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International driving license on a K1
11:42 am yesterday


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hi - i was reading through posts about needing at least needing the AOS NOA1 in order to get a temporary driving license. but receiving the NOA1 will obviously take some time and i would really like to be able to drive and get to know my new city as soon as possible after i land. anyone here have any experience driving on an international driving license?

i am arriving on a K1 and will be residing in virginia. the international license will be issued by the united arab emirates and is valid for a year. i know it is ok to use when driving in the us while on b1/b2, i am just not sure if using it on a k1 is ok too?

thanks for your advise.

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Interview Expedite Approved
11:59 am yesterday


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Hey there,

I am new on the website and hope someone can help me.

My husband applied for the CR 1 visa for me following our marriage last year. We got our NVC case complete on May 9th and since the Abu Dhabi embassy is one of the busiest we applied for an interview expedite on medical grounds. Our expedite request was approved and our case was moved from NVC to the embassy.

From what I understand in the case of an interview expedite, we have to schedule our own interview. Can someone please help out and talk us through the process of scheduling the interview.

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Finnal step (Sara David)
9:28 am yesterday

Ansara David

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Hi brothers and sisters! Have all a blessed day by Almighty Ameen!

Once again may be again will come here to take advice and ur reply as a help and ur all good reply make us comfortable and confident thank u..so here I am in finnal step waiting interview date from NVC after hubby sent this month 8date.last week he called they said they will as soon possible call him and mail it..but my case will going to expire on September .so I worry after hubby get hard time over laywer who put him wait wait a day asking just documents but keep saying not sponsor any like that which is lied only so hubby sent after call to embassy to get info they said both can become my joint sponser.well then he sent it all documents .been through hard time and keep delay .now worry bcoz case going to expire.hopefully work out.any one know ow much taking case end and and interview??those r given interview in UAE plz I need them help about info and guide is they get interview in duabi or Abu Dhabi?

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US Citizen Spouse VISA
12:04 pm yesterday


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We received a proposal from USA citizen for the marraige, however we came to know that processing time for USA citizen will take minimum of 1 year.

We are hesitating to accept the proposal, considering the above. . Kindly give us more insight on this on the below queries.

1) What is the VISA name and details.

2) How much time it takes after the wedding

3) What are the requisites for documentation

4) What are other benefits to USA citizens compared H1B work VISA.

Kindly suggest in details.

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child from a forign mother
10:54 pm yesterday


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i have child from a foreign mother i didnt mention it at my n400 application what should i do now to petition him now

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