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arrowIt's been almost 8 months and still no NOA2
November 15, 2014, 11:06 am Last comment by Free.bird

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Hello dear VJ-ers,

We got our NOA1 on 25 of March 2013, and still have not got NOA2. We have put in 2 service requests to uscis (our service center is NCS), to which we received two nearly identical generalized replies, pretty much saying that we need to back off and wait however long it takes. we have involved our congressperson, and she have received the same reply, saying that  "if the petitioner does not receive USCIS decision notice, or other notice of action within 60 days of this email, you may send another inquiry". 

I understand that people have been waiting longer that 8 months and some wait for years, but I would still like to know whether we should expect an actual decision within 60 days mentioned in the USCIS email, or there is a good chance of receiving similar non-informative responses. If anyone in similar situation could share their experience and progress I will be very grateful. I am also curious what could be the reason for such extended background checks (which they claim to be the reason for such delay), is it the beneficiary or the petitioner that they are checking at that stage? I do not think that the authenticity of our relationship is questioned, since we have lived together for a while, and we frontloaded our petition very well with joint bank statements, utility bills and joint lease agreements, we do not have big age difference, prior marriages or kids.



 Neither of us has any criminal or domestic violence history, and I (beneficiary) have never violated US immigration laws. 

Thanks in advance for any advice or opinion. VJ has been very helpful to us during the process, I hope I get some help here as well.

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arrowB1/B2 visa.
October 11, 2014, 2:15 pm Last comment by getlinkz

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Hi, good day everyone!

I'm creating this topic because yesterday i was refused that i don't have strong ties to my country. Consular officer asked only few questions, like: "Where are you going?, Why are you going there?" after that he started to ask where i work right now and where i study, this thing was my concern, because i don't have a job right now and finished my study three years ago, i had a job actually, i just wanted to take vacation between jobs, because in my job there's no vacation, i worked two years there. After that i said i don't have any job right now and don't have sons and wife here, he refused the B1/B2 visa for me. Now, i'm planning to reapply the interview on October 17, but with two proves that will show my ties to my country, it's my house in my city, which is under my name(q: should I show him my house documents to him if he even don't ask me?), and my mother's letter that will show that I'm her only son and she needs me.

Where i'm gonna travel, it's a New York City from Kazakhstan for 30 days by my friend's invitation.

I don't know where i should ask for help anymore, please, this vacation is important to me dear people. Because friend is my girlfriend and we love each other so much and we wanted to spend some good time in 30 days. I know, for interview person job, martial status are more important, but can i get a visa showing these two my things which I described above? About house, it's a my house and i have documents that shows that it's my property, and i have to pay for taxes for that house, but i live in my mother's home, because she's alone, isn't that enough for them that i'm my mother's only son and i have my own house here? I'm sure, i need to come back to my country after this vacation, because of mother and house.
I'm sorry people for long topic, it just was difficult process for me, the interview, didn't expect that they will talk so cold.

With regards, Galym.

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arrow3 day work visa for a Canadian
September 22, 2014, 9:25 am Last comment by dejaavu

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Hi All,


I have a question about a work visa for a Canadian citizen. I was invited to do an assignment to review a foreign (Turkic) language test material for quality control at a language institute in California. They assignment is only for 3 days and there is compensation for the services.


Last time I went to the similar assignment I was told at the secondary inspection by a CBP officer that I can't go on a B1 visa since it is there is compensation involved.


Since the assignment is only for 3 days, what type of work visa can I qualify for? Will TN work for 3 days? I called the POE at Toronto and left a message. I haven't heard from them yet.


Thank you!

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arrowNOA2 Need some help I need some advice
September 18, 2014, 11:31 am Last comment by A&B
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I just checked my case status And it says that we got approved on 15th September I am very happy We were waiting for it so long :-)

My fiance is coming to visit me on 15th October What is my and his next steps? May be somebody has experience I will appreciate it if you will share with it Thank you for all comments and posts in advance :-) 

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arrowAny Feedback about Kazakhstan consulate?
September 5, 2014, 6:14 am Last comment by AnnaMaria

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Hi! I am new to the forum and to the process of family immigration (you can see frommy timeline). I am really nervous and lost my sleep, I am very scared of going through the whole process and being denied at the interview. I keep looking for some hiccups that we may face on our way. I never violated any criminal/immigration laws, neither did my husband. I just want to know what I am dealing with. Can anyone please share detailed recent experience with Kazakh consulate for family-based immigration visas? Preferably, CR-1 applicants . I have read all reviews of the consulate on this website, it looks like it is friendly and quick. Anyone with negative experience? I have heard that some consulates  in high fraud countries have interviews that last up to an hour, but I don't know if my country is high fraud. Please, share!

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