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US Immigration from Bosnia-Herzegovina

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Potential Gov. Shutdown
12:17 am September 16, 2023



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Good evening, morning, afternoon, night, fellows

What impact will the potential Gov. shutdown have impact on us, particularly NVC, embassies? I am of understanding that USCIS will not due to it being funded by fees mostly?
Thanks, and sorry if I am in the wrong tread

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I-751 Ready to be scheduled for an interview
11:55 am September 7, 2023



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Hi Everyone,

My I-751 status got changed into Case is ready to be scheduled for an interview since June. Also my field office is very busy so I am sure my interview won t get scheduled anytime soon. I planned to travel internationally to visit my dad in the end of this month for 10 days. I am just a little concerned if I am safe to travel and come back if my status doesn t change. If anyone was in this situation, please share your experience.

Thank you

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Withdrawal of I-290B, motion to reopen and reconsider?
1:30 am July 25, 2023



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Hello, dear people.

Here is the rundown:

my friend s I-130 petition for her husband living abroad

PD: 07/01/2022 Texas SC

First review: 07/17/2022

Second Review: 05/01/2023

Denied the same day. No RFE s, no NOID. She didn t supply the translated marriage certificate.

Filed motion to reopen and reconsider on 05/30/2023, within 30 days.( She was abroad with him when the petition was denied)

Arizona USCIS review dept, sent it back on to Texas SC on June 8th. She is at this point thinking to reply instead waiting for the decision. She is in dire situation since she is scheduled for open heart surgery post delivery. Does she need to withdraw the Motion to Reopen ( I-290b ) or straight up file everything again? Thank you so mucb.

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Did the interviewing officer lie?
11:03 am June 23, 2023


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My sister (us citizen) brought her son (under 18) on B1/2 visa to visit. Since they didn t meet the requirements for child born abroad he s not a citizen. While at the interview they were told that he can become a citizen when he comes to the US? What are the options now?

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Joint sponsor with a two year green card?
1:11 pm June 18, 2023



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Can someone who has 2 year green card and is in the process of inquiring the 10 year one be a joint sponsor?

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