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arrowInterveiw Appointment
May 3, 2016, 8:13 am Last comment by amkhan

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anyone waiting for interveiw appointment at US EMBASSY ABU DHABI

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arrowCase Completed Waiting for Interveiw Appointment
April 27, 2016, 12:53 pm Last comment by amkhan

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Hi Members my case completed on 25th of April now waiting for the interveiw appointment. Any UAE members who is also waiting for the interveiw appointment please share your experience as i heared US embassy has some backlogs for interveiw dates, kindly share your CC dates so i can have idea how long do i have to wait for it.

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arrowNew member - starting the painful wait!
April 23, 2016, 10:35 am Last comment by KASH2011

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Hello members

Its great to see so much information on here.  I spent about 10 hours with no breaks understanding the inside outs and got my lists together a month ago.  Now I don't have the greatest short term memory and can't seem to remember anything - even my notes are not making sense to me :(

I have tried to search answers but not necessarily go the right/sure answers.


We are applying for me and my 2 children.  My husband is USC - we were married in the US about four months ago.  I am outside the US now.


1. Is any previous divorces the only documents we require certified copies for?  Plain copies of rest okay?  Do the divorce documents have to be court certified even if issued in the US?  Any idea if we can both send uncertified copies?  I think skipped this earlier and now so hoping for us to send out the package on Monday.


On USCIS website I don't see mention of certified copies.

If it is so - I will just send the "original" as that too was a print out and court certified.  Will get a new one for my records in the meanwhile.  As for USC where does he get his divorce certified from?  My children's application also need out previous marriage divorce records right :(  Do we need several court certified divorce papers then?!


2. We married in the US - does this document need to be certified or normal copy will do?


3. I had sent by courier a signed form to husband and a couple of blank forms signed too incase I made a mistake.  Looks like did make a mistake.  Is it okay if G325A for me is handwritten?


Thank you so much for all your help





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arrowPermanent resident and I want to bring my parents
April 9, 2016, 9:38 am Last comment by Penguin_ie

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I am a green card holder and I would like to apply for a petition to bring my parents to the US. What is the process?

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arrowGot my green card in three weeks!
April 9, 2016, 12:17 am Last comment by chloroformgirl

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Hi All,


Just sharing my experience with my v-journey.

I got here through a K1 visa last december, got married in january  (L) and filed our AOS case on the first week of february. We also filed my EAD and AP at the same time. We had my biometrics done on March 8... within three weeks (March 30) after my biometrics was done we've received a letter in the mail from USCIS saying "Welcome to United States of America, your case has been approved and you will be receiving you permanent resident card in three weeks. After three days, we've received another mail from USCIS and......it's my green card! My permanent resident card.


Strange as it is, the process was so much faster than what I have expected. I was actually thinking i'll be getting my GC in three months after biometrics appointment as I'm basing it on most timelines here. I also did not received any EAD and AP, I don't think I need em now that I have my permanent resident card, or do I? I didn't undergo any interview neither was sent an interview appointment. So am I all set? (until the removal of conditions before the gc expires)


Am I allowed to work legally now in the US? Does this usually happen? Im kind of baffled, but nvtheless thankful.  :D

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