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Hackensack, NJ - early walk-in, yay or nay?
11:54 am


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Hey guys, trying to help my friend, I couldn't find recent answer for this - can you walk-in early at Hackensack, NJ for fingerprints? The appointment is at 2:30, but we'd like to get it done earlier if possible. The appointment day works fine for us, its just the time.

For people looking for Elizabeth, NJ - as of November 2016 you cannot walk-in early not even the same day. I arrived with wife at around 12:00 (for 2:00 appointment) and security told us come back no earlier than 30 minutes. There's no free parking unless you wounder around for 2-3 blocks. Staff and service is 9/10. Be prepared for a long lines


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My US citizen spouse passed away...
2:07 am

Kristina G.

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My husband passed away a few months ago, we've been married two and a half years and have a little baby... I have a green card for 2 years and it expires in 6 months. What should I file to renew a green card or am I eligible for a citizenship? I've read that in some cases you can apply for citizenship sooner than it's supposed to be...

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Rescheduling biometric appointment
4:10 pm


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First, I'm posting here in the event there are any members who are familiar with rescheduling the bio appointment at the Cincinnati office. If the post should have been over "there" somewhere then I apologize and welcome any move deemed necessary.

Ok here is the question, how long does it take to get the bio appt rescheduled and how much a slip could be expected from doing so?

I've already mailed the request overnight, my wife was supposed to return last night but international flight (with pets) got canx'd. No choice in the matter...just wondering how big a ding our timeline might take.


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AOS filed 20 days ago but haven't heard from USCIS
3:26 pm


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Following K1 marriage we filed AOS on Oct 5th, but we still don't have anything from USCIS. I just spoke to USCIS tier 2 officer. He checked A#, first & last names and said they got no information about our case. Said just wait. I have enough patience but the visa is expiring in less than 2 weeks. Will USCIS cause us any problems (if we dont get anything by that time) because my wife isn't approved yet?


PS. I know it usually takes about two weeks, and some of you have waited up a month

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Ready to send AOS package. Could you check me please
11:56 am


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I filled up all the forms, collected all supporting documents, so here's what we will send for AOS (all at once)

Check of $1070 made payable to U.S. Department of Homeland Security
Form G-1145
Form I-797: Notice of Action for I-129F

Form I-485 with the following supporting documents:
- copy of birth certificate: original and translation
- copy of Passport: biographical page & K1 Visa page
- copy of electronic I-94
- certified copy of marriage certificate or they need original?

Form G-325A Biographic Information for Non-USC
- two (2) passport-style photos

Form I-693: sealed envelope from civil surgeon

Form I-864 Affidavit of Support filed by USC with:
- copy of USC's birth certificate
- tax transcripts for 2013, 2014, 2015 + W2

Form I-765 Application for Employment Authorization for Non-USC with:
- two (2) passport-style photos
- copy of Passport: biographical page & K1 Visa page
- copy of electronic I-94

Form I-131 Application for travel document (Advanced parole)
- copy of Passport: biographical page & K1 Visa page
- copy of electronic I-94

- copy of birth certificate

Thanks in advance

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