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9:02 pm yesterday


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Hi, good afternoon. How does someone contact congressman? Is it illegal? Do we have to pay them?

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9:54 pm yesterday


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I recently entered the US, I went too look after my driver's permit and I realize I have the wrong DOB in my Visa...so the Lady said she can't do it unless both the passport and Visa dates match...what should I do?

I haven't received my green card as yet.

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Paying for the ds160
3:41 pm yesterday


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Hello, I am having a hard time looking for the link to pay the DS160. I did'nt when I paid for my husband.

But I just filed out the ds 160 form for his son now I need to pay to get apt date. Can someone advise

Thank you

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Case Abandoned - AOS Denied
3:36 pm yesterday


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Seeking some information for a friend. She is now 22 and her parents got married 8 years ago when she was 14.

I-130 for family member

Priority Date: May 6, 2016

Case Approved: Feb. 6, 2017

The I485 was denied for the following reason: Evidence, was not sufficient to establish for the benefit sought. Jan. 10, 2017, USCIS requested: income tax return from petitioner on I864 for recent year plus supporting tax documents such as W2s. 87 days given, no response. The case was denied due to abandonment.

Due to having an incorrect address on file, they did not get any of the notices until after the respond by date. They were given 33 days to file a motion which expired a month ago. They do have the return mail with stickers from the US Post.

Can they now file an appeal since it is cheaper than refiling?

The daughter was working at time time of the I864 request, Since she is legally working can she use her income as support for the case?

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Questions re: I-129F
2:10 am yesterday


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1. Question 37 asked, "Has the beneficiary ever been to the United States?" - My fiance technically did come to the US, but was denied entry at the second checkpoint, so he was sent back home. I went on the website to see if he had a previous I-94 but it looks like he doesn't has one. So, do I answer "No" or do I answer "Yes", and add a statement that he was denied entry and give the date on the additional information part?

2. Even though he has no prior travel history here in the US, should I add his Passport ID# since he does in fact have one, or is that just for those who have a previous travel record (I-94) here in the US?

3. Are people really getting their petitions sent back because the new version is available enough they are accepting the 12/23/2016 version until 6/9/2017? Just curious because I've already filled that version out and we both signed it but I'm currently filling in the new one now just in case>

Thanks in advance to all of those that respond!

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