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  1. inquiries didn't help us. We are now filling out an ombudsman form. From my understanding if you have complaints about the USCIS, this organization is your next step after submitting inquiries. We had two calls where we tried to talk to a TIER 2 agent at USCIS. Both were unsuccessful. They straight up lied that they already contacted us and explained everything when we had the second call. https://www.dhs.gov/topic/cis-ombudsman/forms/7001 https://www.dhs.gov/case-assistance
  2. This is becoming more ridiculous by the day! USCIS still hasn't found our case even though they approved it on April 13 2022 (half a year of more waiting) - and this week, when my fiancé called them (for like the 100th time) to remind them that it has been another month of waiting without any substantial TIER 2 agent's updates they started straight up lying about tier 2 already having contacted us about the issue. What do we do? We wrote a big letter to the local congressman but heard nothing. Now we are submitting an inquiry to the ombudsman. Is there any way to hold the USCIS and the NVC accountable?
  3. Hi everyone! Has anyone's approved petition also been lost by the USCIS after NOA2? We were approved on April 13th 2022 (NOA2) BUT our approved petition never made it to the NVC. It has been 3 months of tirelessly trying to have both NVC and USCIS find our paperwork but it has led absolutely nowhere. Please, if anyone is dealing with the same issue - let me know. We received different suggestions on what to do next - from contacting the ombudsman to sending our local congressman a letter but we were curious if we are the only ones experiencing this awful nightmare.
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