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US Immigration from Costa Rica

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handwritten corrections in I-129F
9:48 pm March 26, 2020



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We are ready to file form I-129F, but I realized there were 2 mistakes so I crossed out the information and added the correct one.

Is there going to be an issue because of this?

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Tax Question
3:27 pm March 21, 2020



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Just had a bad experience at HR Block trying to file taxes. My husband has a GC valid as of 6/15/19. He did make some (small) income in his country of residence prior, but they don t really do taxes there and there is no documentation of anything related to income.

HR Block told us we had to claim money he earned before we attended our visa interview, but that seems inaccurate to me because why would we pay US taxes on money earned abroad before he was even a visa holder and permitted to enter the USA? I don t see why we d have to claim anything that he made unless it was after the date of US entry.

Thank you

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Anyone having N400 Interviews Canceled?
7:55 pm March 13, 2020


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Just wondering if anyone has had their interviews (N400) - NOT OATH CEREMONY - but citizenship interviews canceled? I know there was a situation in Seattle with that office closing, just curious if anyone has run into this elsewhere?

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Applying for a K3 visa after Form I-130 is filed
2:03 am March 3, 2020


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Hi folks!

I am from Costa Rica and have a valid 10 year B2 (tourist) visa. I currently travel back and forth to the U.S., while I wait for the form I-130 to be approved and never had any problem at the port of entry despite I have my wife and my son living in the U.S. (both U.S. citizens). The problem is we received NOA1 on sept 4th, 2019 and still we don't get any news from USCIS. Currently is being processed at Nebraska Service Center. We filed form I-130 for a CR-1 spouse visa. Is it woth to file form I-129F (Petition for Alien Fianc ) to apply for a K3 visa? Asking just because of current wait times that I believe are too long.


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N-400 and I-130 Simultaneously
12:52 am March 3, 2020


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My 10-year Permanent Residence expires in October. I would like to submit for Citizenship. One hiccup and one question.

Hiccup) A previous employer misplaced my permanent resident card, so I don't have that. I only have a photocopy of the front of it. I started the process online and all I have left is the section to attach a copy of my permanent resident card. Is there a way to get around filing for a replacement card?

Question) I would like to also start proceedings to get my wife legal status through petition. Preferably I would like to do it all at once. Is this recommended. She did enter the country illegally 11 years ago so I do understand she will need to return to her country for a period of time.

Do you recommend I do this all at once or should I follow certain specific steps (even if it includes applying for permanent resident card replacement).

Thank you very much for your attention to this matter.

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