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  1. I Hope everything will re-open soon for those waiting to have their interview 🤞 we were supposed to leave our place but our landlord was ok for us to stay more due to the situation so maybe if it’s the case you will have no problem. I can understand , even if I am not in this situation , how bad is to be separate 😥 thank you very much Alix , soon it’s gonna be your turn for sure . take care 😊😉
  2. hey Alix, I know , and talking about it I Reached the « ministère des affaires étrangères »( i am calling eveywhere to find answers lol 😂) and they gave me the link to the text of J.Y Le Drian saying that no one can be unauthorized to leave the country . the village we are leaving in is at about 40Km from the airport so we are ok , ouf😅 we will have to bring attestations with us and « attestation sur l’honneur « explaining our situation _+ wedding certificate and I think we gonna be ok . we hope to leave very soon to start our new life in the house waiting patiently for us 😀 what about you ? Any news ? big kiss , Audrey
  3. Hey Alix , thank you 😊 i read a lot about when we arrive there but the problem is to reach Paris From Corsica. we called the embassy earlier but they don’t know a lot about the attestation . They tell us to bring the one we have for now at each time we go outside but they are not sure at 100% that the « motif familial impérieux » is gonna be ok. they told us to have a wedding certificate and my visa with us . i just want to be sure to have everything to be able to travel from France to USA . and then once we arrive there we will self quarantine . it’s complicate and we have to go in may . big hugs to you too 😗
  4. Hi guys, i hope everyone is doing ok . i have a question about our future travel to USA. France is still in confinement to may 11th minimum and even after that we heard today that we will still need an attestation to travel from region to region . i have a question for those who flew recently to US. Did you find an international attestation ? What justification did you have to give at the airport to justify such a long travel ? I am a little bit confused and i don’t find anything online . we would like to move in the end of may but it’s seems to be very complicate ... as usual ... any help is welcome 🙏 have a good day 😊
  5. Yes , sadly, it could be a problem . maybe you can search and see to find a sponsor
  6. Hi guys , so , I married to a USC , we are both currently living in France . i received my IR1 visa back in March so question : are we ok ? with the ban on Schengen area , are we gonna be allow ? we would like to leave as soon as the French lockdown is finish ( may 11th) if I remember ( please correct me if I am wrong ) the travel ban exempts usc and their spouse too ? thanks for any answer 🙏😊
  7. Thank you for your answer . we will see . praying to be allowed to go 🙏🤞
  8. Hi everyone , i know it’s a very difficult time for all of us . Especially waiting on the EO to « tell us » what’s it’s gonna happen .. My IR1 visa was approved in Paris in March and I received my passeport with my visa in it . we were supposed to fly but everything was cancelled and we were planning to fly after the end of the French containment ( may 11th) ‘’but now there is « that » . i payed my green card fees March 15th and I have the tracking number . My question. Is , due to what’s going on and D.Trump suspending green cards for 2 months , as I already payed the fees . Will they suspend the production of my green card ? Because the « my USCIS » website says that I can receive it 120 days after 1 st entry or 120 days after visa fees being payed . right now , as a lot of it I am a little bit confused .. thanks in advance for your answers 🙏😊
  9. Hello, yes the last documents You gonna upload will start over the waiting time .
  10. Same here my visa expires in august and I am afraid to not be able to make it from France to US at that time
  11. That’s normal . till they review your documents you will see this message even if you submitted all the documents . Once they gonna Look at your case you will have no more “action required” but “At NVC” if you have “submitted “/ “completed” next to your documents and AOS you have no reason to worry . Just wait
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