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US Immigration from Costa Rica

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2 months waiting for SSN
6:31 pm


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Hello, I went to the SS Office September 14th to get my ssn and everything was fine and I waited 6 weeks and still didn t have my card, then I decided to go to the office again and they said the woman did a few mistakes and that s why I couldn t get the card, the officer told me he fixed the problem and I d get the card within a week. It s been three weeks today and still don t have the card. I came with K1 visa and my 90 days time is up. Did anybody have the same issue? Thank you

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I-134 Wet Signature Required in Costa Rica?
10:49 pm


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Does anyone know if the embassy in Costa Rica requires a "wet signature" on the I-134 Affidavit of Support (i.e. original copy signed by me, the sponsor) or if they accept a scanned document? I'm working to send it now but the beneficiary lives in a particularly rural area where mail is dodgy and I'm not certain it will get to him!


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How to side-load at NVC stage?
3:37 am

N & Nancy

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Regardless of whether the CO will consider additional evidence provided at the NVC stage, I'd like to side-load. I'll have visited my wife 6 times by the time she is interviewed, and I would like to add our time together as further evidence of a bona fide marriage.

I don't have my case number yet, so it may be a non issue, but how can I do this if I'm uploading electronically? Or is it only possible if submitting supporting/financial documents by mail?

Thanks in advance!

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Biometrics - CSC Delays?
4:15 pm


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Hi all. Any CSC filers (we specifically filed in April 2018) have an idea on when you receive biometrics from filing?

We still haven't and they received everything in June. I understand some people are getting letters waiving biometrics.

We have a 2.5 week trip planned abroad (going home to visit family) the last two weeks in November, and I'm starting to get anxious that we will be requested or get a letter and it will end up being while we are gone, and then have complications.

Any insight / advice? We will be calling today to the agents to get an update and I believe they can expedite, but I'm concerned even if they put in a request or something that with how slow things are going, it could still just end up being in November.

Thanks for your help and guidance.

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OCTOBER AOS 2018 Filers
9:36 pm


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Hello! Since I haven t seen any from October yet, I thought to make one since I sent my paper September 28th, I will probably be an October filer.

Hope you all have an amazing journey.

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