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Who had this situation?
9:14 am


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We sent a petition from Moscow. She came to America on July 14, 2017 (Virginia). We found her in the office of Texas. The petition is there. But they do not withdraw money from us and NOA -1 or a reciever does not come. They say that they do not send us an answer, because there are many other petitions. When they start to look at it, they will send us. But is this true and normal? Does NOA-1 not come at once, as soon as the petition is delivered to the office?

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Tax return issue
10:45 pm


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Hi everyone,

I married an American in 2012 and came to the US in 2013. Based on my marriage I could send application to citizenship in 2016. I have been putting this on hold since my husband worked for commission and he hasn't paid taxes for the last 2 years due of many debts. I started working from last year and I filed my first taxes this April as Independent. The question is can I file application for citizenship and avoid rejection because of his extension for filing taxes? Am I responsible for his actions even though I didn't work back then?

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Interview for fiance visa update
12:15 am


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My fiance just finished her k1 fiance interview. They need her to get police certificate from countries she has traveled and lived in for more than 6 months. My fiance traveled and studied in China first on a tourist visa then changed to a student visa. She went to the Chinese Embassy in her country (Kazakhstan) but they couldn'thelp her. The issue is how do I obtain these record from the cities she has lived in during her travel in china?

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Mustafa Celik
8:07 pm

Mustafa Celik

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Hi All ,

I am filling out DS 260 form (dv lottary) and wondering if you have information for lived addresses turned 16 years. I am little bit confused regarding it. Should I indicate addresses where I lived more than 6 months or does not matter even if I lived one month many years ago ?

Highly appreciate your respond.

Kind Regards,

Mustafa Celik

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A few questions in ROC
2:57 pm


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Hi All,

I am currently preparing my application for removing conditions on my green card. I have a few concerns and I am not sure if I am just worrying over nothing or its something to be discussed with a lawyer. Husband (citizen) and I (applicant) decided not to use a lawyer and try to assemble everything ourselves.

1. I entered on CR-1 visa on Sep. 14, 2015 and I stayed with my husband and his roommate at their leased home for 4 days until we moved to our curent appartment on Sep. 19. I did not list my husband' s adress on uscis forms or as an adress where to mail green card, because I was only there for 4 days, until our joint lease started. Now, question. On the form i751 there is a question "have you resided at any other addess", i was going to say no, but then I remembered about that first place where i stayed for 4 days. Is that really worth listing since I was not on the lease and was temporarly there? Also, I was worried because I never reported that first adress to uscis as my place of residence, should I have done that?

2. I was going to include our cell phone records as evidence. It only has husband as a payor, but both of our numbers are on the statements. When we printed the statements for the past 2 years, we saw that he still had his old address listed, he never updated his address! Idk if I should include it,would it count against us since it doesnt show our current joint address on the bills?

3. Husband's father wrote an affidavit confirming the validity of our marriage, but he did not put his addrss or DOB on the affidavit. Can we still use it? We don't want to make him go through the trouble all over again.

3. Not sure if we have enough evidence.

We obtained the following:

1. Joint lease for 2015-current days.

2. Joint tax transcripts from IRS for 2014, 15 and 16

3. Joint tax returns for the same years

4. Auto insurance declaration for 2016 and 17 (i only started driving in 2016)

5. Joint checking acct statements for 2014-2016

6. Joint savings statements from 2016 to present

7. Credit card statements from 2016 (inception) to present

8. Energy and internet bills - both in husband's name, addessed to our residency

8. 2 affidavits from friends

9. 3 separate travel itineraries for vacations we took together

10. 25 photos of us together with friends and family members throughout the span of marriage

11. A few greeting cards from Husband's mom addressed to us both

12. Life insurance printout where we name each other beneficiaries

13. Gym membership listing both of us as a couple membership

14. Husbands 401k printout where he names me as a beneficiary

Apologies for the lenghy post. I wish all of the members fast and painless approvals!


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