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  1. I'm starting to get frustrated with all this. My AOS took more than 15 months! We've been married for close to 5 years. Is my ROC going to take longer than average too? Ugh.
  2. Thanks for the info! I guess the wait continues...
  3. Bummer. Do they ship directly to applicants from there, do you know?
  4. Question - where are green cards shipped from? I have a notification on informed delivery that I have an incoming piece of certified mail from San Francisco but haven't received any updates on either on the case tracking sites. Csc filer, if that matters 😊
  5. Hi guys. My window for N-400 opened on December 12th but I don't think I'll be applying til at least February. Can't believe it's been almost a year since we all applied for ROC 😮 Time flies! Happy holidays!
  6. Hi everyone, completely forgot to report that I also received the 18 month extension letter on Aug 20th, dated Aug 11th I believe.
  7. Just wanted to share mu recent experience with traveling abroad with the extension letter (Los Angeles to Istanbul to Sarajevo and back) Leaving the country I had no issues. When checking in in Sarajevo on way back, they asked for my green card and everything was fine. In Istanbul they asked for the green card the extension letter, asked me a few questions and everything was ok. At LAX I just gave the immigration officer all the papers. He asked me two questions - How are you? and How long was your trip? (And the fingerprints and photo, of course). That was it. No issues whatsoever
  8. I think that makes sense. My AOS biometrics appointment was in December 2014 and for AP and EAD renewal I don't think I had to do biometrics. 3.5 years seems like a long time for them to not renew fingerprints/photo but I've traveled abroad after receiving my GC so that has to be it then.
  9. Hi @starsky, the table above still shows no updates for my case. Date on the notice is 5/5. Thank you so much for the amazing work you do!
  10. I don't think I was.given a new number on this notice so I guess that means it will be harder to check case progress online. Mine still shows no updates.
  11. They are able to reuse my fingerprints yay
  12. Getting a letter from USCIS today... Really hoping they can use my old biometrics. Flying out next Friday. Ugh.
  13. Hi everyone. No updates here. Old uscis still shows no information can be provided. The new uscis says case was received. Next Friday I'm traveling back home for 2 weeks. Hopefully they won't want me to do biometrics during that time. Sooo glad things are finally.moving a bit at CSC!
  14. So sorry Starsky. I'm travelling back home in May for 2 weeks. Hopefully my biometrics appointment will be either before or after that