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arrowI-212g for documents and explanation for B-2 cancellation
February 9, 2016, 1:32 am Last comment by mallafri76

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My mom had her interview.


The officer asked her only few questions and sent her out with yellow sticker requesting to bring more documents. She was traveling with my sister (who was 6 yrs old at the time and she had overstayed) and they both got returned but let them withdraw their application for entry. The officer asked questions about this and asked her to list all of her entries and exits as one of her requirements. 


1) They kept her passport so this gives me a little bit of hope? does this mean anything?

2) She never overstayed, but she doesn't have her passport to copy down all of her entry and exit stamps==> Is she going to get in trouble if we get it wrong as misrepresentation?

3) There was a visit back in 1999 that isn't mentioned on the DS260 application, no idea how it got missed in the process but totally got missed on the application. If she was to notate this visit on the required paperwork, will she get misrepresentation and get banned?

4) Do they typically conduct another interview after you get them the required documents?.


Thank you!



Thank you!

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February 7, 2016, 6:33 pm Last comment by NLR

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Hi everyone,

Recently I received RFE for ROC. Husband and I filed last july and we gathered some information:

- Husband's tax returns

- Pictures

- Lease contract 

- Medical insurance cards

However it looks like we didn't assure USCIS that our marriage was bona fide. In RFE letter they require to add copies of bank statements, joint account, utilities of bills like water, gas, cable and etc. Since I came to the US I have been a housewife and hence wasn't working. All bills were issued on husband's name. I'll explain: My husband works on commission based job and in order not to ruin my credit history he kept all bills on his name. We also never had a joint account. For now we gathered:

- three affidavit letters from his co-workers and my friend

- current lease contract

- pictures with my mother's visit last year

- Explanation letter WHY we didn't sign my name on utility bills.

What do you think would be this enough? We just don't have anything else to present.

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arrowFinancial Support Docs questions. Form I-864 for K1
February 3, 2016, 2:06 pm Last comment by rutabaga

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My I-129F docs arrived to embassy today, when I check status at CEAC website my status is READY and below it has this ....Additional information about how Immigrant Visa interview appointments are scheduled can be found at: http://nvc.state.gov/interview


I opened that website, downloaded PDF file (instructions) for our embassy. Reading that here's what I noticed, for Financial Support it lists these three forms..

Form I-864

Form 1040



Form I-864: I know it's not for K-1 visa but for CR-1 and IR-1 (read it here) and later used for Adjustment - If this doesn't apply to me (yet) can I just ignore it?

Form 1040: Yesterday I went to IRS and got tax transcripts for past 3 years. But they are 1040A. Any major difference between them that will make me get 1040 instead?

W2: I have this...


I know these instructions are for all types of visa.



I want to play this safe than sorry as somebody told me here. I dont even need Form I-134 (you can read about that below) but still decided collect all papers for it




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arrowI might need to postpone interview - K1. & more questions
February 1, 2016, 2:26 pm Last comment by Mamed

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Hello guys, I need your advise once again..


long story short.. I'll try :)


I started gathering information about K1 visa exactly one year ago. So far I've learned a lot about it but nothing about rescheduling/postponing interview since I never considered this as might-need option. We (me and my fiancee) were planning to marry in early July and after calculating the time needed for final visa issue (~8 months) I sent I-129F in the last days of October (+8mo. + 6 mo.). But things are happening to good to be true, we got approved faster than I though it would happen and on top of that we now have to change our plans for marriage. She won't be able to come here till somewhere in mid-August. Right now we are "In transit" to embassy after NVC and I'm expecting them to get I-129F package this week.


Long time ago when I contacted embassy they told me after they get the package they will contact her/me in 1 day - 2 weeks, and she will have 3-5 weeks to collect documents and come for interview. In average that's about 5 weeks. So I'm guessing she will have interview in March. Visa is good for 6 month (March + 6mo. = September). That fits into our new plans But I dont want her to wait till the last days of that six month (you never what might happen) so I would like to know how to postpone my not yet scheduled interview for a month or two. My NOA2 is valid till 5/10/2016. And I'm guessing I have to chose the date for interview, or will embassy do it?


Also, I know all embassies have different requirements, but could you tell me if birth certificate and police certificate need apostille. Some people say both certificates need it, others say none needs it. Maybe I should ask this my embassy?



Thank you in advance

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arrowNVC has my papers, case number assigned. Now quick qestion about I-134
January 26, 2016, 1:30 am Last comment by JJGussiaas (Gush)

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I did ask this on my other thread with bunch of other questions but I got only one answer about this..


I started collecting papers needed to send to my fiancee since USCIS sent my papers to NVC (it's received and I have case number). I think I have no problem with that, just want to clear this out.


Back in August my embassy replied to my email and I got this answer regarding I-134

As of today we do not require the Form I-134 from K-1s but the rules might be changed until your fiancé’s appointment is scheduled.


I emailed embassy again about an hour ago and got quick answer:

As of today we do not require the Form I-134 for K visa.


Soo, should I still collect papers for Affidavit of Support just in case? If yes do I include taxes for 2015 (I did not file it yet, but got W2)

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