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Afadavit of Support - Another sponsor?
12:50 am today


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I have the entire packet ready to send to the USCIS but I just checked my tax return and it shows that I made $20,500 USD in the US last year. I then checked 125% of the poverty level and it shows that the minimum is $21,500. What should I do? I'm a bit stressed now. I have around 5k in my savings.

My mom makes $85k a year but is already a sponsor for her husband who is now a US Citizen (did a K1 as well and went through the whole process). Could she just sponsor my wife? co-sponsor?

Also, my next problem is that I just have my 2018 and 2017 tax return. 2016 I was living with my mom and didn't work (traveling). I checked the box that I don't have the 3 last years tax returns...but left an explanation that I didn't work in 2016.

Any advice?

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Different Documents in Different AOS - Which is really needed?
9:01 pm October 8, 2019


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Hi Everyone,

Now it's time to submit AOS. I've been watching YouTube videos and reading on the forums all day to see what needs to be sent in and I've started to notice there is some conflicting information. I see some people send way more documents and some send a lot less; I really just want to send whats required. I'm curious to find out the following:

1. Is it necessary to submit a copy of her SS card in any of the packets?

2. Is it necessary for me to send my birth certificate in the Affidavit of Support?

3. Do I need to send both NOA 1 and NOA 2?

My biggest question is about Form I-693 (Report of Medical Examination and Vaccination Record). My Fiancee did her Medical Examination abroad before her interview; it was done on November 20th, so it still hasn't reached 1-year yet. Do I need to send this form in? Do I need to send her medical exam in? I'm confused on this part.

This is how I have the packet set up so far...


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Apartment Background Check while Out of Status
3:50 am October 4, 2019



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My wife arrived into the United States under a K-1 visa. We have sent in our adjustment of status application (they have requested additional proof of income) about three months ago. The big issue is to add her to my apartment lease they must perform a background check. Do we have to worry about anyone calling immigration? Or denying us because she is not a resident of the United States? Would a background check negatively affect us in any way. Any information would be very appreciated.

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Unable to pull up case to check status
5:15 pm September 27, 2019



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I was able to check status with the USCIS website check status page with the K1 process, but the I-751 case number doesn't come up. Same with the apps. I did find that I can pull it up on the my uscis page. Is this unusual?

Filed 3/2019

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WAC 751 ROC Filers' Timeline-Google Sheet
3:27 am September 26, 2019


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Hey WAC filers! Let's share our timelines.

WAC 751 ROC Filers' Timeline Google Sheet

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