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US Immigration from Chile

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NVC Rejected / Invalid Document
7:50 pm January 18, 2019


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We received a message today from the NVC on the FEDERAL INCOME TAX RETURN OR TRANSCRIPT section for both the Petitioner and the Joint Sponsor. We each uploaded a W2 PDF of the most recent tax year but both were rejected.

This is the message we received: "We are unable to accept these documents as uploaded. Please delete these documents and submit them under the correct document type."

I'm not sure how to correct this. We followed the upload directions correctly but still got rejected. Maybe resubmit them in a JPEG format? Everything else we uploaded has been accepted.

We would appreciate any help with this!

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Notify USCIS of new foreign citizenship?
11:18 am January 10, 2019


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Hi, I'm not sure where this post should go, so please feel free to redirect me!

So, I'm a Chilean citizen, now living in the US as a permanent resident, with no intention of becoming a US citizen as of now,, in case that's relevant.

My questions is, if I were to receive German citizenship (for unrelated reasons, different story), is there an official way to update that with USCIS or DHS or whatever? At the time of me moving here, I registered as only Chilean, which was truthful at the time, but I would hate to break some rule or find myself doing something wrong without meaning to, if now I were to have two nationalities and one isn't on the records here.

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Affidavit Support
5:41 pm January 5, 2019


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We are wondering if we need a joint sponsor, my husband and I live in chile he quit his 11 years job in 2017 to travel, we met in Chile and got married here, he has some assets in the USA and stocks but no actual salary income annually but he has a job contract for when we get back , is there some way to explain that or we will need a sponsor? we will appreciate your opinions, thanks.

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Booked our appointment "wrong" - after month of waiting
1:09 pm December 7, 2018


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Soo...After a few weeks of trying to get an interview date to pop-up on the State Visa Appointment Services website...we finally got an appointment, for the 5th of December. But since the federal government decided to close because of the ex-presidents' death, all visa appointments were cancelled. Luckily we found out the easy way (watching the news and doctors office). The US Embassy in Chile didn't bother to call or email us though. (Even though they said they would do so).

Finally I re-scheduled the appointment for my Fiancee for Friday at 9am. She showed up today and they told her we were not suppose to book the appointment through the State Visa Appointment Services website, we must send an email to them. No one ever told us this. Not once when we called to ask if we should book an appointment by phone or online were we told that it had to be by email...we were told online. Also our lawyer told us to do it online. I don't know where the mix-up is and who's lying. I which I could file a complaint...speak to a manager or something LOL

So sent an email now to the supposed email address to see when they can schedule us.

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State ID
7:43 am December 5, 2018


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I see that for the state of Hawaii, you ll need:

1) Passport (with visa)

2) social security

3) proof of residency

to file for an ID. Upon arrival, he will need to wait for his social security and green card. Does this mean, he can t have a valid state ID until he receives them both?

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