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US Immigration from Belize

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Beneficiary Information?
9:21 pm December 28, 2019

Katie Zelaya

Katie Zelaya

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Hello. I am getting ready to send in my petition for the CR-1 visa for my husband. I have read as much as I can and am pretty confident with everything but just want to double check here. In regards to my husband information (birth certificate, passport, nationality, etc), I do not need copies of any of his information as of yet? I do not need to include any of that in packet for the first stop of sending in my petition? I know of course I will need this stuff later on, just wondering about this first step. Thank you in advance!

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Employment Authorization
3:05 pm December 20, 2019

A and E

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hey guy

i have a question, so I have applied for my employment permit and so far i got a text saying they received and later on i received the receipt. How long does it take to actually to get permit on the mail?

Its been a month so far on waiting for this permit. bit impatient.

its cold at this time and getting bored home not working.lol.



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Nvc review
3:02 pm December 15, 2019



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How long does it take National Visa Center to review documents?

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12:54 am December 12, 2019



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How long does it take to get a response that they received your waiver package? My package was sent and received on 12/09/2019 How long does it takes for approval of waiver?

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Bona fide Marriage
12:12 pm November 9, 2019

Katie Zelaya

Katie Zelaya

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Hello friends,

My husband and I are finally getting ready to submit out petition for his CR-1 Visa application, ahhh!!! In regards to a bona fide marriage, we have our marriage certificate, daughters birth certificate letters from individuals in our lives giving their words on our relationship together, we have letters from our landlords stating that we have lived together, etc. We have a document full of pictures and I created a timeline, the only thing I cannot get is previous conversations throughout the duration of our relationship. I can get them from now and a few months ago but not in the beginning, anyone know if we do not submit conversations, is that going to be okay?

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