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arrowhow long does it take to get tourist visa from Laos? or does it depend on the person' s itself?
August 19, 2014, 7:05 pm Last comment by Umka36

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My brother's girlfriend wants to come to usa on a tourist visa to visit but how long does it take specialy in laos to get approve and is it possible to get visa like in 2 or 3 month?  He wants to visit her but  my family prefer she comes here because we dont want him to go there alone... PLs help  thank you...

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arrowHelp! We met 4 yrs ago and now trying to apply for fiance visa.
August 18, 2014, 5:33 am Last comment by apotyperez

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I met my fiancé 4 yrs. ago when I was in USA on J1 visa under internship program. I went back home in the Philippines when the program ended despite the distance we continue our relationship. Everyday we keep in touch and stay strong to support each other. Long distance relationship is never easy, due to loneliness and being depressed. one horrible night happened when my fiancé has been charged for dui on 4th offense. He served 4 years in prison he regret it so badly but he is grateful that he never brought harm to anyone except to his self and that he has learned from his mistakes. Despite of being in jail the court allow him continue to stay working in his company offshore and go back to jail when he take off from work so we still have communication. It is very hard and painful for both of us for all the years wasted but we never give up. Now he is a free man trying to have a better life and get himself all together. He is still under the parole and the court gave him order that he can only travel out of USA till year 2020. So I tried my best to get a tourist visa to visit him and I got approved.

But it gets even harder when I travel just recently and I got denied at the port of entry as a tourist because they doubt I wont come back and the customs found out I have fiancé who is willing to marry me. Although we told them we don't have intention to marry and just file for fiancé before I come back home. But still they didn't allow me to enter so I voluntarily withdraw my application and come back home on the same day of travel. They said I can reapply anytime either immigrant or non immigrant visa.

I am so stress and depressed with all this waiting and trying to be with him same thing he is showing me. So our last option will be the fiancé visa but we met 4 years ago? Is there anyway we will get approved for K1 or we still have to apply for this waiver to prove the extreme hardship?? Please any advice will be highly appreciated.


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arrowRequest For Evidence
August 17, 2014, 1:43 am Last comment by Ryan H

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Hello All,


I have recently (15th August )filled my I-130 and keep on reading these forums to gain more information. I will like to ask that when the time comes for the RFE (Request for Evidence) what should I provide them ?


Given that my wife and I do not have a joint account as UAE law's don't allow to have a join account unless both are working.


We cannot have a mutual car ownership as that is not possible. 


We don't have any children yet.


We don't own any property.



In this case what RFE should be provided ?


Thank you.

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arrowK1 Visa For Filipina Living In Abu Dhabi 6+ Years
August 16, 2014, 7:04 pm Last comment by AntInPhilly

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Hello everyone.  This is my very first post in here so if I sound a little stupid please bear with me.  lol


I met the most amazing girl online in a chat room last August, fell in love in a matter of weeks, and have been video chatting with her in skype, talking to her in Viber, and texting her in Whatsapp every single day since we met.  This past March I went to visit her in Abu Dhabi and once we both met we fell deeper in love, so deep we got engaged while I was there.  This is pretty much the usual like most K1 visa applicants but what has me worried is I'm about to finally send the packet of everything that's required and I have a very good immigration attorney that is going to handle everything, BUT I just lost my job of 22+ years this past April and I have been unemployed ever since.  I am 43 years old, divorced with children, and turning my house over to my ex so I can move in with my dad for a few years until I get back on my feet.  My dad gladly offered to co-sponsor and will be the co-sponsor but I'm afraid when my fiance goes for her interview the consulate is going to deny her the visa because of the affidavit of support.  I have done my research around the net and supposedly it's okay for someone to co-sponsor as log as they meet the income requirements by 125%.  Does anyone know if the embassy in Abu Dhabi approves of a co-sponsor or does it look bad and chances are she won't pass her interview because I can't sponsor her financially at the current time?


Thanks, Anthony 




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arrowinterview schedule finally!!!!
August 12, 2014, 8:50 am Last comment by A&B

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Hi guys,if you do remember my visa journey,I had case file transferred from manila to abu dhabi,yesterday was my birthday ang GOD is really good,he answered my prayer,my interview will be on oct October 22,more than 2 months away but atleast I have peace of mind now..just preparing for all the requirements, I'm so happy 😉😉😉😉 goodluck to all of US!!!

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