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Creating a uscis account
1:24 pm March 21, 2022



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Good morning,

Can I create my own USCIS online account, even though my attorney has one? Just making sure if it is okay. Thanks.

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K1 from my ex husband
9:29 pm March 13, 2022



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I was green card holder, lived in USA. Got married to usa citisen. We have 19yrs old son who stayed with him in usa. He was my first love.. we got divorced after 5years. moved back to bosnia and abended my residency.

In 2020 we decide to get back together, but covid stopt us from seen each other personaly, we use video chat.

Now he wants to apply for k1 visa so we can all be toghether again.

Does he have to come to Bosnia so we have proof that we know each other, see each other.

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Curious….Was there a time when the NVC stage was quicker???
3:57 pm February 9, 2022

Ericka Womack

Ericka Womack

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Hello! We are at the NVC stage and unfortunately had a form rejected so I am sick knowing we will most likely have to wait another 3 months. But I just wanted to hear if there was a time where this stage was faster? I find it crazy that this is supposed to be faster then the USCIS stage but there when we had to upload a doc again it was approved in a week and at NVC if you have to upload after being reviewed it can take the same amount of time you waited before .would love to hear other experiences :)

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I751 with divorce waiver
9:37 pm December 18, 2021



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Hi everyone.

I applied for I751 joint but me and my ex got divorced recently. I already sent a request letter to USCIS asking to convert my case into a divorce waiver. I also sent a copy of my NOA1 and a copy of a divorce. I didn t get any divorce certificate, the judge emailed me and my ex only the judgement of dissolution of marriage. And on the email she says that we are divorced. Is that the divorce decree? Or do I have to request for a divorce decree? Thank you

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Dubai UAE interview wait
4:23 pm December 7, 2021



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Hi guys,

We are planning our wedding in America for June 2022 and my brother with his wife and daughter is planning to visit. Does anyone know what is the earliest interview date in Dubai? Did anyone recently had an interview for tourist visa over there?

Also his wife has a tourist visa from 2015 that expires in 2025 but it is with her maiden last name, where after she got married she changed her last name. Does she need to apply for a new visa or she can travel with that one? Also, the child is 2 years old, so I m assuming in case she needs a new visa she can just go for both of them to the interview, since I ve read somewhere that toddlers don t need to attend the interview!?

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