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  1. Thanks for a response. It is F2A Category. LPR filing for child under 21 years.
  2. I submitted additional documents requested to NVC. How long to it takes for them to review the documents now?
  3. I submitted documents on CEAC site. NVC indicated they have accepted the documents. How do I upload the requested documents after the previous documents have been accepted?
  4. My son submitted an Affidavit of Support as the sponsor for my daughter F2a as she needed another sponsor. They requested the Tax Statement. The CEAC website has other documents as accepted . How do I upload the Tax Statements
  5. Congratulations mommyof3loves, what other evidence did you submit?
  6. I submitted 1040/W2s for myself and sponsor and it has accepted however they are also requesting Tax Statement along with W2s
  7. I would like to know if anyone had submitted 1099 form along with their w2s.
  8. Thanks, did as suggested and saw the message. The Tax statements along with w2s need to be submitted.
  9. On the Ceac I submitted the 1040 along with W2 , it indicated accepted but I received two messages that they are requesting the Tax Statement and W2 which I will submit. Can I just submitted those even though it indicated accepted by the document?
  10. Thanks Sahar1122 it worked. They requested the Tax transcript, I only submitted 1040 and W2s.
  11. I checked CEAC and opened the message, however there was no message in the box. and the documents are marked accepted. Does that mean I will be documentarily qualified so when interviews starts I will be ready to go for an interview?
  12. Have you gotten any response on your visa. Did you get a DQ letter? I got the same response so I wanted to know to see how long it would take to get a DQ letter, thanks.
  13. I logged into to site however I am unable to open the message. It says Case FE Review note. Has anyone gotten this and what does that mean?
  14. Has anyone gotten an approved I601a and got their visa approved when they went to their home country?
  15. Supporting documents for the Affidavit of Support is the Tax Statement. Has anyone submitted the 1040 form along with W2? Was it accepted.? I have a sponsor who is a household member what document do I get from him to confirm his domicile in the United States?
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