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I601 waiver inadmissible of grounds
4:51 am


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Hi, everyone iam have been waiting for my approval of my waiver 6 months now. It at the Nebraska service centre am confused and depressed they only reached June 5, 2016 am December.

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Transferring a I 601 case to a different center
7:18 pm


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Has anyone ever transferred their I 601 case from one center to another? Our case is in Nebraska and we're trying to spend it to California.

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K! Refused but wavier was filed...What next???
5:12 pm


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Hello everyone

my fianc and i went to out interview today and was denied under section 212 a 9ai but we are eligible for a waiver. The things is we filled our wavier before the interview and uscis said they received it June 6,2017 we even presented the printed out wavier packet..however the CO said it was not in the system. She then handed over some information to contact to see where our case is located. We called our lawyer as soon us we got home and told her the information. Everything else in the packet seemed fine and the CO's seemed very apologetic. Our just told its to stand by and maybe we can set another interview. Is there anyone on Visa Journey who has every experience anything similar to this or if anyone had any advice please feel free to comment. Thank you our wavier is at Nebraskas center and its a I 601

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K-4 for step-son
3:05 pm


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I am the USC. Filed for my husband back in NOV (I-130, I-485, I-765 etc). Filed for my step-son I-130 in march.

I would like him to get a K-4 so that he can come soon, do I now apply for the I-129F?

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2:26 pm


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Hi, good morning everyone. My interview is the 07/05/17. I just want to know if I need to do a new medical.I heard everyone talking about gonorrhea test.The interview notice didn't state that though. Please share your views.

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