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arrowClarity around removing conditions and traveling
October 20, 2016, 4:58 pm Last comment by ashish20

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My family is planning a cruise to Europe towards the beginning of June. My husband is Egyptian and is planning to apply for a Schegren visa through a consulate from Spain since we will arrive in Spain and spend the most amount of time there. 


My concern is that his conditional residence will expire at the end of May and we will be in the process of removing conditions beginning in March. Will this prevent him from a) being eligible for a Schegren visa or b) leaving and entering the United States?


Thanks for any insight.

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arrowAccident some 21 years ago
October 19, 2016, 4:36 pm Last comment by evalili

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Now that my I-130 is approved, am looking and relooking at NVC process so we can have all ready.  

I just recollected I had a car accident when I was 18 years old (some 21 years ago).  The car tire burst (dad's car) and it veered.. there was some injury to people in another vehicle.  Although my car had not touched theirs they got nervous seeing my veering car and turned the steering suddenly and their pick up overturned.


A lot of police stuff was in Arabic ( I don't speak) and the pick-up driver was nervous as it was not his pick-up  he said he wanted to file a case.  There was some sort of case and I remember visiting court twice.  They didn't get anything.  I had to pay for a tree that damaged and a fine.  The fine was then reduced as it was not my fault and I got a refund.



Do I mention this in court column of the NVC form (whenever I get there) - this is all I remember and I don't have a single paper from then.





Question 2 - I realise its me (beneficiary) who will get the next set of forms from what I read on this site.  Is that correct?  My address has changed since finding I-130 and possibly may change again in a month.

I do have a fixed mailing address - if snail mail is what they use.

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October 19, 2016, 11:18 am Last comment by dwheels76

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Hey everyone!!
I submitted all documents plus ds-260 form and I am sure all is good to go. I am just waiting now for my husband case to be completed soon!! GOD WILLING!!

Q- my husband case will be transferred in ABU DHABI embassy, I like to know have anyone experience interview and how long it takes to get interview date?

I heard a lot but I am so nervous and I want this to be over smoothly and fast!!


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arrowDenied due to domicile despite job offer, daycare enrollment
October 18, 2016, 3:50 am Last comment by jordache463

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Hello everyone. I have been really lost and needing some guidance. I acurrently live in abu dhabi with my husband and daughter. I am a US citizen, I have been living in Abu dhabi for two years and have traveled 6 months out of those 2 years to the states. I have kept my part time job in the states and paid taxes upon each of my returns. I have a tx liability insurance card. Renewed DL. bank accounts etc. Well my husband was temporarily denied just as a few of you on this thread for issue of domicle. I have read almost all of the thread but not finding anything that relates to my situation. I am a stay at home mom, i have nothing in my name here, its all under my husbands name. The rent, car, insurance. The only thing i have is a credit card under my name. I have not put anything in my name because i new i will be here temporarily until my husband is issued his green card so i didnt feel like i needed anything put in my name. As far as showing steps i am moving from Abu Dhabi, i wont be able to since nothing is in my name.

Anyways they sent a denial letter i sent in documents. An application filled out to enroll mt daughter at a daycare, job offer letter, an affidavit of my mother saying we are allowed to stay with my parents upon our arrival, emails between myself and a lender regarding steps to take for a home loan. I included all the other things mentioned above like car insurance, Renewed driver's license, bank statements etc.

Still denied.

My plan is now to enroll my daughter in the daycare and pay the fee of enrollment and show them the receipt, cancel my credit card in Abu dhabi. Book a one way ticket. Show more emails between me and daycares looking for options to enroll my daughter. What else can i possibly send other than this? My car is under my husbands name. The apartment is under his name. I am so lost.

I am worried that i will have to go back home now. I dont want to do that because i will have to be without my husband until April and i will miss him dearly and so will our daughter. I am looking to avoid this step. But if this is the only way they will believe me then i will have to do it.

Please if anyone can help i would truly appreciate it

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arrowI-864A; Part 5 and Part 6
October 15, 2016, 9:45 am Last comment by JenniferNangel

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Wife (US Citizen) is sponsoring her parents to come to the United States. Wife's income is not sufficient to sponsor them. 

Husband is co-sponsoring. 

The combined income of husband and wife meets the requirement of I-864. 


Wife filed out I-864

Husband is filling out I-864A


My question is whose name should go in Part 5: Sponsor's Promise, Statement,..., and Signature; and Part 6: Your (the Household Member's) Promise, Statement,..., and Signature? 


I think that Sponsor's name would be wife's name and Your (the Household Member's) name would be the husband's name. 


I just want to make sure that I got this right. I would really appreciate your feedback. 


Thank you

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