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Big thanks to all of you
11:05 pm


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I want to thank all members of VJ who helped me to get from point A to point Z on this long journey. With your help I was able to petition for my fiancee - get her here. Got married and applied for (SSN and) AOS, AP, EAD.

When I sent I-129F I was expecting us to get approved in 6-8 months (that was the plan), but even with RFE we got approved so fast that I had to contact embassy and ask them to postpone her interview for 2+ months :). We got RFE because I answered question 34.a in two sentences (on the form), but later I sent one full page explanation.

Our POE was JFK. It was packed!! Our line was few hours long but we left without any issues.. kind of. We had to come back for fingerprints for I-94 :) (was needed for SSN)

My wife received her AP/EAD combo-card very soon after we applied. But Green Card (without the interview) was the biggest surprise, I was expecting it sometime in mid-summer but she got two days ago.

It took us 512 days from the day I sent I-129F till she got GC

THANK YOU all again and GOOD LUCK!

PS. If I can help you with something I'll be happy to do so, just PM me

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4:21 pm


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First off, thank you guys for taking time to read and answer my question.

My situation is this, I have filed my K1 visa. I am now at the point where I need to submit our G325 forms and proofs of relationship. So here is what gets trickier, during the process my fiance was pregnant and we just had a newborn. (Thanks! Its a baby girl). My fiance is going through a very emotional stage, she doesn't want to register the child as a U.S citizenship yet because she is afraid that our relationship will go bad and then I will claim all legal rights of the baby once she gets into the states.

My question is this:What do I do now? Do I have a new form for my baby's behalf? Or do I need to file a new k1 visa with the baby listed?

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are we getting Green Card without interview
1:16 am


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just got 6 emails from USCIS


On March 15, 2017, we ordered your new card for Receipt Number MSCxxx, and will mail it to the address you gave us. If you move, go to www.uscis.gov/addresschange to give us your new mailing address.

(all are exactly the same). The website says the same

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Should I call USCIS or wait more
1:07 am


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<p> Guys, quick question. We applied for AOS for my wife (K1) back in Oct 5, 2016 (152 days), did biometrics on Nov 15 (111 days). She got her 2-in-1 travel and work permit card but we haven&#39;t heard anything about Green Card at all. Its way past 90 days (which doesn&#39;t guarantee anything), I&#39;m not sure should we call USCIS or wait till they send us something. </p> <p> &nbsp; </p> <p> Thanks for your advice in advance </p>

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Hackensack, NJ - early walk-in, yay or nay?
4:54 pm


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Hey guys, trying to help my friend, I couldn't find recent answer for this - can you walk-in early at Hackensack, NJ for fingerprints? The appointment is at 2:30, but we'd like to get it done earlier if possible. The appointment day works fine for us, its just the time.

For people looking for Elizabeth, NJ - as of November 2016 you cannot walk-in early not even the same day. I arrived with wife at around 12:00 (for 2:00 appointment) and security told us come back no earlier than 30 minutes. There's no free parking unless you wounder around for 2-3 blocks. Staff and service is 9/10. Be prepared for a long lines


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