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NJ Youssef

USA Embassy in Cairo are Awesome, thank you!

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Filed: IR-1/CR-1 Visa Country: Egypt

I am Egyptian woman married to my US man, here is my experience in USA embassy in Egypt:

I got to embassy at 8:44AM. All of us were ONE line (not two) as most of people keept saying!! Line was moving so fast, security were helpful organize allowing people get in. I went down and had a number while asking the info guy there what to do I am here for CR1. He exactly said go to window 11 or 12. Went there holding LOADS of our emails (back to 2006) skype logs (back to end of 2007) a huge photo album, copy of all original documents my husband applied to NVC for me.

A very nice young Egyptian lady was there, she was standing with another lady, she started laughing wondering (waw, did you bring all your marriage photos) I said yes, I brought my family's photos (my husband, mother, my children, my mother in low, my husband's aunti). She and the other lady kept looking at the pictures then she asked me for my medical check, handed to her, she also asked me about the original document for my husbands tax documents, gave it to her. She asked:

How did you meet with your husband and I told her we met in a mutual friend of both of us birthday party. She asked if my children are going to join me travelling to US, I answered no, their father have their custody. She asked have ever travelled before? I answered no. She repeated the question again and I answered the same thing and told her if she want take a look on my old passport she said why did you renew your passport and I told her to change my maretial statues (from divorcee to married), in Egyptian passports it is required by law that women must have their husband's name on national ID as well as passport.

She said, well, everything is in order please go and pay DHL. Before I leave I asked her a curious question, why did my husband and I waited for 6 months and a week now, she answered it varies but I think your case was pretty fast.

I went back to wait then 3 mins approx when my number was called. I went to another window and they had my finger print.

8 mins when I was called to go to window 15 and there was this amazingly beautiful and very respectful young lady, I think she was in her mid 20th. She smiled and said Good morning with adorable smile, I answered fine thank you. She said sorry for keeping you waiting. I said WAITING!! WHAT WAITING!! I did not wait at all, I was about telling her that I wanted use the bathroom so bad but I couldn't as if they were waiting for only me!! but I didn't say that part shhhhhhhhhhh pls don't tell anybody LOL.

She said, okay I'm going to be your consular today and going to ask you few question and please answer me. Yes Ma'm I said. She stated with are all informations on this application true? and she pointed one of the applications from the window to me yes, Ma'm very true. She asked me to sign on some yellow line and I was shaking telling her this is very confusing, she said no please don't take your time and relax. She asked me if I ever travelled before, I answered no! she asked me how did my husband and I meet, I told her. She asked me what my husband was doing in Egypt that time and I told her. She asked me when else did he came to visit I answered. She asked For How long did he wait during his visits and I told her (they were all time like week but last Jan it was 9 days) and I smiled she said waw lucky you. It was very kind of her when she asked to see our family photos and she kept complementing all members of my family when she asked unexpected question (HOW OLD IS YOUR OLDEST SON!!!) I told her on Oct first he's going be 14. When it came to my husband's last visit on last May 2010 I mentioned about my mother in low also visiting as well as my husband's aunt and I gave her a sealed letter from my mother in low describing how she feels about our marriage. She politly asked me to open it and hand it to her, then she read it carefuly. I ciouriosly asked her what did she write she said "your mother in low loves you so much". She asked about my English is so good how did you get that? I told her due to my study and my husband was a great help ;) she said I'm sure he is and smiled. She started typing somethings on her computer and after she finished she said. Well, your visa approved, everything is in order, expect your passport with the visa within 10 days. I thanked her, thanked God, thanked her again and left with a huge smile on my face. My mother was waiting in her car outside when she said what brought you so early?? I said I'm done



- Please don't believe whatever anyone says, your experience is yours not anybody's.

- Be yourself, those peole knows very well what they are doing

- Wear comfortable cloths, your cloths, not what peolpe on any web sites says (don't believe this stupid info I read on some web site. They said wear as if you're going to church) YEAK. I went with GAP T-shirt, my jeans and sandales.

- Don't worry, you will do GREAT because they will ask you about YOU, your love story, your family, your life and of coarse the ONE YOU LOVE. And to some point they expect you to know to some dgree about peole you do love and want share your life with. So no need to worry.

- The embassy in Egypt is very organized, very helpful and very fast.

Thank you and best of luck to all of you.

I gotta go now start my packing, shipping to travel home.... bye my friends.

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Filed: IR-5 Country: India

Congratulations and good luck in your re-union in the U.S!


CSC - I-130 for Parents (IR5)

10/11/2011 - Sent to Chicago Lockbox

10/13/2011 - Delivered at Chicago Lockbox

10/17/2011 - Email received with Receipt#, Routed to CSC

10/18/2011 - Cleared the checks $420*2

10/21/2011 - Received NOA1

03/30/2012 - Received NOA2


04/19/2012 - NVC received

05/01/2012 - Case# generated

05/02/2012 - DS-3032 COA emailed

05/02/2012 - I-864 AOS Fee $88 paid

05/05/2012 - I-864 AOS package mailed to NVC

05/07/2012 - I-864 AOS package received by NVC

05/07/2012 - DS-3032 COA accepted

05/08/2012 - DS-230 IV Fee $230*2 paid

05/09/2012 - DS-230 IV package mailed to NVC

05/11/2012 - DS-230 IV package received by NVC

05/17/2012 - Case Completed


07/02/2012 - VFS visit in Cochin

07/04/2012 - Medical in Chennai

07/12/2012 - Interview in Mumbai - Success!

