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from when is overstayed time callculated
6:47 am

Natasha vaitl

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hi, there i am trying to figure out how long my ban is. as i was thinking it was three years but was now told its 10 years. i entered the US on the 29th of Jan 2013 and left the US on the 2nd of April 2014. when do they start calculating an overstay? cause technical i was in the US legally for 3 months after which i was there illegally for 11. or do they count from the day i arrived? thank you

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Do I need a lawyer now due to expected NOIR
11:48 pm


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I am the beneficiary. My fiance and I applied for k1 & k2 visa.
My fiance is self-employed earning a gross income of $32k for 2015 with one dependent and never married. He did apply for k1 in 2008 and got an approved petition but it didn t workout and she did come to the US.
I on the other hand, I was married twice but had both marriages nullified, meaning Im considered to have never been married. I am an accountant with an 11-yr old daughter. I applied for a tourist visa in 2015 & got denied. I however did not declare that I have a sister in the US who arrived there in 2014 but did declare her when we applied for k1. When I was asked during the 1st tourist visa application about my husband because as per my passport, I was married, I said that he will apply in a later date but in fact havent been together for a while and my marriage to him legally ended on June 2014. Had no intention to mislead anyone or try to hide and cheat the system, I just received a lot of bad advice and I made very poor judgement. If I did have that intention, I wouldn t even mention any of it on the official k1 interview.
March 1 2017 was the interview and at the end of the interview, I was given a 221g requesting for a co-sponsor, additional bank account balance and chat logs which were provided. March 16 2017, I had my second interview and the CO had dug into my tourist visa previously denied and about my fiance's work, his previous fiance and my previous marriages, which were all supported by court decisions and all. I left the embassy with a recommendation to revoke and was not provided with the details of the recommendation.
In doing a few readings, my fiance is expected to receive a NOIR, which we can rebut within a period of time roughly 30 days or might not even receive it if the agency choose to just let the petition expire. We do not want to give up as we love each other and would love to have a real family. What are our options? What can we do? Should we cancel the petition and apply for a new k1/k2? Cancel the petition, get married and apply for k3? Wait for NOIR and rebut? Or wait for the petition to expire? Your most honest opinion would be appreciated.

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Naturalization interview
12:09 pm


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I applied for naturalization based on 3 year and I am married to us citizen. I have naturalization interview coming up soon. Do they ask for original documents and marriage certificate FOR THE INTERVIEW?

Anyone who had interview recently plz reply.


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What documents do I need to submit with DS-260?
7:38 pm


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What documents do I need to submit when submitting the DS-260 application on the NVC website online?

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Question regarding AOS with a joint sponsee
3:50 pm


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Hello, I am getting all my paperwork ready so that I am ready to submit once I hear from the NVC.

I am using my mom as a joint sponser and I noticed that on the form it askes for her Naturalization number. When she applied to get her passport she didn't get her Naturalization Certificate back and to request another one costs $500+. I just wanted to see if anyone went through a similar situation and what they were able to do?

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