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US Immigration from Chile

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Criminal Charges and Ir2?
8:08 am May 30, 2024


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I just started my minor step sons i130 (ir2) last night (did not submit it yet) and then spoke with my husband this morning and he got a call from my step sons grandpa. My step son was arrested and was held on charges of illegal concealing and carrying a loaded illegal firearm. Needless to say we're quite upset with him and his behavior, especially after we had previously explained to him, because of some poor choices and bad behavior, the possible reprocussions for having a record. An investigation has been opened and therefore were all waiting to see what will happen with the case. If something like this ends up on his record what are the chances (if any even) of him being approved to come here? If he ends up facing jail time does that affect anything differently? It's besides the point that i'm reconsidering my offer to bring him here in the first place based on the obvious and other previous observations and during the past 24 hours.

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Special Case
7:34 am March 27, 2024


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Hi. I really need some help here. So, a student is currently taking refuge at my house. The father is very physically abusive. She is 18 years old but still in high school. There is a TRO against the father.

Visa status

I551 approved on February, 2024

I551 expires on February, 2025

Temporary green card is being sponsored by her stepmom s friend


She came to my home without any form of government identification. All she has is her school ID. The stepmom changed the locks, disconnected her cell phone, and refuses to talk with her. There is no way to retrieve any of her government ID like her passport, temporary green card, etc. She has her social security number but doesn t not have the physical card. She cannot apply form of renewal ID

So far

1. The police will not escort her to her parents house to retrieve her belongings.
2. The family attorney who volunteered to take her case for free for her upcoming Restraining Order case against father made an appeal to retrieve her documents. However, if the parents claim they lost it, then that will be the end of it.

3. Went to social security office, embassy and DMV to see if they will accept her school ID as a form of identification to apply for the listed ID s but failed.


1. Can she file for I751 although her temporary green card wasn t established through marriage?
2. is there anything she can file under domestic violence? Her father has 3 previous police records on file for domestic abuse against the student.
3. How can she apply for a green card renewal without any form of government ID? I mean, surely there has to be a way ? What you got robbed? What do people do then?

she does have a copy of her passport and social security. That s all she has and she can t go back to that house. Help

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Ir-2 questions
12:19 pm February 6, 2024


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I have a few questions regarding the IR2 for my step son.

1. What is the estimated difference in time if I as a US citizen file for my step son in comparison to if my husband who is a legal permanent resident files for his son?

2. If he gets into any legal trouble, am I on the hook or responsible for him in any way if I am his sponsor? Not that I think he will but he's 16 and if I'm honest I barely even know him.

3. I am stay at home mom, so if I am his sponsor my husband will have to sign an affidavit of support for him as well. If that happens does that mean that we are both equally responsible for him so he does not receive any government assistance for 10 years?

Thank you!

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Parent Visiting Green Card holding Child in US with ESTA -- Frequency/length of trips?
3:49 pm February 5, 2024


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Anyone have experience with parents visiting a green card holding son or daughter in the US, relatively frequently? Just cover the first few responses....I know entering the US will always depend on the CBP officer, every case is different, no garauntees, etc. But I just wanted to see if anyone had experiences that were similar to ours -- to know what to expect and plan.

Our situation:

- Wife had green card previously, we moved back to her home country (Chile) 4 years ago, and now are in process to move back to the US

- We all want her mom to be able to visit as much as is resonable (2 times a year? 1-2 months each?), we would also probably split those trips up with my wife going down to visit her mom in Chile

- Her mom is a widow and retired. Has two properties in her name: her house that she lives in, and a property on the beach that she rents for her monthly income

- Her mom visited us once when we lived in the US before with ESTA, for 6 weeks, and she had no problems

- Very likely my wife will sponsor her mom for a green card once she is a citizen

So we just want gauge how often and frequent she could make trips up to see us (and grandkids), without getting her ESTA status revoked. We definitely aren't trying to have her "live" in the US, she would still be in Chile at least 9 months year, and even when she would be eligible to immigrate (with sponsorship from my wife when she is a citizen) it would be through the IR5 visa, definitely not having her come in as a visitor and do AOS.

So again if anyone has a similar situation or experience I would appreciate to hear it! Most of the posts I see about frequency of visits are about boyfriend/girlfriends or spouses -- so just seeing if there are some examples with parents or family.

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Bringing Step Son to USA
7:29 pm January 3, 2024


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Hello all,

Here I am 6 or 7 years later after the k1 visa and my step son (16yo) is wanting to come to the US asap. He's had a pretty bad falling out with his mom and his mom is wanting to sign custody over to his dad (my husband).

So I have a few questions.

1. I understand that I'd have to fill out the i130. That is to start the process, correct?

2. The fastest way to get him here is the k4 visa paperwork, correct? Or is there something else that I should be looking into?

3. I thought I read somewhere online in my searches that there is an interview required for the k4 visa with his mother at the US embassy in their country (Chile) is that correct?

4. Is there anything else required of his mother? His mother is going to make this whole situation as difficult as she can, she wants her son to leave but anything dealing with my husband and to make life easy she will typically buck up against. We are writing up with our lawyer the document that she is to sign in order to give him custody so if there is anything else required of her to do then we want to make sure it is in that document.

Thank you all for your time!

Edit to add: My husband has not done the paperwork for his citizenship so he is still an LPR. So I believe I will be filling out the petition since I thought I saw it went through faster for citizens.

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