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arrowDoes he need a waiver??
December 21, 2014, 8:08 am Last comment by raven52

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Hello all,
I am wondering if anyone can please offer me some insight to this issue. Currently my husband is about 2 months away from his interview in Jamaica our case is almost hopefully completed at NVC. The issue is I am wondering if he needs any waivers and which one. I spoke to a lawyer before I filed his I130 in May 2014, and I was told he doesn't need a lawyer as he was only unlawful for 107 days, BUT I don't know if I believe this. First off he was arrested 2 times in 2009 for being around person with weed. Never charged, never served time. AND in 2011 he was arrested for simple assault and for this he received 6 months probation. Now because his green card denied in March of 2012 he was given VD and he left 107 days later July 12, 2012. He was in ICE for a total of 13 months before he left. Mind you when he was arrested for the simple assault they took him straight to ICE even though his case was processing for his green card. Am confused, stressed and lost as this might prevent him from getting a visa at his interview. Any thoughts, advice, experiences to share???? Thank you!

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arrowone week later......
December 20, 2014, 5:17 pm Last comment by shippingforecast
Kim and Jermaine

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One week after interview and his visa and passport are at DHL! !! We havent received a notice as a matter of fact his status is still stuck on ready for interview. He has a friend who works at the head office and she called his mother and told her its there!! Omg this is wonderful news!! Im so excited!

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December 20, 2014, 1:53 pm Last comment by A&B

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I am 34 and visiting the US my dad became a citizen  last year can i apply for residency for myself and my children and if so how long will it take to process. 



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arrowWaiver Help
December 20, 2014, 11:08 am Last comment by Penguin_ie

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I need help with what to do for a waiver. The embassy gave my fiancé a form with the boxes "you are eligible to seek a waiver under 212 (a) (2) (A). Where can I find what this entails as far as paperwork and fees. We don't know where to begin. The IO gave my fiancé this and said "give this to ur fiancée" then gave him a 221g for his medical packet. The 221g says to bring in the medical packet and his passport. He also gave him a paper to register with DHL.

I would appreciate any info. Thank you!

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arrowNVC Expedite Approved, what next?
December 20, 2014, 4:43 am Last comment by Mishthang

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My NVC request for an expeditious handling of my petition for my husband was approved!!! I finally got a Case number and IIN number today, as the expedite request was approved before I got my case number. Now I am not sure what to expect next. Based on the email I received from the Expedite department, the Embassy has agreed to expedite the case after the NVC has received all documents and processed all fees. Has anyone ever been through this process or have any information? If so, how long did it take to get a Case complete or an interview scheduled? Even though I know its based on your country's embassy. I could really use the help of my fellow VJers.


Thanks in advance!


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