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  1. inquiries didn't help us. We are now filling out an ombudsman form. From my understanding if you have complaints about the USCIS, this organization is your next step after submitting inquiries. We had two calls where we tried to talk to a TIER 2 agent at USCIS. Both were unsuccessful. They straight up lied that they already contacted us and explained everything when we had the second call. https://www.dhs.gov/topic/cis-ombudsman/forms/7001 https://www.dhs.gov/case-assistance
  2. This is becoming more ridiculous by the day! USCIS still hasn't found our case even though they approved it on April 13 2022 (half a year of more waiting) - and this week, when my fiancé called them (for like the 100th time) to remind them that it has been another month of waiting without any substantial TIER 2 agent's updates they started straight up lying about tier 2 already having contacted us about the issue. What do we do? We wrote a big letter to the local congressman but heard nothing. Now we are submitting an inquiry to the ombudsman. Is there any way to hold the USCIS and the NVC accountable?
  3. Hi everyone! Has anyone's approved petition also been lost by the USCIS after NOA2? We were approved on April 13th 2022 (NOA2) BUT our approved petition never made it to the NVC. It has been 3 months of tirelessly trying to have both NVC and USCIS find our paperwork but it has led absolutely nowhere. Please, if anyone is dealing with the same issue - let me know. We received different suggestions on what to do next - from contacting the ombudsman to sending our local congressman a letter but we were curious if we are the only ones experiencing this awful nightmare.
  4. Tomorrow is 2 months since we received our NOA2 and STILL NO NEWS FROM NVC! I have read here that after the I129F is approved we have 4 months to schedule the interview and we are starting to get super worried because we just don't know where our paperwork is. Since we can't call NVC we left them a public inquiry but who knows when they will look at those, if at all? USCIS said they sent our case to NVC and can't help us. Same with the consulate in Kazakhstan - they said until we can provide them with a case number from NVC they can't do anything either. Anyone else here has the same problem? What can/should we do? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Thank you so much for your reply and thanks for sharing the other number (but yes, they won't pick up that one too now)! No, we haven't had a chance to register our email with the NVC. How do you do that? Is that through the Public Inquiry Form. Because they no longer answer their phones we submitted a Public inquiry form (https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/visa-information-resources/ask-nvc.html) but haven't heard anything back. We just want to know our case number so we can start tracking and now after over a year of waiting for I129F approval it feels like we are back in this "uknown void of waiting" again. It's heartbreaking. Again, thank you so much for your reply, it means a lot. Glad you have your case number)))))
  6. I just tried calling the NVC and got the message that they "suspended answering calls" in order to focus all their energy on processing applications. This is the number i called 603 334 0700. Last week when i called the message was different and they just had me on hold for forever. It has been over 5 weeks that we received our NOA2 (April 14th 2022) and no news from NVC as of yet. Does anyone have the same situation? What should we do? Is there a way to check or find out where is our application and when it will be processed by NVC? Thank you so much.
  7. We are in 72000s and just got approved! We can't thank you all on this forum for keeping us sane and giving us the hope and encouragement to keep on going even in the darkest of times of this excruciating wait. We appreciate you so so much! Best of luck to everyone here and much much love.
  8. I am an April filer but I just couldn't not react to your post - I mean what you had to go through sounds awful and just so painfully unnecessary. What else do they want if all those things you mentioned were not enough??? I can't even imagine how that must have felt but I am so so happy for your case to now be moving in the right direction. I mean, do they want us all to become YouTubers and vlog our whole relationship and time stamp every single minute of just being humans that love each other?????
  9. Your charts are amazing! They bring so much more calm and reason - you are doing a very great and helpful thing! Many many thanks to you)))))))
  10. It was better to wait for the reply longer than usual than to be that one couple whose petition gets lost in the mail. And I like April very much, it is a good month for us - that's when we started dating and our first kiss anniversary, so, it makes sense lol. Thanks for all the updates)))
  11. Hi, we received the letter and the text on April 25th. When I log into the case status website it says "we received your i129f on April 7th". Yeah, we had to wait for the longest after we sent it in March.
  12. You are so right about the effects of the waiting on mental health (our NOA is April 7 and we also heard nothing, which is devastating). You gotta stay strong though, for yourself and your partner cause it is so easy to let the anxiety about the case status take hold of how you think and function. I have been waking up once every night (sometimes more) and not being able to go back to sleep until I check the case status online. I didn't mean to do it, it just started this way and now it has been over a month of interrupted sleep like that. But things will be great at the end of it all, I just know it. And sometime very soon you will be reunited with your love.
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