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US Immigration from Belgium

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Weekly Numbers Master List
2:41 pm January 29, 2023

Anna Hessler

Anna Hessler

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Hi everyone! In each month's filers group there is a data miner posting daily numbers. There has been some interest in having all this information in one place instead of 4-6 threads. I've complied a master list and will update this every Sunday. This week seems to be a new record for USCIS processing of I-129Fs! I'll clean up the spreadsheet for next week. I wasn't going to include July and August until I saw how many approvals there were for them this week. Any other feedback is very welcome.

Credit where credit is due:

July - @Cheddy

August - @fenerbahce1907

September - @Elson George

October - @Kiana & Katarina

November - November K1 filers FB group

Have a great week and enjoy the excitement!


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Interview Conflict
4:59 pm January 18, 2023


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My naturalization interview is for next Thursday which I am pretty excited about. However, I have an international work trip from February 14th to 20th. I understand that they will be taking my green card should I pass. How can I ensure that I can return to the US as I don't believe my US passport would be ready in time. What is the process? what paperwork will I need? or do I need to reschedule the interview? Thank you all for the advise.

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Any extra documents needed to re-enter US form Belgium? GC holder
7:06 pm January 11, 2023


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I am traveling back to Belgium to see my family this weekend. I have my GC and going to stay there for 3 weeks. Are there any documents I need to bring with me to re-enter the States except the GC? I am planning to bring our lease, marriage certificate, etc.

My American partner is staying in the US, so I am a bit nervous about flying back by myself.


Edit: and I am obviously bringing my passport and vaccination certificates

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How to streamline AOS and EAD steps?
9:31 am January 5, 2023



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I finally got my K-1 visa mid-november, after starting the process back in April 2021, and I will enter on January 12 (POE will be IAD). So soon we will be in the last part of the process!

Even better, I got a job offer in the biotech sector, valid until March 31. They are willing to be flexible for my start date to a certain extent, but of course they won't wait the full process of EAD being currently over 5 months. I have read posts on this forum, but I wanted to get some opinions about meeting that deadline through my own post.

In an effort to streamline the process as much as possible, ideally to make the deadline of the job offer, our plans are to get married at the courthouse on January 13. Afterwards, I will wait to get my SSN before submitting AOS paperwork. Once I did that, getting biometrics done so I can apply for the expedited process of EAD after getting reception notice of the AOS package at USCIS.

A couple questions I had with this, since not everything is 100% clear to me:

  • There is no issues with marrying a day after entry as far as I know, as long as we have the marriage license beforehand?
  • I know guides say that for the SSN, it's best to go the Social Security office after 2 weeks in the country. Is it worth a shot to go check already after 7-10 days if I'm already in the system? I know that if they can't find me, it is better to say that I will come back and they should not do a manual search.
  • Am I correct in my understanding that I need the SSN before submitting the AOS paperwork? Or do these two processes not implicate each other and can be executed independently?
  • Biometrics are not needed for the AOS filing, but are required for the expedited process? If I understood correctly you can either wait for the invitation after filing AOS, but it is possible to go without an appointment and try to get them done that way? How early could I go without appointment? Do I need the reception notice of the USCIS, or could I theoretically go after getting married already?

Thanks in advance for the input!

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B2 to help US citizen after surgery
7:17 pm January 1, 2023

Anna Hessler

Anna Hessler

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Hi everyone! I have a bit of a long winded question, my apologies in advance.

My name is Anna, I am a US citizen. I applied for a K1 visa in December of 2021 and my partner and I are excited about getting close to NOA2! My partner is Belgian/Dutch and has an ESTA. He is currently here in the US on his ESTA and leaves in just a few days. I had a stupid, stupid, stupid accident a few days ago. I had a nasty fall on concrete and broke my wrist, arm and elbow in more than five places. I have several surgeries ahead of me and will be out of work for many months. I need a lot of help! I can barely care for myself, much less our toddler. His flight is in a few days and I'd love for him to come right back. But, leaving on an ESTA and trying to re-enter within a week is a major no-no and we know it.

My partner has a B2 interview a few days after he returns to Brussels. I've given him all my medical paperwork, my short term disability insurance info and a ton of other supporting documents to prove what happened and why I need help. Am I totally wrong in thinking that if the B2 gets approved it'll be easier to re-enter rather than using the ESTA again so quickly? I don't want to do anything wrong but this really sucks and I'm desperate for something.

Thank you so much!

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