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Phone number change
6:06 am yesterday


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We filed K1 Jan 2018, and filled out the G325 form for e notification and SMS. My phone number will be changing and I am wondering if I can change this with USCIS? I have only found to change address. We definitely don t want to be missing any important messages, or whomever gets this number receive our information.

Thanks for all the advice??

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Issues in UAE with k-1 visa
4:28 pm yesterday


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On March 15th I was told by NVC that my packet for the k-1 visa had been sent to Abu Dhabi. Still haven't heard anything yet from the consulate there, and I wasn't able to update my fiancee's address. So if anything was sent to her, we don't have it. I've emailed the consulate, but haven't heard back yet after a week. Any advice for what to do? Calling doesn't help, because they say everything has to be through email.

Also, my fiancee's place of work is good out of business. So she may lose her residency, they didn't pay any employees last month. And are holding the employees "hostage" to work for free or lose their residency. So if this happens and she doesn't find new work, will she have any trouble at the consulate of she comes in with a tourism visa?

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Documents for TRAVEL to US
11:01 am yesterday


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Hello everyone

Last month I got my immigrant visa but I am going to travel on 2nd week of july. My question is

What documents do i need for travel to US?

1.I have immigrant visa on my passport.

Seal packet for US CBP ( it's say don't open).

2.Seal medical report .

3.I paid green card fee .

Do i need anything else for travel to US on immigrant visa?

Thank you.

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adjustment of status
11:44 pm yesterday


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hello everyone. Just share my aos progress here. We sent our packet last january 20 and they received at january 24. After months of waiting finally we have a initial interview at uscis san antonio texas. Praise god we didn t wait that long.. to all filers here goodluck and god bless us all?

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I864 AOS assistance...please help
9:01 am yesterday


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Hello all,

I am trying to navigate the AOS package...can you please help.

US citizen petitioning for her 1 yr old daughter...she is married and they are currently living with her brother and his wife.

Petitioner - unemployed

husband of petitioner - employed for 1 year filed his taxes in 2017 ...annual income 29K

brother of petitioner - employed for over 3 years....has filed his taxes for the last 3 years....annual income 90k

brothers wife (sister in law) - unemployed but files jointly on the taxes with her husband.

I did ample research on this and there seems to be different variations and recommendations on what forums I can fill out I864/I864A....just looking for the safest option that would knock this out from the first try....all is on board to sign the financial obligation if need be.


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