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  1. Same here , we sent our I-129F to Texas lockbox and it got sent to NSC too
  2. Congratulations !! 🎉 We sent our I-129F and or Pd is July 8th we pray for an approval because we are waiting since 324 days 😬
  3. Oh yeah ! 🤘 But it’s not for now .. 324 days and still nothing .. I hope one day 🤷‍♀️I just give up on Christmas with the family there . With the time USCIS take process our cases and to transfer file to NVC + NVC processing time + Embassy . We will be lucky if we move next summer .. anyway .. Enjoy this day you deserve it after so much stress and and anxiety ! The worst aka NEBRASKA SERVICE CENTER 🤪 is behind you ! Keep us inform of the rest of your journey please 🙏
  4. I don’t say that you’ve been disrespectful. we are all in the same boat during that very long process . You are right to answer back . Like I said we are here to talk and everyone Is free to express his/ her opinion . have a good day 😉
  5. Everyone can talk freely here once there is respect to each other . We come here to talk about immigration process but to have support too because it is emotionally exhausting especially for people who are separate from their loved ones for so long . VJ forum is like a big family where you can talk . No judgement but just advises , opinion and help . We are combining all that in here 😊
  6. You have nothing to loose to try it . We did sent the passeport size photo of both of us but I am not sure at 💯 that it is an obligation . We were not too sure so we put them in the package . I can just advise you to look at the instructions because I don’t want to give you a wrong direction in what to do . If you are not with your husband there is a possibility to provide him a recent picture . Stop by a place to do some new photos and ask the photographer to put the file on a USB key and sent that by mail to your husband he can then probably print it at a Walmart .
  7. @Saci Singh if I can give you one advise it’s to do it ! You have nothing to loose . Even if we are close to the 1st year of process we know that they increase constantly so if we can have a better chance to have an answer in a more « decent « time why not 😉
  8. Welcome ! I am august 29 th filer and still waiting too.. we filed I-129F few days ago . We will see 🤷‍♀️ We wish we knew it earlier soon maybe we will be in US already ! Please thank you for completing your timeline to contribute to the community 😀
  9. It’s a complete mystery .. i can just tell you good luck and pray for them to finally understand that there is a problem and transfer cases to other centers instead of accepting some from other SC
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