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hope and encouragement
9:15 pm


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Hello VJ,

I have been searching and reading many things here on VJ for Lagos, Nigeria Consulate and I thank many of you for sharing. I have my petition k1 visa all prepared and ready to mail at least I think so. It is front loaded and put together with VJ suggestions. So I would like to know if there is anyone on here in a similar situation applying for K1 visa. I am the petitioner white woman, 15 years older, recent divorce and yes I have kids 3. Recent as in it will finally be finalized the day before my petition. Of course I have been separated since before I met my sweetheart. I have read so many encouraging interview results and have hope, but I don t know the circumstances are these approvals from idyllic couples, same race, and same age, never married? I have only come across a few that have mentioned a large age gap and they have been denied even though they claim to have sent mounting evidence of a bonafide relationship. Any feedback or encouraging words would be great.

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H was added to my name on i94 form
1:44 pm


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Checked my i94 online and discovered H was added to my given name what can I do about this

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What could be happening?
1:07 pm


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Hello, after my interview on Feb 21, the co said everything is ok but told me they are yet to receive my medical and I was given a paper to translate and return it back with my passport. she also said that they will issue my visa as soon as they receive the documents.

On Feb 22, being a day after my interview, my case was updated. Could it be they are processing my visa already without having my passport because I am yet to send it? What could be happening?

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F1 reinstatement denied, filed i290-B, f1 still got denied
6:44 pm


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Hello, I need some help in understanding this situation and what plan of action to take.

My F-1 status was terminated back in September of 2014, I transferred to a new school and was prompted to file my reinstatement procedure the October of 2014.

USCIS reinstatement was filed in Jan 2015.

I received a denial notice on October 2016 that my case was denied due to a delay in filing my reinstatement within the 5 months period and that I should leave the united states promptly as to not acquire unlawful presence (180 days max).

I filed in an I290-B, a motion to appeal the decision, presenting new evidence that I had been in an accident that prevented me from filing my case on time, also stating that my case was actually filed within the 5 months period according to the date I have from my DSO.

A notice on USCIS website under case status states that my case was denied on February 10th 2017. I have not received any letter yet.

Please, any advice on what I can do now? I am planning on returning back to my home country Nigeria to reapply. What is the risk involved that the consular office will grant me a new visa? As my visa is currently expired.

Help is appreciated. Thank you

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ssn name change via EAD
10:24 am


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So I called the ssn office to confirm the order I was doing things I know all offices are different , apparently we cant do name change with the ssn till we have EAD or GC card, my fianc should have her ssn in a few days .So when we apply for AOS,EAD/AP ,well take the EAD card ,marriage certificate , our ssn numbers , and request the name change .It seems like every office has its own way of doing things, once we get the EAD should we wait a week or so to make sure its in their system? should we make sure we have the ssn number written down somewhere? ive heard some ppl say they took their ssn card once they showed them the EAD. is the name change with the EAD a simple process?

I first thought the order of doing tings was to do ssn name change first , then apply for AOS/EAD, but seems not the case at least where I live

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