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Sponsoring spouse- Help!
4:56 pm


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My mom is a green card holder and she is sponsoring my dad. Since she is here and he is there, they are having a hard time apart. Can she go back during the process without jeopardizing anything? What ways are there? He does have 10 year visa that is good but we are afraid if he comes to visit they will suspect him of immigrant intent and not let him in. Any thoughts appreciated!

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K1 petition RFE
12:52 pm


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We sent I129F petition for K1 visa on April,2017!Received RFE 14th September,2017 on 12th October they received response for RFE, still no answer from USCIS!Do they update the website with answer ir thats not always the case?How long did they process ur RFE?

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Can US citizen go to Turkey now?
6:45 pm


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Hello everyone, I haven't been on the site for a while, and now I'm back with yet another question. I didn't see anything related to this on Turkish portal

I need to go to Turkey for a week or two, but since there were/are some visa issuing problems I was wondering if it's safe to buy a ticket to Turkey for the first or second week of November?

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RFE for criminal record
4:56 pm


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Anybody!Please help!!!we got RFE requesting court documents related to my fiances arrests!Initially on petition we showed that he was charged for DUI,but didn't submit any court documents!Is disposition what we need to submit now?also he went to court to get certificate of disposition and found out that he had another charge for smoking marijuana when he was 16(he forgot about that)!!!Can we add that record now???even though we forgot to show that on petition!is that going to be a problem???

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cancelling an i130 for a spouse
8:45 pm

stukyey aston

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hello l petioned for my then spouse an i130 that was in 2015, it was approved last year july 2016. but we got divorced this year. i want to cancel the petition and sent some evidence as to why l am doing that but l dont know where to send and the uscis no is not helpful enough.

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