09/08/2012 - POE at JFK, NY

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Filed: Citizen (apr) Country: Canada

Congratulations! And what a lovely review, thank you :) . I hope you have a safe and uneventful trip to the US to join your husband.

“...Isn't it splendid to think of all the things there are to find out about? It just makes me feel glad to be alive--it's such an interesting world. It wouldn't be half so interesting if we knew all about everything, would it? There'd be no scope for imagination then, would there?”

. Lucy Maude Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables


Another Member of the VJ Fluffy Kitty Posse!

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Filed: Citizen (apr) Country: Canada

Congratulations! :dance:


NOA1 08/19/08

NOA2 01/20/09


Received 01/26/09

Completed 02/13/09 (19 Days)

Interview Assigned 03/27/09 (6 weeks after NVC completion)


04/14/09 (Toronto)


Montreal 05/12/09 (88 days after NVC completion) **APPROVED**


06/16/09 Buffalo

07/02/09 Welcome Letter Received

07/07/09 Applied for SSN

07/10/09 "Card production ordered" email received

07/13/09 SSN received

07/14/09 "Approval notice sent" email received

07/17/09 GREEN CARD received

Removal of Conditions

03/21/11 I-751 mailed to VSC

03/23/11 I-751 received at VSC

03/29/11 Cheque Cashed

03/30/11 NOA1 received (3/24/11)

04/11/11 Biometrics appointment notice received

05/05/11 Biometric appointment

12/13/11 **Approval date** (5 days short of 9 months!)

12/19/11 Approval letter and green card received


05/16/2019 Filed online (estimated completion February 2020)

05/18/2019 Biometrics scheduled

05/21/2019 Receipt notice and biometrics notices posted to online account.05/23/2019 Hard copy of NOA1 received

05/24/2019 Hard copy of biometrics appointment received

06/07/2019 Biometrics appointment (estimated completion January 2020)

12/31/2019 Email received "Interview scheduled"

01/01/2020 Interview date notice posted to online account (02/19/2020)

01/05/2019 Hard copy of interview appointment received

02/19/2020 Interview (**Approved**) and same day Oath Ceremony. 

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Filed: K-1 Visa Country: Egypt

Thats great news, Congrats and welcome to the USA!! :)

~ Our Journey ~

10/27/09 - Met online

04/21/10 - Travel to Egypt to meet in person

05/08/10 - Sent I-129F

05/10/10 - VSC receives I-129F

05/11/10 - NOA1

05/13/10 - Touched

05/14/10 - Touched

05/17/10 - Received NOA1 in the mail

07/06/10 - NOA2 - Approved!!!! :)

07/12/10 - Received NOA2 in the mail

07/13/10 - Received at NVC

07/16/10 - NVC changes embassy per our request

07/19/10 - Told we are in AP @ NVC

07/30/10 - Case sent to Cairo embassy

08/05/10 - Case received at embassy

09/07/10 - Received packet 3 - FINALLY!!!

09/15-10 - 2nd trip to Egypt, returned home on 10/5/10

12/14/10 - Received interview date

01/09/11 - 3rd trip to Egypt

01/12/11 - Interview - APPROVED!!!...but AP

01/24/11 - Returned to the states without my habibi :(

04/06/11 - AP was completed!! :)

05/10/11 - Visa has been issued!!!

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Filed: IR-1/CR-1 Visa Country: Egypt

Congratulations...Tamer had his on the 22 July. He said the same to me, the Embassy was a plesent experience and he checked and called dlh today and they said he will have visa tomorrow. We got it 5 days after interview (well I will see when he has it in his hands tomorrow). Im very happy for you and wish you the best here.

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Filed: IR-1/CR-1 Visa Country: Egypt

Dear All of VJ family,

Thank you for your help, wishes, support and prayers. You are wonderful people. I read MANY, MANY experiences on this web site and they were amazing help. I will never hesitate to give help to anyone in here as well. It's a favor I would love to give back. God bless you all.

I wish best of luck to those waiting their interview and wish happieness to all of us, I pray God speak on your tongue, make words flow from your mouths. I pray God give you peace and comforte with those you love and want to share your life with. Do not forget how God made His amazing way to meet your beloved thousands of miles apart and made this sweet day to be together forever. God is Just and HE will never let you down. I wish you all the best of luck in your journy to unit with your beloved. I am waiting for my passport and will keep logging here like FOREVER to give help to all people I can.

For now, I truely do not know how to use this site :(. I wanted help with people but I can't figuer out how this site work. If there anyone tell me how to find you guys and write to you pls tell, I would LOVE to share your happiness :). God bless you all

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Filed: Citizen (apr) Country: Egypt

Congratulations NJ on your interview and welcome to America!

I am so happy that your interview went so well! Please stay in touch and let us know how things go for you in preperations to coming to the US!

"A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort. " – Herm Albright

POE: JFK New York: 04/18/2010
Receive Green Card in mail: 06/03/2010
Received SSN: 06/17/2010
Received NEW SS CARD: 07/20/2010
(to match GC!)
Got JOB!!: 09/27/2010
Got a better JOB!!: 11/20/2010

ROC Mailed: 02/16/2012
Check cashed: 02/24/2012
NOA received dated for: 02/22/2012
Biometrics dated:
RFE Response Confirmed: 11/16/2012
Interview at Orlando office: 02/13/2013

2nd RFE!!: 10/03/13

2nd RFE Response: 10/09/2013

Update Biometrics: 10/13/2013 NEVER GOT 10 yr card!

N-400 mailed: 01/21/2014

Biometrics (N-400): 02/21/2014


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