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Dropped off documents at collection center, How much longer?
1:42 pm yesterday

Vivian Edet

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Hello family

Am new in the house.

Please i am becoming frustrated, i had my f1 dependant visa interview at lagos Nigeria on 7th December 2017 but i was Given a white papeto go drop off my I-20 documents which due to courier delays i didnt have original copies for the interview . I dropped it on the 19th December but till today Jan 20 2018 my stutus still says under administrative process.. Pls should i cancel and reapply?

What are the email for us embassy in Nigeria i can lay my complaint to?

I have called and was told to wait. The painful thing is that d last update was on 20 December 2017 which is a day after i submitted my I-20 doc as requested.

Thanks for your anticipated reply.

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Any Nigerian Couple do a K1-Fiance Visa
8:43 am yesterday


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Hi, how's everyone doing?

I want to file for my Fiance around the April period. She's in Nigeria and I'm currently visiting Nigeria. Here are my questions:

1. What are the challenges?

2. What parts will bring problems?

3. What are the best things to do while I'm here to ensure we don't have any problems?

4. What are the best things you guys did to prove your engagement and that you've seen each other?

5. How long did yours take?

7. What would you have done differently?

6. Any other thing I should know?

Thanks in advance

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Work Authorization renewal Pending
7:53 am yesterday


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Greetings all .I kindly need some clarification ..I applied for adjustment of status since September 2016. And also for work authorization i and my wife have been married since 27th of May 2016.and we live together with our kids .work authorization was granted to me and on 19th January 2017 EAD was mailed to me , I have also been working since the authorization was granted .also on 28th Nov .2017 our marriage based green card interview was granted and the officer was very strict on us though he didn t ask us any question outside what we expected however we asnwered all his questions correctly and honestly but he doesn t seem satisfied with our evidence , or maybe he wanted more evidence ...., on the day of the interview we came with sufficient honest Evidence based on the ones we have :the interview lasted for about 35-38 mins . so in the end we were given a piece of paper detailing what we should expect in the mail , on 12th of Dec 2017 . We received a letter in the mail requesting for more evidence to support our interview and already submitted evidence on the interview day , we have sent off every required further evidence through our lawyer to the USCIS office as was directed on 21st of December 2017. We sincerely understand they are professionals and are doing what is required . My wife and I are worried because my work authorization has expired few days ago and my employer may stop me from work and send me on a leave without pay starting Monday next week because both my Work authorization etc are all pending , I am worried and since we have kids to look after I need to be working while I wait for decisions to be made on our case ..

Please has anyone s been in this kind of situation and what am i to expect as I don t know my fate at the moment.

Our marriage is honest and genuine I love my wife and we are happy together ..my work authorization renewal application was made and received and notification to appear for biometric was recieved on 30th day of September. 2017 I went for the biometric on 11th of October 2017 .

My case status online hasn t changed it since then ..only says case recieved .

please if anyone has been in this kind of situation I need some clarification and advice .. we simply worried and also expectant ...

Thank you


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government shut down
6:58 pm yesterday


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Will the threat of this federal government shut down tonight at midnight stop the USCIS workers?

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Maiden name on marriage certificate
6:54 pm yesterday


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I am a U.S. citizen. I just married my wife in Nigeria on July 2017. When we got our marriage certificate later, she put in her maiden name instead of her married name (my last name). I am currently filling out a I-130 form for her to move to the U.S. after she finishes college this year. Should I put in her married name in the form or her maiden name as it shows in the marriage certificate? And would the fact that she didn't put in her new married name affect the process in any way?

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