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US Immigration from Bosnia-Herzegovina

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7:26 pm June 11, 2021



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Hi guys. My green card is gonna expire in September, so I preparing documents to send. So what s the address ? Is it the same one for everyone? Phoenix, AZ ? Thank yo

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Return ticket?
8:32 pm June 2, 2021


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Is it necessary to have a returning ticket with K1 visa?

Screenshot 2021-06-02 at 10.29.23 PM.png

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Is it time to sign the PAPERS?
12:32 am June 1, 2021



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Greeting everybody, I hope everybody is doing well! I want to share what s going on in my life at the moment and see if I could get any help from the community.

I ve been married for about 2 years but we are no longer partners but we still living in the same place but in separate rooms, I ve been a Green Card Holder for about 8 months, and this whole situation has always been hell since we got engaged, my partner has always been aggressive verbally and physically towards me and on top of that, she starting doing drugs (cocaine) and I m concerned that could get me in trouble. Since I stopped letting her do whatever with me, she has been threatening me, saying she will deport me or cut herself (Which has happened 3 times) if I don t do what she wants/needs! There is a good amount of people who have witnessed some of her actions and also messages of her being verbally aggressive towards me. My question is what kinda lawyer should I be looking at this point? And also how would that affect my ROC process?

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Owing tax
6:38 pm May 18, 2021


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Can my co sponsor owe taxes?

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Sponsoring 2 people
6:16 pm April 30, 2021


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Hello everyone quick question, since I need a co sponsor one of my close friends is willing to help to but she is also sponsoring her husband at the moment which is waiting for his visa, can she also be a co sponsor for me? From my understanding is that she can but her household will include of her, her husband and my fiance. Correct me if im wrong please! Thank you

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