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Request for Evidence after approve N-400 interview.
2:56 pm September 20, 2023



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Hello everyone :

I'm facing a very unusual situation with USCIS. I'm a permanent resident since Nov 2018 (ajust of status),
I sent my application to remove conditions in September 2020 (during pandemic), After more than 2 year since I sent the application, I got my 10 years Green Card in Nov 2022.
On February 2023 I sent my application for naturalization (having 6 years of marriage and 4 years as a resident). I had the appointment for fingerprints in March 2023, and the citizenship interview in August 3th. I passed the interview without any inconvenience.
I was just waiting for the date of my oath ceremony.
And today I receive a notice from USCIS that I have to send evidence of my marriage for the last 3 years previous to N-400 filling date.
I really don't understand why? if they approved to removed my conditions that means that they checked all the evidence that I sent. I don't understand why they are asking again for evidences. My wife and I are been living at the same place for the last 5 years.
I'll sent all the evidence again, but I'm still not understand why?
The only possibility is they lost my files for my I-751. That's why they are requesting evidence again.

Anyone else facing this situation?


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Travel abroad while removing conditions on green card
3:49 pm August 11, 2023


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I need to remove the conditions of my green card and also want to travel, however, I m having trouble understanding if I can. My green card expires on Jan 28 2024 and the tool of USCIS says I can send the form i-751 as early as October 2023.

I was planning to visit my country in November, near Thanksgiving, but I m not certain if I send the form in October, would I need to wait to receive the confirmation before traveling or I can travel abroad without problem since my Green Card would still be valid?

All the information I found is about traveling after filing with the Green Card expired. Mine will not be expired and I m a little confused. I can t really find anything online about my circumstance.

Thank you in advance for your answers!

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AOS: Filling I-130 (online) and I-485 for parents that are currently in the US
11:35 pm July 30, 2023

Javi Kalback

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The I-130 is asking where do my parents reside. They technically live in Chile but came to visit for a few months (as per usual, they have done this for 13 years) but after learning some information I decided it would be best if they just stayed here.


1) Since they are now here, should I put that they live in the US with me? or that they live in Chile?

2) It asked for my A number - should I put my old one or N/A?

3) It asks for naturalization certificate - I am unable to locate it. I understand I can provide US passport as evidence of citizenship. Is this not true for a naturalized citizen?

Thank you!

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Case currently at NVC, how long can it be before they schedule am interview in Chile
4:05 pm July 26, 2023

Maria posso


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Our case was DQ and we received an email that now NVC will work with the consulate to get an interview for us? Can someone share how long did the wait to get an appt? Just so I can get an estimate. Thanks!

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Petioning Parent soon after Naturalization
7:43 pm July 15, 2023


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Is there any issues with petioning a parent basically right after obtaining citizenship through naturalization?

Basically we have a longer term plan to get my whole family and my wife's mother living in the US. Currently my wife is waiting for her IR1 visa, after she gets her green card we plan on applying for her citizenship after 3 years living in the US, and right after she gets her citizenship we plan on her petioning her mother (widow).

Any potential issues doing everything back to back like that? On paper I don't see any issue...she will be a US citizen living in the US, we will have enough for the monetary sponsorship. But just wondering if anyone has any experience.

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