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Notice was returned??? What could it be??
8:34 am


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I recently revised a alert on my uscis app saying a notice was sent to me but it was returned by the post office... I m trying to figure out what could the notice possibly be and my address is correct it just never came to my apartment box..has anyone ever had this happen to them?


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Kingston fee for Vaccines
2:22 pm


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does anyone have the Fee for Vaccines for Kingston? We are trying to get Funds right but cant do that without know the cost of the Vaccines


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9:28 pm


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47 minutes ago, Aviinashh said:

I have never read that in the instructions page when I was preparing for the AOS package but when now when i read that I was like whatttttttt. Anyways, I-693 prepared by a USCIS Civil Surgeon or a fully completed DS-3025 (medical report from your home country) is one of the requirement for the Adjustment of Status process.

I had my husbands interview yesterday. And received an RFE because DS-3025 did not include the test for Gonorhea or Syphullus. RFE states I need to get a new medical exam. I am so confused since his DS-3025 is all he received from his civil surgeon and it was only done on 12-23-2016.

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9:02 pm


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I filed I-130 for my step children to bring themto the US but I thoughtI read that while we wait there is a way to bring them here? Also if I'm understanding the time table correctly it's taking a year to process requests?

Thanks to all!

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Affidavit of support freelance worker
5:19 pm


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Ok my husband has been self employed/freelance and pays his taxes but the address for his tax return is for the old location that he was based. That building was sold and now he works from home. There is no business letter unless we write one and no business certificate because he his freelance, just the 3 tax returns, what do we do since he is freelance. We have all his taxes since the 1990s.

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