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Visa issued, due for delivery
6:42 pm


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Hi everyone,

My friend who lives in the US petitioned for his wife, a Nigerian citizen and she was issued a visa last Friday. However, due to the holiday she didn't get her passport back. She is pregnant and due within 7 days. She can't travel anymore because of her condition. However, her husband said she will come after the baby is born, within 2 months. I'm thinking this could be complicated because of a new born?

Can she travel with the new born within 2 months if her 6 months visa is still active? Does she need to petition for the new born? How long does the paperwork take? Please advise.

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He doesnt want to come to US now but does not want to talk about divorce
7:57 am


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I posted earlier about an I130 situation. My husband is in Dubai. He got a new job about 3 months ago and immediately started saying he might need to "delay" coming to the US. Now he says that his family needs him, he is sending them a lot of money, they all depend on him and he will "never" move here because I and others think he married me for a green card and he doesnt like it. By the way he will go a week without even saying hello to me now. He first said "I will arrange for you to come to Dubai every couple month and when you retire (7 years) you can move here for good but I will not come to the US". So I called his bluff and said "ok". When I asked when can I come back then it's "well I am sending money to my father every other day" and a lot of other excuses. So I said ok, so you WANT to arrange for me to come visit but you CANT is that it? He said "yes". So then I offered to pay half of my ticket and he said "do you know how much it costs for you to come for even10 days" I said no, but this time we would not need a hotel for me because we are MARRIED. I could stay with you. He lives with his family. Not ideal but it would work. Then he said "'yes but you have other expenses" in other words he does not want me to come visit. Now the latest is that his Mother started crying and insisting that he marry someone there and she is looking for him a new wife! How can he afford a whole wife if he can't afford even a little of the one he has! He has never sent me any money and we have been married for a year. Here is my question, if he is not going to come here like we agreed and looks like I'm not going there, then why is it that every time I mention "divorce" he says he has not even thought of it? By the way, I am 20 years older htan him. Why will he not talk to me about divorce and just end this ? How does it benefit him to stay married to me?

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I-130 petition approved, but my wife is pregnant now !
4:24 am


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Hi All,

I am US citizen married to a non-US and have two kids. Last year we decided to move to the US in order to get the boys ready for college. I filled the I-130 petition and received the approval last December. I was planning to go ahead and start the NVC process this Feb. when we discovered that my wife is pregnant! The problem is, the baby won't be born till Oct. and we only have until Dec. to complete the NVC process before the applications expire!

I searched the net and apparently, I can't buy her an insurance to deliver the baby in the US since she is already pregnant and without any insurance, it will cost a fortune which I can't afford! taking in consideration that she has an insurance here which allows her to deliver the baby at no cost.

What should I do now? should I wait for the baby to be born but by that time I have to resubmit the petition for the whole family again? or should we get the NVC process done and got the visas and after she got her green card she can travels back home and deliver the baby and then file an I-130 petition for the baby by himself?

Thank you

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Applied for I-130, need to know what's next
3:07 am


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I'm a US citizen, applied for for husband on July 2016. My priority date is July 22, 2016. Most recent update on my case is that it was sent to NVC and I just selected my agent. Not waiting to complete the other steps. I wanted to know how much longer will it take now to receive an interview date. As now I have to wait 2-3 weeks after selecting agent to do the further steps (pay fees and submit financial & other docs).

For the police report what must we include in that? I am currently not working and don't have a W2 so my dad will be supporting us, so how can u include him on my affidavit of support.

After the interview what are the chances of it going under review? As I have heard most of the cases for a guy go under review for 3 months


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I-130 sent to Dept of state for visa process, what's next now?
2:47 pm


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Im a US citizen and I filed I-130 in July 2016 for my husband. My priority date is July 21, 2016. On January 25th 2017 my case was sent to the department of state for visa processing (last update on my case status). What's next now? What other document should I have to send now? How much longer will it take to get an interview date and all?

Do I have to contact NVC to ask then if they received my case? If so, what number should I call? And can we choose the country which we want to go for the interview? Coz my husband works in Dubai and also has resided in Pakistan but for him UAE embassy will be more convenient instead of the one in Pakistan.

Can someone plz guide me, thanks loadzzz!!!?

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