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Does she need to apply for citizenship?
7:11 pm January 13, 2019


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A friend of my daughter asked me a question about citizenship because she knows that I did the immigration paperwork for my wife and kids.

Here's her situation:

She arrived in the US in 1991 (at age 10) with her father and brother, and got green cards. The father got his citizenship in 1994 (3 years later), so it was probably a spousal visa. I'm guessing that her biological parents are divorced because she said that the father has custody. And she still in contact with her mother back in her country.

So now, she is interested in US citizenship. According the Child Citizenship Act of 2000, all foreign-born minor children automatically acquire citizenship when (1) one of the parents becomes a citizen, (2) they are a minor, and (3) they are legally in the US on a permanent residency. However, from my research, the law became effective in Feb 2001. Here's what I found online: The CCA applies to persons who were/are under the age of 18 on or after the effective date, February 27, 2001. And she was 20 years old on that date, so she would not be eligible for automatic citizenship and has to file N-400 and go through the whole process.

Am I reading this correctly? Thanks.

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Recommended time for knowing each other? 2018-2019 Version
4:04 pm January 3, 2019


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Hello Everyone!

This is my first post over here so please be as kind as possible (A little bit scared of everything ?)


So my future to be fiance and I are planning to file for the K-1 Visa in March

We met each other at the beginning of July, 2018 via the website OkCupid.

From July up until November was our 1st time meeting each other, 4 months of wait, 7 days was the time that I stayed over at the U.S. (He's from Utah, 20 year old guy going to 21 in 2019 and I'm from Costa Rica, 19 year old girl going to 20 in 2019)

We probably have accumulated well over a 1000 thousand messages over WhatsApp (We talk in a daily basis practically) over a 1000 Snaps, by now hundreds of images exchanged via Instagram (We implemented this around late October, awesome for the relationship, we can share our quirky little humour over there as always have something to talk about either via WhatsApp or Skype, helps as a nice distraction ?) we've made over 80 + videos for one another up until this point, and we Skype each other 3 times a week, with calls ranging from 2:30 - 3:00 Hours in length.

Gifts have been given too, expenses from his end have been made (he spent around $150 when I went there, I have the receipts of everything we did together) he paid for the ticket the 1st time I came around, I paid for it this time ;) and the most immemorable "official" girlfriend event was made by him, and much more ?

Like every couple we've had our up's and down's but at the end of the day, as harsh as it may be, I'm glad we are long distance, I think long distance relationships show the best and the worst of people, and it's up to you if that's what you want or not, in comparison to how a "normal" couple relationship progress, he's very much what I want despite the adversities. maturity plays a big role too, and for us, these 8 months of long distance feel like a year or so of "real life" couple progess.

And so...

Our next meetup will be in March and that's when we originally planned to get engaged and file for the K-1 Visa (he's gonna buy me a laptop so that we can play games together too and make the relationship even much more smoother, I love him :))

More pictures will be taken (we're naturally shy and introverted people + we're not really like your average couple who takes 1000's of pictures together and whatnot, kinda regret it... I do have a lot of pictures from the 1st trip though) from the 2 of us, pictures with his family and friends will be taken (meeting his family was a very rushed event, almost at the end of my stay, and since they are mormon and neither he nor I are, it was kind of complicated and taboo to tell them that I was officially his girlfriend, that would've been a whole lot of drama that we preferred to skip) with his family, friends, gathering of approval letters from both our parents and friends will be compiled and right now we are also exchanging actual love letters too.

However, he suggested we wait atleast until August since perhaps knowing each other for 1 year and 2 months rather than 8 months was better (the next meetup would be until August btw, vacations are hard to get for the both of us since we both work, and he studies too) now I have a lot of counter arguments as to why this would be more negative than positive, I think we have lots of factors that play in our favor, but there may be downsides too...

But I want the opinion from people over here at the forum, their experience, and much more.

my question is:

as of 2019, with the current U.S. political climate in regards to immigration, how advisable, knowing all this information, would it be for us to file in March?

Should we attach a note at the end of the i-129f explaining the circumstances as to why only 2 visits in 8 months and why we are deciding to get married after 8 months of knowing each other?

Any tips, pros and cons of the relationship, when to file, experiences with Costa Rican embassy, anything and everything would be greatly appreciated from our end, thank you very much in advance if you took the time to read this!!! :D

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DOS Case ID K1 Visa
9:15 pm December 31, 2018


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Hello! We are trying to file online for naturalization for my husband. To confirm identity on the USCIS site, they ask for the alien number (which we have) and the DOS Case ID. I cannot find any paper that mentions that. He came here years ago on a K1 visa, which is a non-immigrant visa. Anytime I look up online where to find the number, they are talking about immigrant visas. Does anyone have experience with this? I wanted to file online but it is seeming like I will just have to file via the mail if I can't find it. Thank you in advance!

IMG_87BFEE3494A6-1 2.jpeg

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i-485 out of processing waiting time!!
8:41 pm December 26, 2018


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Hi everyone so hopefully somebody here can help me. So I got a order from a immigration judge granting me the approval of my case back in may 2018. I went to the Detroit inmmigration office in august of this year and i took every paper work to get my first stamp and my passport and they did it for me the only bad think is that is was just for only 6 months. Now they said that i should have receive my first green card now and nothing has been done. I even called the immigration and there is really no answer to my case for some reason is unregistered but i did pay everything did anyonee here experience same or similar situation, I am just desperactetly i want my first green card :(

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How to get a tier 2 agent (split)
3:39 am December 19, 2018


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1 hour ago, brener69 said:

Well I was referring to people here waiting to have their case "touched" as this is a forum for June 2018 K1 filers. I also said there are MANY reasons why it can be "delayed" not just a background check but usually background checks are the main reason. You should probably contact USCIS and inquire about your case and talk to a tier 2 agent.

How do you get in touch with a Tier 2 agent? I often have trouble getting through to anyone at USCIS. Thanks!

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