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arrowWhat If ( Before interview)
October 1, 2014, 4:24 am Last comment by melragheb

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What about my case:


My interview on November, If i get the visa i'm planning to travel on Jan to apply for LPR. then i'll comeback to UAE (where i live) to complete my contract on Aug -Sep. 


-So do u think it works - since it's less than 1 year ??

-and can i tell the immigration officer about this plan??

- and Shall i pay tax for these 6 months i worked overseas??

- What about my wife, can she stays more till it settle and get a job?? (because she's working already in UAE)






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arrowRecieved the Noa1 Hardcopy today but something may be wrong.
September 29, 2014, 9:57 pm Last comment by iammrsregi

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Today, I was excited to see the hardcopy of the Form I-797C, only to look below and see that under country of birth (for fiancée) it says unknown.  On the I-129F I put her country as Kyrgyz SSR, as that was on her birth certificate. For her citizenship I put Kyrgyzstan which is what the country is now known as.  Is this something to be concerned about or is this just because at this stage no one has actually really looked at the application?  Has anyone experienced this?

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arrowCo-Sponsor for K1 Visa - US Embassy Abu Dhabi
September 25, 2014, 4:59 am Last comment by A&B

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Could someone tell me if the embassy in Abu Dhabi allows for a co-sponsor for fiance visa?  I'm 43 years old, divorced, and about to move in with my dad until I'm back on my feet, and he offered to co-sponsor as back up.  My attorney is going to send out the I-129F next Monday and by the time my fiancee has her interview, I should have a steady job.  I lost my job back in April 2014.

I currently just make financial requirement from when I collected unemployment, and now my monthly retirement I collect, but my savings account is literally $0 since my divorce.  I also have two children but I don't claim them on my income tax since they no longer live with me...  My attorney says everything should be fine BUT I'm asking in here as well for advice since this is such a reliable source for accurate info.....


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arrowIV Application Processing Fees
September 21, 2014, 10:50 am Last comment by mllebamako

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I have paid AOS fees of 88$, transaction date shows Aug-14-2014 and status is PAID. When I log in I cannot pay the other IV Application fee. Checkbox is disabled and total amount selected is 0. When am I supposed to be able to select the IV package fees and pay it. By the way I haven't sent AOS package yet as I am waiting to get some documents.



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arrowMy Interview Scheduled - What's Next??!
September 20, 2014, 10:09 am Last comment by khalid_ahq

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My interview scheduled next NOV. Now i'm trying to collect my documents but i need some clarifications about the interview & documents:


1. Where i shall translate my documents - any approved legal translate office will be okay?

2. Without Affidavit of Support, How much i should provide cash in my bank account? and does a letter from my company shows my end of service benefits will be considered?

3. If i could arrange Affidavit of Suppor, Should i go for I- 864 or I-134? And how & where to file the form.




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