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US Immigration from Bosnia-Herzegovina

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Co-sponsor for aos interview?
12:07 am yesterday


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Our case status finally changed to interview scheduled after 15 months of waiting!

Regarding the aos interview...will we need to have co-sponsor information? My dad was our co-sponsor for k1 and the original aos application so will we need to bring an updated affidavit of support since its been over a year? Also, my husband works now, but is his income even relevant since he is the immigrant?

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No news after 15 months
5:31 am January 6, 2019


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Hi all,

So we filed for my husband's AOS in September of 2017 and then received an RFIE in October. Our status on the site has been stuck on "Response to RFEI received" since Oct 2017. I had tried reaching out to a congressman and doing an SR myself, but really we did not get any info until we attended an Infopass appointment the other day. We were told his application was ready for an interview since June of 2018 and that someone "dropped the ball" by not scheduling it. The officer kindly told us it was very unusual for a case to go on for 15 months prior to an interview at that service center. He told us he would email his supervisor to get the interview scheduled. What are the odds we hear something in the next month or so? Has anyone had a similar experience?

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Proud to be an American
8:09 am January 3, 2019


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I'm not sure why I'm getting messages update yours citizenship when mine was blessed and given in April 2017.I sincerely wish you all the best.

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4:28 pm November 8, 2018


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Hey y'all,

My husband filed for his AOS in August 2017 and we still haven't heard anything. Do any Dallas filers have any idea what is going on?


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Hello everyone
3:45 am November 2, 2018


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I wonder if anybody here is from Bosnia and Herzegovina,an did have interview?If they have interview what kind question did ask them?My fiance have interview on Monday hoping he get approve visa.Wishing everyone get visa and come to America spend time with them fiance Amen.Good luck to all.

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