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  1. That’s what I think too ! He served his country with pride for 20 years 🇺🇸🤘 but the embassy don’t care as he is not on active duty 🤬 first time they didn’t allow him as he had to be on « the list » so if we try the B2 we will ask how to do before to allow him to come with me
  2. It’s like . I want to quit but at the same time I don’t want to give up because we’ve been through so much already ... my husband is now Stressed for them to put this other visa demand we could do as a red flag on our immigrant case . for the ties , My husband is not working as he is Navy Veteran retired so financially he is doing better than me if I had two jobs here Lol i am a good person . I just ask to be able to visit family with my husband 🙁
  3. Hi Vj family , as still not DQ after 2nd submission ( because they ask again additional paperwork ) we really want to try the visitor visa as I talked about in a previous post . but flying from my island is expensive so I would like to be sure that if we reapply for a visitor visa ( they denied me one in august 2018 because I said I want to immigrate ) we will put all the chances on our side for one time . we decided to slow down with the immigrant process ( no withdrawal finally) to stay longer in France and think about it for a little while . so we just want to visit the family 2/3 weeks and my husband will sell his car and some stuff . my question is about the strong ties and the pending immigrant petition at NVC as ties to France I have : - my car under my name + insurance - house rental contract ( under both names ) - electricity bills ( under both names ) - house insurance (Under both names) - bank account (under both names ) is it enough? I am not employed and we don’t have kids . My husband is my only family Then for the pending immigrant visa , is it a problem ? could we explain that we want just to go few weeks to see the family and bring back some stuff we sent when we thought we will move soon ? we just want to see them for a short time and come back here . when we call NVC they say that it is at the discretion of the agent . i tried to ask an esta yesterday night and then I read that once a visa is refused no more esta , ever . ( I thought it was just for the previous one so I tried ..) any advices is welcome 🙏 good day to y’all 😊
  4. i was sure something is gonna be wrong again , I don’t know why .. Thank you very much 🙏 I will look at it
  5. Yes he have but with his old address . He didn’t had gone to change it last time he was there in 2018 . no he can’t , it’s too expensive 🙁
  6. Thank you very much 🙏 we will see what we can do . we can’t afford an immigration lawyer unfortunately. i think we have to calm down ( I ordered pizza 🍕 earlier to help 😉😀 )
  7. We had NVC ( so called) supervisor on phone . No help repeating same things over and over asking for proof of domicile we already gave . we cannot provide bills as my husband is leaving abroad with me . we gave tax transcripts , bank statement with the address there obviously not enough. we are stuck . we have nothing else to submit . We have them everything we had .. don’t know what to do anymore ..
  8. We are now on hold waiting to talk to someone . we gonna ask to talk to a supervisor
  9. Thank you very much 🙏 i know you are right but I am so tired .. plus adding to that come my mom first death anniversary in 2 days .. I suppose that this adding to that make the things more complicate for me and I am more sensitive .. we are now on hold to talk to them and see what happens ( again) we will ask to talk to a supervisor if it’s the case we will not ask withdrawal but keep our NVC case for one year as someone suggested here ( thank you 🙏) i am so tired of all that .. you VJ family are such nice people and I am happy to be surrounded by your support ! 💕
  10. Yes I am .. that’s crazy I agree we have to call them but for now no way to reach them even after to « good « ring . there is something wrong on what they ask especially for the income requirement .
  11. We sent every they asked .. we try and try to reach them but lines are busy obviously today
  12. mine is « just » 18 months because they lost my first package .. Everyone is different and have different reactions .ive been trough a lot last year I was praying for 2020 starting better .. we will not resubmit over and over . when you do what they ask and they are taking 50 days or more to tell you whats going on . Arrive a time where enough is enough .
  13. They don’t care about people .. 🙁😞 no , i have enough and my husband too . thank you very much for your support I appreciate 🙏🙏
  14. Thank you 😞 We gonna ask the withdrawal of our case . we are at 18 months since we start the process .. enough is enough .. Always something wrong
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