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What is the state of department number??
10:37 am


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my case is under AP and i want to contact the state of department to find out who has my case the state of department or the embassy?? Please can someone tell me their exact number. I will be calling from overseas. Thank you

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US EMBASSY UAE: Waiting for Packet3 2018 Thread
4:31 am


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Hi everyone! I just want to know how many of us are still waiting for the packet3? We filed for K1 visa and the approved petition was sent electronically to UAE last April 5 2018.

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NBI requirement for filipinos outside Philippines
1:44 pm


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Hi everyone! Hope all of us are having a nice day! :)

Just a quick question regarding NBI clearance for interview requirement on k1 visa.

Im a filipino and working here in the UAE so the consulate that will hold my interview is USEM Abu Dhabi.

Recently, my relative from the Philippines obtained NBI clearance for me however my address in the NBI is my current address here in the UAE.

My question is, for the NBI from the Philippines, should the address that will reflect there is Philippine address, or is it okay that my CURRENT ADDRESS abroad is the one reflected on it? Any inputs is much appreciated! Thank you so much for taking the time to read my post.

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Passed N-400/I-751 combined interview...
4:54 am


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I went to Omaha today for my N-400/I-751 interview (although they never actually said they were combining the two interviews). Interview took just over 30 minutes. Got the first six questions right along with the first sentences in the reading and writing parts. Then I was asked some general questions about my I-751 application mostly they were reviews of the evidence that had been submitted. The IO said I passed and was recommending my N-400 application for approval pending quality review. She said my oath ceremony will be sometime this summer in Lincoln. Almost finished!!

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Shifted embassy from Abu Dhabi to Dhaka recently . Do I need PCC For Bangladesh for NVC now? Help needed
9:14 pm


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Hi everybody ! :) I got my case shifted to Dhaka embassy as I moved permanently.. I left Dubai on 21 Jan and did get my police certificate along with me but that's only valid for 3 months. Will that be okay for NVC? We just paid both AOS & IV fee and have to fill d260form then sort docs to be sent to NVC for review

I'm just wondering if I also need to get a PCC from Bangladesh for NVC? I'm a Bangladeshi citizen and only visited Bd earlier for vacations only.. I will certainly take one for my interview in future but I want to know if it's advisable to get one for NVC too?? Please guide me.

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