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US Immigration from Bosnia-Herzegovina

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Do we require a DS5540 for a K1 interview?
8:13 pm July 22, 2020


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I already emailed the embassy but if they say yes then how the hell are we supposed to fill out a form asking him about any federal taxes filed or any jobs that he is going to be having when as a k1 applicant he obviously can't have any of those?

This is complete idiocy to me. I'm sorry, but it's idiocy.

I know that he is going to be on my insurance when he gets here and we're married but we don't have a wedding date set obviously so I don't know what date to put on the stupid dumb form.

Sorry but I'm fuming at this process.

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Is my I-129F skipping the NVC and going straight to the consulate?
4:41 am July 14, 2020


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Not sure if I'm understanding this correctly but I got my approval notice in the mail today for my I-129F and it reads as follows:

"The above petition has been approved and forwarded to the listed consulate. Please contact the consulate with any questions about visa issuance, or if you would now like them to forward the petition to another consulate...."

There is no mention of the NVC anywhere in the letter. I think I read something about the USCIS automatically forwarding I-129Fs to the consulate but I'm not sure.

So...I'm assuming that we have skipped the NVC and are straight into scheduling with the consulate once they are back open?


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I'm working on my I-134...
4:53 pm July 12, 2020


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And I have a former marriage that we filed adjustment of status. It is asking me for the filing date on when we applied for adjustment of status and on when we filed the I-864. My ex has sent me pictures of the I-797 with the case type being "I-485 Application to Register Permanent residence or Adjust Status"

It's been many years so I'm forgetting. We filed in 2015... Did I file the I-864 at the same time as I was working on the I-485? because I need to know the dates on when I filed both to put on the I-134.

Also would the filed date be when they received it? or the notice date?

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Do I go off of when USCIS received my application or the receipt date?
4:21 pm July 8, 2020


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we're anxiously awaiting our NOA2 now... I'm under the understanding that I would be going off when they received it and not the receipt date? Am I wrong? If I'm wrong the receipt date is three days later. They received it on the 10 FEB, and the receipt date is the 14 FEB and according to VJ they are processing applications roughly around 11 FEB?

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Are NOA2s going to be delayed?
7:11 pm June 28, 2020


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They received my case on February 10th. I know that there was a lock down but I know people from uscis are probably commuting from home working on cases. I m incredibly frustrated with the wait. I see other people with receipt dates from after me getting their noa2s. What s going on?

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