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  1. hey! Had my bio appointment on June 28. EAD was approved within a day. Got SSN on my new last name today. Still waiting for EAD card itself. I-485 application is "actively reviewing"
  2. Hello everyone! I tried to find similar topics on the forum, but just to play it safe I'll ask here. We applied for AOS in April, had bio appointment in June. My work permit is approved, but not physically delivered yet. We plan our honeymoon at the end of September and want to make sure that it'll not be an issue. Should we buy my ticket on my maiden name (like it said in my passport) and have our marriage certificate and letter with receipt number of pending I-485?
  3. Updates: got all the mail with bio appointment, online access code and receipt numbers. Appointment scheduled on June 28. From what I read on the USCIS website we would only need this notification and password. do we need to prepare copies of any other documents? thank you everybody!
  4. We shipped everything to the address listed on USCIS website. The package was delivered and actual person signed for it. So we already add and email everything to our inquiry. Hope we'll get some updates soon. But thank you so much for all the advices! this forum is really helpful
  5. USPS and we ask for signature from receiver
  6. sorry I meant email. We sent it to lockboxsupport yesterday (May 30.) All what we know for now that somebody signed up and picked up our package (it was part of our delivery)
  7. no news. the check wasn't even cashed..it's been more than 30 days by now, so we sent request about our case on their support line. it's so frustrating..
  8. okay. thank you everyone for your answers! hope we'll receive EAD or even GC soon.
  9. but we sent it in with new fees at the end of April. and checks are still not cashed.. we hope to get some updates soon
  10. Hello everyone! We applied for AOS at the end of April. Still no updates there (other than it was delivered) I got my Social security card back in 2022 when I was here through W&T program. But since we got married I changed my name. Can I change my SScard now with my new last name on it? or do they issue me a replacement when I get my work permit? It is very frustrating and seems like I'm stuck, because I have no documents with my new legal name. I'd appreciate all of your answers and advices! Thank you
  11. hey! does anybody have an updates? We applied on April 23d and it was delivered by April 26th and no updates since then. the check didn't cash out yet. I know all we can do is wait, but I don't want to end up "out of status"
  12. Hello everyone! We're finally filling the papers for AOS! I found answers for some of my questions, but still have more😅 I legally changed my last name to my husband's last name. So I list it on all the forms as my current legal name. Should I sign all the forms with my "new signature" (with my new current last name)? Will it be legit? Thank you for help!
  13. Hi! I was in the same situation (my parents were not married by the time when I was born), so I have an adoption papers too. I listed my moms last name in the petition too. With the I-129F petition you don't need to professionally translate this documents. I did it all by myself and just add another paper said that I have enough knowledge and abilities to translate it and that says in this papers is true. (did it for my birth certificate and adoption papers). But later for the interview you need to bring the certified translated copies of those papers. That what I did. I think you can provide your own translation for this evidence too
  14. Did you check your case status at CEAC website? Does it say "READY"? Then you can start to fill DS-160 and pay fee for interview.
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