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I-94 Missing
9:43 pm yesterday



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I am helping a cousin who is processing the paperwork to request Residence for her parents. She is US citizen. Her dad (my uncle) has entered the same date as his wife under the Tourist visa. But when we want to download the I94 for him, this happens: First it did not show up at all. Not found. We tried again and briefly it appeared showing some incomplete data and the page reset itself.

So I tried by looking up through the history information, and it showed up but his last entrance as of June this year, doesn't shows at all. But we could not retrieve any data from the I-94 itself. My cousin contacted via the https://i94.cbp.dhs.gov/I94/#/home and she received an email that it was ready. Again, we looked it up, and nothing.

What is the best way to connect for real with a person that can help us? what number should we call in?

Note that the i-94 and travel history of her mom shows all neat and accurate, nothing misses. The issue is with her dad's information.

Thank you for any lead or useful information.

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I-693 medical exam cost
3:50 pm July 15, 2021



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I am trying to schedule a medical exam for the I-693 form that is part of an adjustment of status application.

I have called the 3 closest authorized doctors and all ar within $25 for the basic fee at approximately $500-$525.

Is that a typical fee.

We are located in WA state North of Seattle.

Near Mount Vernon/Burlington/Bellingham.

Anybody had a good experience with a clinic or doctor?

Anything significantly less than $500?

Thanks Martin

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"We have taken an action on your case" After 2 days filing
10:06 pm June 4, 2021



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We filed online for CR-1 visa on june 1st 2021, and after 2 days we got an email saying "We have taken an action on your case". We checked the website and nothing has changed.

What could this mean? I find it strange since it's very early.

Thanks!!! ?

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2:35 am June 1, 2021



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Hello everyone,

This is our first post. We are Sim n (Chile) and Elizabeth (USA).

We were organizing all the documents that we're going to submit for the online I-130, and noticed that the I-130A form that we were using was due to 2/28/2021.

So, we checked the USCIS website to see if there was a recent version and the only document available is the same outdated one. Even the I-130 USCIS web (https://my.uscis.gov/), at evidence of support section has a link to this outdated form.

Here we paste what it says in the website (https://www.uscis.gov/i-130) :

USCIS published new form editions for affected forms. Starting April 19, 2021, we will only accept the 03/10/21 editions. Until then, you can also use the prior editions specified on each form webpage.

We are confused and don't want to have our process denied.

If anyone has information we would be thankful.

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VISA situation in Chile
10:47 pm May 20, 2021


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So I managed to get an appointment for my mom to apply for a visitor VISA, because it would allow her to stay for more than 90 days if needed. She currently has ESTA. This was back in December 2020. The appointment was scheduled for July 2021. There were no earlier dates. Last week she received an email where they notified her that the appointment was cancelled. No further information. I checked her account today and was able to get another appointment, now this time for May 2022! First appointment I was able to make for her was scheduled in the next 7 months. Then cancelled. Now the second appointment has been scheduled for 12 months! ?

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