that makes it much more clear. Although this sounds like a situation where I should contact an immigration lawyer to get more certainty, I was hoping to avoid that. But I will do it, and update here.
  9. Hi @Chancy or @TBoneTX, can you expand on that? At what stage does the Department Of State come into play? From what I know, the hoops I have to jump through are UCIS, NVC, the consulate for the interview and the immigration agent at the airport when I arrive? Everything I've found online says that overstay days may not even accrue for minors, and even if they did, I am comfortably past the 10 year ban on reentry.
  10. Thanks, that was my understanding too. Although if they ask if I've ever overstayed at some point, on a form or at the interview, I think I will have to explain why. Hopefully that doesn't affect my chances. I'm outside the US, and have never visited again.
  11. Hi, everyone. I went to school in the US as a child for a few years because of my father's job. I was on the H-4 visa issued to dependents of H1 visa holders. When my dad extended his H1-B, he assumed that my H-4 would be automatically extended. It wasn't and it turns out that 9 year old me was technically overstaying my visa for at least a year, maybe more, before my family returned to India. While exiting the US, we weren't asked about the overstay on my passport at all and no acknowledgement of it was ever made by anyone from the US government, or the airline. That was the only time I travelled to the US, one entry and one exit. Now my American wife and I are about to file the I-130 petition. And I'm wondering whether this overstay will affect it in any way? Will I be forced to declare it and justify it at some point? I'm hopeful that it is fine because 1) I was a minor at the time 2) It has been more than 10 years since I left the US Any guidance would be really appreciated, thanks.
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