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Interview Scheduled
10:02 pm yesterday


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Just called NVC.. interview date 9/22/17.. just waiting for the official email.. I think I'm getting nervous! :jest::jest::D:jest::jest:

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K1 Interview: Ambiguous result
7:36 pm yesterday


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I recently got back from my K1 interview. At the end, the consular officer said "everything looks good, but we just need to do some name checks. We will contact you if needs be. If you don't hear from us, that's good news and you can pick up your visa in 1 to 2 weeks."

She then gave me the pamphlet on the legal Rights Available to Immigrant Victims and said theese are my rights when in the US and said there is a number on it I should contact if I run into difficulties.

I asked if this means that my visa is approved, she said "I can't say that it is approved at this time, but if you don't hear from us, that's good news."

I'm really confused.


I applied for a visitor's visa in 2014 to visit my aunt.

CO: What's the name of the aunt you were going to visit in 2014

Me: Says Aunt's name

CO: Does your aunt know your fiance?

Me: Yes

CO: How did they come to know each other?

Me: They knew each other form when they we living in Jamaica. We are all from the same community.

CO: They live very close to each other

ME: yes, same zip code

CO: How did they come to live at that address?

Me: Purely coincidence. My aunt's son filed her her and that is his address, and my Fiance and his Sister moved from Georgia to live in NY for school.

CO: When did you reconnect with your fiance after he migrated from Jamaica?

Me: 2009

CO: When last did you see your fiance?

Me: Last month, he visited me July 14 and he left on the 23rd

After that, she kept my passport and said as I mentioned above.

I was planning to hand in my letter of resignation tomorrow, but after this ambiguous outcome today, I will have to wait.

I can't even celebrate because I don't know where I stand.

Please give me some words of advice/ encouragement

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Denied due to incorrect filing fee, please help!
2:47 pm yesterday


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Firstly, I'd like to express my appreciation for all the help given here in visajourney.

I am now at a crossroad and I am not sure as to what to do. My application was sent back to me (rejected) as I was told my filing fee of $1070 was not correct (I got that amount here on visajourney by the way), I was told that the correct amount is $1225 instead. The package was NOT returned the same way i sent it to USCIS. What I want to know is this, should I send the package back (with correct amount) the same way USCIS sent it me or do i have to reorganize it again?

Thank you in advance!

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BAN: Mother In law Tourist Visa
11:00 pm yesterday


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Good day all,

I would like to start the paper work so I can bring my mother in law to visit for the holidays. I recently married my husband and brought my husband to the US in a k-1 visa. We then married and it's been 7 months since we submitted his green card application. However, I would love to surprise him with a visit by his mom.

His younger brother is a US marine as well as a born American citizen (which I hope can help her case). About 19 years ago, my mother in law was deported for overstaying here in the US on a b-2 visa. When she tried to reapply she was denied do to a ban (which I am guessing is the 10 year ban).

We honestly only like her to visit and she does not wish to move here. Is it possible they can grant her the visa, even if the only tie she has in Jamaica is the house she owns ? We was also hoping the deportation that happened 19 years ago doesn't come up.

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Ap approval notice but nothing about ead
9:15 pm yesterday

April 20 2017 PD

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I filed aos,ap and ead based on marriage to usc and it's been 115days now. I received a approval letter two days ago for ap but says nothing about ead. I am wondering what does this mean. Does the approval goes for both of i will just be getting ap.

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