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US Immigration from Bosnia-Herzegovina

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4:28 pm


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Hey y'all,

My husband filed for his AOS in August 2017 and we still haven't heard anything. Do any Dallas filers have any idea what is going on?


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Hello everyone
3:45 am


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I wonder if anybody here is from Bosnia and Herzegovina,an did have interview?If they have interview what kind question did ask them?My fiance have interview on Monday hoping he get approve visa.Wishing everyone get visa and come to America spend time with them fiance Amen.Good luck to all.

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Igor's list
11:29 am


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Does any one know why my name is not listed on Igor's list?

Thank you

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Renewal of EAD and AP
3:11 am

Selma and Nermin

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We renewed my husbands EAD and AP on May 29 2018, has anyone done the same and recived an update?

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7:21 pm


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I have question for everybody.I hope someone can teal me what to do.My noa1 is November 14 I still do not get noa2.On Jun 28 they send me e-mail that they will let me know about my k1 visa in 45 days?Those 45 days past so I did inquiry again on August 9.On August 17 they send me new e-mail.

Thank you for your inquiry. We recognize your interest in a final adjudication on your pending petition and are aware of the difficulties caused by any delay in processing.

Although we cannot provide you an exact date for when a decision will be reached in your case, the USCIS is committed to processing your case in an efficient manner.

We regret that we are not able to give you a timeframe for when we will complete the review of your petition.

Once a decision has been made in your case, you will be sent a notice of action.*

*A notice of action may be in a form of Approval Notice, Denial Notice, Transfer Notice, Request for Evidence, or Notice of Intent to Deny.

We hope this information is helpful and appreciate your continued patience.

I really don't know what to do?Pleas can someone help me?Did anyone have something like this in his case and is there anyone her from November that not get noa2?Thank you so much wishing all of you good luck.

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