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H1-B appeal with AAO - status update
5:21 pm March 16, 2020



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My H1-B got denied last year, and my company decided to file an appeal with Administrative Appeals Office last September. I just saw that my case status got updated with the following and I was wondering if anyone knows whether this is positive or negative? Yes, I do understand it's not possible to tell from this and that my best bet is to wait for an official notice, but I was hoping someone saw this case status before and I can learn something about it before I hear back from the processing center. Thank you for taking the time to read this!

Case Was Relocated From Administrative Appeals Office To USCIS Originating Office

On March 13, 2020, the Administrative Appeals Office (AAO) transferred your Form I-129, Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker, Receipt Number EACxxxxxxxxxx, to the USCIS office that made the original decision on your case. That office will mail you our decision or send you a request if it needs something from you. If you move, go to www.uscis.gov/addresschange to give us your new mailing address.

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Affidavit of Support questions
9:50 pm February 23, 2020



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Hi all,

I have couple of questions about filling out AoS form:

  1. In the AoS instruction PDF file says: "Evidence should consist of copies of ANY of the documents listed below that apply to your situation."

"A. Statement from an officer of the bank or other financial institutions with deposits, identifying the following details regarding the account:
(1) Date account opened; (2) Total amount deposited for the past year; and (3) Present balance.
B. Statement(s) from your employer on business stationery showing:
(1) Date and nature of employment; (2) Salary paid; and (3) Whether the position is temporary or permanent.
C. If self-employed:
(1) Copy of last income tax return filed; or (2) Report of commercial rating concern.
D. List containing serial numbers and denominations of bonds and name of record owner(s)."

Regarding that, if the co-sponsor is not willing to show all the deposits on his/her account since it's a shared account, will it be enough to submit the supporting documents just under B section?

And since not self employed the co-sponsor is not supposed to submit the tax return, W2?

2. (Section: Part 3, question 4)If the annual income from co-sponsor is good enough, in this case 60k+, does the co-sponsor have to show the savings balance or it can be N/A.

3. (Section: Part 3 question 8.a.) If the real estate is shared does it have to be filled out and if yes how does that impact the value we are supposed to put in?

4. (Section: Part 3 question 26-29) Does this have to be filled out on co-sponsor's form or only on the petitioner's form?

I hope this is clear enough.. Sorry for a long post.

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Student loans refund
9:52 pm February 14, 2020



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Hi all

So I'm trying to figure out when I go to get the bank statement for the i-134, how do I cover the student loans refund. Since it says to show the "Last year amount deposited", will it say on that statement that it is refunded from the loans.

Hope my question is clear :)

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8:16 pm February 11, 2020



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Hi all

Is the number that is by beneficiary name on NOA2 receipt the new A-number for beneficiary. In our case, beneficiary used to have A-number from before which we used on our I-129f form.
If that s the new A-number should it be used for further procedures?

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Anybody else's state tax "still pending"?
2:32 am February 7, 2020


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So to make story short I filed my taxes with an online software (pretty reliable; I've used it before) yesterday and while my federal tax was accepted immediately; my state tax is still pending! ARGH! Has anyone else experienced this? I'm wanting to file so early so I have the tax transcripts for my fiance's K1 interview down the line.

Has anyone else experienced this when they e-filed for their taxes?

This has never happened to me before. Both state and federal are usually accepted within minutes of my turning it in (granted I filed near the tax deadline all previous times because I had no reason to do them earlier than necessary)

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