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Changing last name, what happens in my country?
11:57 pm May 14, 2022


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Hi everyone, my fianc and I are getting married this tuesday and I decided that I'll be taking his last name. Today I've been thinking a lot about, specially about the problems that might bring me in my country. I'm from Chile, I have a business degree, I'm still working with a contract with a company from Chile and I bought an apartment with my actual name, I'm worried that this change might be an issue. Someone has had a similar case? The last name change applies to other countries?

Thank you!

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Are we missing document for AOS?
2:49 am May 12, 2022



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Hello mr. @pushbrk , we come in search of wisdom about the same stage, Affidavit of Support. We're applying for spousal CR-1 visa, the sponsor lives in Chile since 2019 with the beneficiary.

So, basically our question is, in I-864 form, Page 5, Part 6, item 23b. The sponsor (she) is living with the beneficiary and working in Chile, thus making no income in the USA. She had 2019 tax return filed (with around 1000 USD annual income) and 2020 tax return filed with 0 USD income. 2021 was not filed (again, 0 income).

So, if she's missing only 2021 tax return:

- Should we just not check item 23b., check "No" on 23a, and check item box 25?

- Should we still attach these tax returns?

- If we check Item box 25, would her Chilean income and Chilean temporary visa be proof of not needing to file the last three years taxes? (that's exactly the time she has been living in Chile).

We already have household members that whose income will be used to meet the poverty guideline criteria. We're just not sure about the mentioned section of the I-864.

Thank you so much for your time!! :)

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RFE for Affidavit of Support was cancelled.
5:24 am May 5, 2022


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Hi, I wanted to share my recent experience when filing my I-485 to adjust status from K-1.

My (now) wife and I were living in Chile just before Covid happened. We were forced to be separated due to goverment lockdowns and general tyranny.

After obtaining my K-1, we got married in August 2021 and filed my I-485 in September 2021. We were very thorough with our Affidavit of Support, as my wife's 2020 tax returns were below the poverty line from having worked only half of the year in the US. We provided recent pay stubs, a signed official letter from her employer, showing that her income was about +40k/year.

In November 2021 I received a RFE, they rejected her as a sponsor for earning below the poverty line.

Following many issues, we failed to get a joint sponsor for many months. Finally, we found a very generous new friend who volunteered and agreed to sponsor us. We sent our paperwork at the end of March 2022.

Four days after submitting our RFE response with a joint sponsor, I saw the following message in my USCIS online account: "We have cancelled the request for additional evidence for your Form I-485, Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status." Shortly after, our interview was scheduled.

During the interview, which went very well, the officer approved us on the spot. I seized the opportunity and showed him the online account screenshot, and he went ahead and checked our case through their internal system.

He confirmed my suspicions: The RFE was entirely disregarded, our original I-864 Affidavit of support, filed with the I485 package, was the one that was approved. I know this because he read: "Affidavit was approved from paystubs". We did not submit pay stubs from our joint sponsor as he is a business owner and did not have any.

There you go, the rusty gears of government bureaucrats are very... interesting. Attached is my case history from USCIS online.

uscis timeline.PNG

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Petition for brother, his wife and kids
10:23 pm February 4, 2022



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I have been reading on USCIS and this website but can't find info. I'm confused and hope someone can clarify it.

I'm a US citizen and would like to bring my brother. He has a wife and they have 2 kids (15 and 19 years old).

It's my understanding that I can submit a I-130 for my brother and it's including his wife and kids.

Do the kids need to be less than 21 years old and unmarried at the moment of the I-130 is submitted or at the moment they are elegible to get the GC (around 15 years later) ?

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Adjustment of status interview done with no decision
5:22 am January 29, 2022


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Hello, today with my husband we had our adjustment of status interview. The whole experience was a little bit odd and I would like to know if anyone has passed through the same experience.

We had an appointment at 11:00 am and we arrived 15 minutes before. We went to the second floor and it was a little bit full but nothing too terrible. After 1 hour and 20 minutes everyone else has been called and left except us and a few new people that arrived later. We got called and after getting in and swearing in the interview started. She asked how we met and after we said it was in a game she asked us to show our faces, then she proceeded to tell me a story about a chilean that works for her ( I'm chilean too) and how he has dark skin while I don't and if we have a lot of mixture in Chile. This topic took half time of the interview. She asked about my dad date of birth, when was my medical done and if I give the envelope at the POE and if I had a copy (I said yes to both), the date of my entry to the states, plus a few questions same as the form (like if you have kill someone, bring drugs, etc.) and then said we are done and that we need to leave because she was under schedule since the last person needed a sign language interpreter and was very long.

We asked if we need to show her the documents we bring, plus more evidence as pictures. She said no, if we need something you can mail it. And that was it, she did not say if it was good or not. Honestly, it was really odd, specially all the skin tone conversation. We are a real couple who dated 6 years before getting married and we went there really confident our case was strong. So far everything has been quick and we have a solid case. I just needed to vent and honestly ask if anyone have had an experience like this, if so what happened afterward. How long should we wait before we take action to call or get a lawyer? Also, has anybody had an interview where the officer didn't request any documents (beside showing the passport to prove name)?

Thank you so much for reading.

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