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July 5, 2015, 5:38 pm Last comment by Ebunoluwa

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Pls after a year In AP In Lagos Embbassy I check my case status CEAC Website tonight I received dis Informations pls helps Me am tottally confused and scared of what goin on with my visa case !!Case Creation Date:10-Dec-2013
Status Updated Date:23-Jun-2015

Section 203(g) of the Immigration and Nationality Act requires that your registration be canceled and any petition approved on your behalf canceled, if you do not apply for your immigrant visa within one year of being advised to do so.

You were advised of this requirement over 1 year ago, but we have not received a response from you since then. As a result, your application for a visa has been canceled and any petition approved on your behalf has also been canceled.

Your application may be reinstated and any petition revalidated if, within one year, you can establish that your failure to pursue your immigrant visa application was due to circumstances beyond your control. Please provide a written statement to the Embassy or Consulate outlining the circumstances beyond your control and noting that you still wish to pursue this visa petition.

For more information, please visit TRAVEL.STATE.GOV.

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arrowHello everyone
July 5, 2015, 5:08 pm Last comment by baron555

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Good evening and happy Sunday y'all. I'm glad that I was introduced to this site by a friend in church today. , I'm a Nigerian by birth, and also an American citizen by naturalization. I want to start filing for my fiance in Nigeria this month or early next month, but the issue is that
, I'm not working yet, can I use my parents as my sponsor, and make them fill the affidavit of support for me or how do I go about it, because my parents file their taxes together , will they fill out 2 different affidavit of support for me, and what will they put as the relationship for my fiance? After the affidavit has been filled, is it going to be submitted initially now with all my documents or later when my fiance in Nigeria has been scheduled for his interview? Can I attach my academic transcript as a proof that I'm still going to school? Please help a sister thanks.

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arrowpolice certificate and interview questions (split topic)
July 5, 2015, 4:23 pm Last comment by Ryan H

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Good day dwheels76 & to everyone here,

This is specifically to dwheels76 or anyone who can help me here. few questions plz:

1. How long does the police certificate last (life span)? idea how much it cost? The embassy asked me to apply for it in Lagos but I live in Abuja and by enquiry was told its done here(Abuja) too - is there an issue doing it here instead of Lagos?

2. I scheduled my interview for 27august thinking gathering my documents will take time, can I reschedule it? any implication or processes?

3. Can I do my K1 interview in Abuja apart from Lagos? 


plz urgent. thanks


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arrowEvidence of meeting in person
July 4, 2015, 11:01 pm Last comment by Pitaya

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I am in the process of sending in my paperwork, but I have a burning question. When I came back from Nigeria, I could not locate my departure boarding pass except my return boarding pass. But I have my itinerary with my ticket receipt that shows my departure date. Will that be a proof enough? Though I also the arrival and departure stamp on my passport. Do I need to be concern? Any advice is welcome. Thank you.

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arrowHas anybody been denied visa in Nigeria because they did only traditional and registry marriage on a low key?
July 2, 2015, 9:35 pm Last comment by Ebunoluwa

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Hey guys please I want to know if anybody has denied visa on the basis that they did only traditional and court marriage on a low key? Has anybody been denied because they did not have an elaborate church wedding?

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