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I-129F Expired 08/31/2018
7:11 pm today


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I noticed that the I-129F form on the USCIS website expired 08/31/2018. However, it is the most updated version available. Is it okay to use this?

Thank you!

Katie & Benja

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I-129F Address: Province or Region?
5:45 pm today


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My fianc and I are filling out the I-129f to petition for a K-1 Visa for him. He is from Chile, and the name of his town (Coyhaique) is the same as the name of his province (also Coyhaique). However, he thinks that the region (Region de Aysen) in which he lives is crucial for his mailing address. Should I put his region in the blank for province?

Thank you!

Katie & Benja

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does it matter who visits more?
11:57 pm today


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maybe it is a dumb question, but does it matter who visits more? my husband (petitioner) has visited me only once, but i (beneficiary) have visited him 3 times. This works for us because he can only visit me for about 12 days while i can visit for many (20 days or more). It is also cheaper for me to visit. Now we are planning our next trip and it makes more sense if i do the travel again. Would this look bad when we have our interview? we got our NOA1 on august.

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No Appointments Available! - Appointment Service is Connected to NVC?
1:41 am today


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It's been a few days already that I have been trying to book an interview appointment with the US Embassy in Santiago. I was able to create an account and select the "K" visa option on the US Visa Appointment Service website but when I get to the step to pay for the $265 USD Visa Fee and schedule an appointment I don't have the option to select a date, it says "No Appointments Available" (see attached screenshot). Unfortunately it doesn't even give me an option to select a date next month, in 2 months, 3 months, etc. simply it says there is "No appointments available"! It's been a bit frustrating. I'm not gonna lie, I haven't been able to sleep well. This is stressing me.

I started to do some investigating and I went on the non-immigrant US Visa Appointment Service website, then I clicked on tourist visas and it gave me the option to schedule an appointment as near next week though so I'm not sure why there is no available dates for the K1 Visa (classified as immigrant for the appointment purposes apparently). It doesn't make too much sense. Is there just 1 person handling this at the embassy? Could it be that they just don't accept that many appointments for K1?
The only theory that makes sense to me at the moment is that since our petition hasn't been changed to "Ready" by the NVC that is why the website won't let me schedule an appointment. I'm not sure if these 2 things are connected but it's the only theory that makes a bit of sense to me. Can anyone confirm that these 2 things may be connected? Maybe once it changes it's status to "Ready"...magically the page will start offering a list of appointments?
For now I downloaded a special extension for my web browser that refreshes the page every 2 minutes and will alert me if any appointment times pop up.

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12:07 am today


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Hey Everyone,

The Chile embassy asked my Fiance to take a "Certificate of no marriage record". She is from Colombia. Does anyone know if this document exists in Colombia? If it does, can someone share where they got the document from? Also the name in spanish for the exact document?

Thank you!!

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