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  1. Vaers is not a source. Anyone can add anything to it. https://web.archive.org/web/20130419004549/http://neurodiversity.com/weblog/article/14/chelation-autism I'm not saying the reports are imaginary. I'm saying they're false and uploaded for the sole reason of having people like you point to them.
  2. I was merely responding of his criticism of my sources. I wasn't attacking his source. Their logo speaks for itself and I have no further comment on it.
  3. You might want to check your own sources, bud. Starting with something called ussanews.
  4. This feels like a weird question given Fauci's accomplishments and the fact that Biden isn't even a doctor or part of this conversation. But sure, let's compare Fauci to the guy who goes on Alex Jones to talk about the vaccine he can't even spell right.
  5. Ussanews? If the messenger has been proven to only spread falsehoods, it's a pretty valid thing to go after.
  6. Uh, no you don't. They got injured? That's the best you can come up with? The anti-vax "vaccine injury" lie? 2.97 billion people got vaccinated worldwide, but somehow you know four whole people who got "injured"? That's not even a lot, even if it was true. Also, doctors? What did these imaginary doctors have an actual doctorate in? Not that any of this matters because it's about the vaccine requirement that's now actually in place. Even if it causes imaginary vaccine injuries like people stubbing their toes and then blaming it on the COVID shot. People can either get the shot or take a trip elsewhere.
  7. Are you talking about the smallpox vaccine or any of the other vaccines you're required to get to participate in society? Or specifically the COVID vaccine, which has proven to actually work right now and has shown no actual signs of danger, whereas being unvaccinated significantly heightens your risk of ending up on a ventilator, overcrowding hospitals and dying a horribly painful and lonely death? I honestly can't wait to get my booster in the next few weeks. I'm also super excited to finally see my family again, who can now travel here while I wait for my travel authorization to get through the stupid system. EDIT: In before "but why do you need booster shots if it works so well". All of these need a series of 3-4 shots within 18 months: Hepatitis B (3 shots) Rotavirus (3 shots) Diphtheria, tetanus, and acellular pertussis (DTaP) (4 shots before 18 months, then a shot every 4 years) Haemophilus influenzae type b (3 shots) Pneumococcal conjugate (4 shots) Polio (4 shots) Hepatitis A (2 shots within a year) Human Papillomavirus (3 shots)
  8. Evangelicals don't like the pope, they prefer some megachurch leader who uses their donations for private jets over someone who actually follows the Bible. They also don't listen to the actual science because they'd rather believe youtubers who claim that they know the truth and that the only reason that actual scientists are not agreeing with them is because Big Pharma will go after them if they do. The stem cell thing doesn't matter anyway, it only matters when they can use it in an argument.
  9. ...and that's why you want her to end up on a ventilator if she ends up getting COVID? Someone my wife knows here and who I've met a few times was anti-vax, anti-mask and anti-common sense. COVID was a hoax, masks were evil, etc. Fast forward to about a month ago, her 11 year old just got out of the hospital after not being able to eat anything for weeks and her husband is stuck to a ventilator until at least New Year's while she's stuck at home taking care of their three kids. Considering that she didn't have a job to begin with, they had to go to Indiegogo, on which their dumb campaign is currently stuck at 120 dollars out of the 20000 they set as a goal. At least she'll get half a week of groceries out of that, I guess. And that's not even taking into consideration making others sick, but if you cared about that you wouldn't have requested the waiver in the first place.
  10. We do, I just want to get the physical NOAs, in case they ask us for them later. I'm also a little worried about future mail actually getting to our mailbox.
  11. We sent it in on the 31st and got a text notification on the 2nd. We got the informed mail thing a couple of days ago and then USPS lost the NOA letters. So that's cool. We did get the online account letter the day after, so they probably put the NOAs in the wrong mailbox. I'd contact USCIS, but apparently we have to wait a month, so that's fine, I guess.
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