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arrowI-864 supporting documents (split topic)
August 28, 2014, 3:55 am Last comment by VSRoberts
C and S

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Does  1040 from IRS and W2, ( 2011,2012,2013) enough as supporting documents for AOS or  we still need to provide more?

Thanks :) 

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arrowNo longer Together, How to Withdraw the Application?
August 27, 2014, 4:39 pm Last comment by VOL

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Me and my Fiance are not together anymore for personal problems, we are scheduled for the interview next month but i would like to stop the procedure so in future if my fiance wishes to apply any other kind of visas it doesn't create any problem for him.


Any help would be appreciated, Thanks.

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arrowPreparing AOS package
August 25, 2014, 5:22 pm Last comment by NLR

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I live with my petitioner in United Arab Emirates. I have paid the AOS fees and the status is PAID now. I also filled ds-261 online. I have a joint sponsor in USA and I am waiting for the I-864 form he filled and signed along with other required documents to be delivered to me. I have the following questions:


1) My joint sponsor is sending TAX return of 2013 and 2012 only. Do I have to include both or just one as it says one or three. If I include 2 years tax return will this cause any issue?


2) My petitioner has no income at all she's been a student till this date. And she never filed any TAX before. She has been to the U.S. only once to get here citizenship. I heard from people that even if you have no income, U.S. residents still need to file for TAX every year. Since she never done so, now when she fills the I-864 she will fill "0" in income fields for past 3 years. Is this fine? Will this cause a denial of our application? (NEVER FILED FOR TAX)


3) Now regarding Domicile. My petitioner has no address there nor a bank account. But I the beneficiary have a bank account since 2006 (when I was in U.S. for study), and I still have some money in it. So if I include some photo copies of my bank statements as a proof of domicile will it help?


4) I have contacted some shipping companies to make estimates regarding shipping my furniture. As some people here suggested in other threads. What else can I include to prove the domicile? What do you think if I ask my joint sponsor to send me a signed letter saying that he is willing to host us at his property till we are able to support ourselves.


5) Shall my petitioner include a letter from her university stating that she is still a full-time student to proof a temporarily stay abroad?


Thanks ahead for your time and I appreciate your suggestions and advice.

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arrowhow long does it take to get tourist visa from Laos? or does it depend on the person' s itself?
August 19, 2014, 7:05 pm Last comment by Umka36

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My brother's girlfriend wants to come to usa on a tourist visa to visit but how long does it take specialy in laos to get approve and is it possible to get visa like in 2 or 3 month?  He wants to visit her but  my family prefer she comes here because we dont want him to go there alone... PLs help  thank you...

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arrowHelp! We met 4 yrs ago and now trying to apply for fiance visa.
August 18, 2014, 5:33 am Last comment by jan22

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I met my fiancé 4 yrs. ago when I was in USA on J1 visa under internship program. I went back home in the Philippines when the program ended despite the distance we continue our relationship. Everyday we keep in touch and stay strong to support each other. Long distance relationship is never easy, due to loneliness and being depressed. one horrible night happened when my fiancé has been charged for dui on 4th offense. He served 4 years in prison he regret it so badly but he is grateful that he never brought harm to anyone except to his self and that he has learned from his mistakes. Despite of being in jail the court allow him continue to stay working in his company offshore and go back to jail when he take off from work so we still have communication. It is very hard and painful for both of us for all the years wasted but we never give up. Now he is a free man trying to have a better life and get himself all together. He is still under the parole and the court gave him order that he can only travel out of USA till year 2020. So I tried my best to get a tourist visa to visit him and I got approved.

But it gets even harder when I travel just recently and I got denied at the port of entry as a tourist because they doubt I wont come back and the customs found out I have fiancé who is willing to marry me. Although we told them we don't have intention to marry and just file for fiancé before I come back home. But still they didn't allow me to enter so I voluntarily withdraw my application and come back home on the same day of travel. They said I can reapply anytime either immigrant or non immigrant visa.

I am so stress and depressed with all this waiting and trying to be with him same thing he is showing me. So our last option will be the fiancé visa but we met 4 years ago? Is there anyway we will get approved for K1 or we still have to apply for this waiver to prove the extreme hardship?? Please any advice will be highly appreciated.


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