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arrowRFE because of Form-I-864, Affidavit of Support
March 21, 2014, 10:20 am Last comment by Dvm085

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This sucks! My wife got an RFE for I-864.


I only got my current job in US of ~$35,000 yearly salary last November and attached a letter from my employer. Almost all of my previous income for 2011, 2012 and most of 2013 was abroad (I wanted to be close to my fiance so U worked in her home country), which doesnt count/wasnt enough. In other words, tax returns do not reflect my current ability to support her, even though I have a letter from employer and also attached paystubs as of November. BTW I did fill out 2011/12/13 tax returns while working aborad and used foreign earned income exclusion form 2555.


RFE wants me to povide:

1)2012 tax returns and supporting documents

2)2013 FORM 2555 foreign earned income.

3)It states that based on the documents submitted with FORM I-864 the income did not meet the 125% poverty guideline. "Submitt evidence of assets or obtain a joint sponsor". 


We applied for AOS following our marriage when she arrived on K-1. I supplied only 2013 tax returns (didnt attached FORM 2555 showing foreign earned income).


It looks like even though I do meet the income based criteria, the fact that I only had this job from November means I would need to get a co-sponsor. Could anybody please advise what are my options? I am really freaking out over this. How serious is RFE? I mean I know its serious, but I guess I would really appreciate some words of encouragements right now smile.png  I just feel a bit helpless, since the letter says that I do not meet the requirement, when I clearly do with an income actually way over 125%. However, USCIS simply ignored my current employer letter and paystubs. This is ridiculus. I would understand if they simply requested 2012 tax returns and form 2555 for 2013, but why did they have to also say that I do not meet the requirements and my only two remaining options are "co-sponsor or assets".

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arrowSocial Security Screw Up Has Cost Us Dearly
March 20, 2014, 3:49 pm Last comment by A&B

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Readers Beware: In February 2013 my now wife came to America on a K-1 Visa. We applied for here Social Security card within a week of her arrival but were advised by the person filing our paperwork that Olga needed to be "in country" 10-days before we could apply. Since it was only a few days away he said he would file them on Monday for us and we should hear something within 6-8 weeks. WHAT A MISTAKE IN TRUSTING THIS IDIOT! He did not file Olga's papers and after we didnt hear anything and went back to the Florence, KY office did we realize that no papers were ever filed. We lost 8 weeks! So when we finally did get her approved we were advised that Olga's SSN would not be granted since she was within 15-days of her K-1 expiring!!!! INSANE! 


I have been fighting with these morons for a year now. Since Olga cannot work, we cannot afford the $2,000+ for her and the kids to get their paperwork processed. In that time frame since she cannot work and I have picked up a second job, I have had to file bankruptcy, and am being foreclosed on. I did not get help from Cong. Massie's office nor Sen. McConnell's and the Social Security Admin and USDHS weren't willing to fix things for us. No wonder our government is so screwed up, we had lazy, ignorant workers like the one we met at the Florence, KY Social Security Admin. office.


The sad thing is my wife asked me after all of this went down a year ago, "Your government is just like the Kazakhstan government". WOW! I wish you all better luck in dealing with the SSA!

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arrowCan AOS Fiancee's parents visit on B-2?
March 18, 2014, 3:27 pm Last comment by Ali.cha

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Hello Everyone! Before my question I wanted to say how grateful I am to this site and all the members. It has helped me so much throughout this whole process! Thank you!


I was wondering if you can share your thoughts on our situation. I am a US Citizen and my fiancée is currently at the adjustment of status phase here in the US. In fact, we have just had a biometrics appointment last week.


My fiancee's parents are living in her home country (Kazakhstan) and would like to temporaritly visit us here to see how their daughter is fairing. Now it is possible that in the future they would be looking into immigrating permanently once my fiancée has a green card, which I do not want to jeopardize in case they get a denial now. Being completely unfamiliar with B-2 process and how it might interplay with AOS, I was hoping someone might have had similar predicament.  


My main questions are: do I or my fiancée need to send any invitation to them and would it help or hurt? Also, in case they are denied would they have difficulties in the future once my fiancée does decide to bring them over on a permanent basis? Any denial is kinda bad right?



Her parents can technically prove strong ties to Kazakhstan. They have property and decent employment. I have no idea how hard it is nowadays to get a visitor’s visa to US, since I personally emigrated in the 90's, which was pretty tough (at least for post-soviet bloc countries). As I understand it, the consul might look at it favorably that my fiancée is here and they have a valid excuse to visit on a temporary basis, plus in the future she would be able to easily bring them over anyways.


On the other hand, it does ring the bell to the immigration officer that they might want to stay in US permanently because of their daughter's future permanent residency status, which in itself is also a bit counter intuitive since they would be able to do it in a few years legally anyway. I guess I am just trying to understand the psyche of an immigration officer and the consequences of a denial, since everything is being done by the book and I personally see nothing that might lead to a denial at least in my head. In case this could pose a problem we will just wait until my fiancée gets a green card.


Thank you for reading and please let me know if you have any thoughts on this.








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arrowHelp! Wife's Passport in Maiden name and Airline Ticket in
March 17, 2014, 11:48 pm Last comment by aussie_jason

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Hi all

My wife wants to travel back to Kazakhstan to see her family on the 4th of April. The only problem is we booked her flight in her married name. We called our travel agency and they said wait a few days to see if they will respond and change it. My question, if we can't get this name changed on her ticket, what other alternative do we Have? Is there an expedited passport service and can they do Kazakh passports,

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arrowBack of Birth Certificate won't photocopy
February 25, 2014, 1:33 pm Last comment by DBW

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The instructions say to provide copies of the front and back of my birth certificate.  But when I scan the backside, the water mark does not copy.  The result is a blank paper!  Should I include a blank paper, with maybe a note saying the backside does not scan?  Or, I might be able to photograph the watermark, and then print the photo?  The birth certificate is from Missouri.  Has anyone else had this problem?

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