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Noa2 & case sent to NVC now what?
7:14 am July 16, 2016



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So my timeline is for my K1 but my brother applied for his I-130 and needs some help.

He just received his NOA2 date at Nebraska service center July 8th 2016 and we received an email saying they sent his approved petition to Department of state July 15,2016.

My question is now what? I know we have to call and see when they received the case, and then get a case number but we are confused as to what else he has to do to move on.

Also, his wife lives in Afghanistan and it will be going to the Kabul embassy. What are the next steps to his process and what fees does he have to pay and forms to submit and does anyone know how long it usually takes to complete everything at NVC and how long it takes for a case complete?

Any help would be appreciated.

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NVC hasn't received case, has anyone used I-824 form action on approved application ?
12:15 pm July 11, 2016



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So my case hasn't been received yet by NVC as I know a few others with approval dates with mine that hasn't been received but there are also ALOT of people who have been approved same day or even way after me and it's been received. Getting nervous and USCIS told me give it 90 days.... Which is just ridiculous.

Another VJ member was told by USCIS the same thing and that the tier 2 officer suggested filling out I-824 form with USCIS "action on approved application form" to guarantee that it will be sent to NVC. However we both haven't seen any posts about anyone using that form and exactly how long it takes to get processed and when and how fast it will actually be seen to the NVC. Also it's a $405 filing fee so definetly want to see if anyone else has experienced filing this form and how long it took what's he process and if it is worth it....

Some background info- noa2 June 8th, going to wait till next week which is my 6 week mark of NVC receiving it. If they don't I'm going to look into this form but want feedback of how effective it really is before we fill it out and pay the money. Any help would be appreciated

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Reviewed NOA2 for I-130 met only once ... Problem?
9:26 am July 9, 2016



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So my brother just got his noa2 July 8th 2016 for his I-130. He sent in plenty of photos from his wedding with his wife with the petition.

They met only once, fell in love in a short amount of time and got married and he went back to the US because he needed to get back to his businesses and hasn't been back yet. Will that be a problem at the interview? Do you all suggest another short visit before the interview ? He has plenty of proof to show they speak every day (screenshots of viber and skype) to add and bring to interview.

Some background info- mailed in I-130 mid November, his wife lives in Afghanistan interview will be in Kabul.

Any suggestions and opinions will be much appreciated. Thank you.

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Wrong birthday on I-129f !
8:21 am June 28, 2016



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I can't believe I JUST caught this but my fianc es birthday is wrong on the petition.

In Afghanistan they don't have birth certificates and on their translated ID papers, they say "was 18 years old in 2011" , as their "birthday" to know how old the person is- no date no month etc. so from that the person who put together our petition calculated and put his birthday as January 1, 1993.

But on his passport it says April 1, 1993. It would be nearly impossible to have it changed on his passport now and would take a lot of time and money to try to change it (if they even are willing to change it)...

My petition is already approved I received my NOA2 on June 8th and it should be on the way or at NVC now... Is there any way I can quick fix this and tell them I just realized my fianc es birthday is wrong on the petition and it's April 1st not January 1st? Will they change it? I'm worried now..

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