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When to apply for citizenship? i know its been ask many time..
9:46 pm


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Hi Guys,

So i did research about this in the search bar but im stil confuse so from 3 years when you became permanent resident you can apply does this count towards when your spouse got green card when he was on the 2 year green card than remove condition or does it start when he remove condition? can someone just please tell me if my husband is qualify now... aOS file on 4/23/13 got green card on 4/14/2014 removing condition aprove recieve permanent green card on 9/15/2016 .. thanks alot everyone..

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Once again need help (Ansara David)
6:53 pm

Ansara David

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:mellow: Hi brothers and sisters..good afternoon have a blessed day all..I am here once again ..I got sponsor with joint sponser.now here is the other problems my case on lawyer by online but only lawyer assistant handle it .we does everything some thing else which I didn't get .have question if some one know really tell me plz I have to thanks .my Hubby called yesterday after this email but that assistant didn't reply back .my question why she say the joint sponser not making enough to be my sponser .she including 6 hould for what ?? Bcoz I have two co sponser which is enough even they both have two kids on them tax but lawyer say okay but now here something word change it that assistant put it 6 house hold why??which is shock for me and mad too.and didn't get answer yet.

"Good morning, David,

I received an electronic Affidavit of Support form from Eric A. Upon review however, it appears that Eric still does not make enough money to act as your cosponsor. Because of Eric s 2 dependents, he must meet the minimum income requirement for a household of 6 (Eric, dependent 1, dependent 2, you, your child, and Ansara). The minimum for this size is $41,200. Eric disclosed his income as $34,000.

Please let me know if you have any questions about this."

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Approved IR1 IR2 .
1:52 pm


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Thanks for responding sharob.

First time they send exentation via mail and after 1 year they told us go to federal plaza to get an other exentation. Becoz my husband have to travel. They gave another stamp with IR1 and IR2 for my son. I am just worring if they will call interview. They approved IR1 AND IR2. According to immigration lady .

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Kids travelling to the US alone on B2
1:11 pm


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Would anyone know what documents they will require? (apart from passport visa of course).

Their Dad will remain in home country, mum will be on a different flight (same day) to the US on holiday also.

Anyone with personal experience will be great.

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Cr1 visa requires interview
5:37 pm


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I went to uscis today becoz my husband and my son has cr1 visa and we filled petition to remove condition. Extnaition they gave it's expired so we went to federal plaza to get new exentation.

The immigration lady says congrulation you r approved yesterday so they gave stamp with IR1.and for my son IR2 .

I don't understand why lady says that. Plus do they will call my husband for interview. Filling date was April 11 2016.

And now April 19 2017.

Please anyone knows please answer my question.

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