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arrowIR-2 Packet 3 Checklist Help
October 29, 2014, 7:07 pm Last comment by KemarW

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Hey guys, I am currently at the last stages of NVC (waiting for case complete) for a IR-2 visa. My parents already submitted a few of the documents on the packet 3 checklist (police record [date: august 2014], certified copy of birth certificate) in our IV packet that was sent to NVC in september 2014. Will I have to get a new police record and should I carry the original document to the interview (when the time comes)?


Thanks for any assistance :)

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arrowAOS Maryland Filer
October 29, 2014, 5:04 pm Last comment by Devy and Lynette
Devy and Lynette

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I didn't send paystubs in with my AOS package, was I supposed to, and the fee for everything is $1070 right, I wrote one check for that amount, was that the way I was supposed to do it, please someone let me know the answers to these two questions.


Thanks sooooo much.

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arrowPacket 3 check list as of October 10, 2014 for Jamaica
October 28, 2014, 9:41 pm Last comment by Pinkrlion

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Packet 3 check list as of October 10, 2014



_____DS-160 Application Form:

The DS-160 Form is available online at The system will automatically generate receipt after you submit the form. 


Send a copy of the confirmation receipt and a photocopy of the biographic information page of the applicant’s passport to  with the following Subject line format, “CASE NUMBER-DS 160 CEAC# BARCODE”.

E.g. “KNG 2013100000-DS-160 CEAC #AA003GUI60”


_____Passport:  Obtain a valid passport.  A passport must be valid for travel to the United States and must have at least six months validity beyond the issuance date of the visa.


_____Photographs: You will also need six (6) color photographs that show a full front view of the facial features of the applicant.  These photographs must be printed on one-ply paper with a matte finish, measure 2 inches (50mm x 50mm approx.), be unmounted, and have a white or off-white background.  No earring, head covering or dark glasses should be worn.  Hair must not cover the ears and no shadow should be seen on the photographs.  Photographs that do not comply with the above requirements will not be accepted.


¬¬¬_____Birth Certificate: Obtain one certified copy of your birth certificate.    If you have any children who will accompany you, you must obtain one certified copy of each child’s birth certificate.  If born in Jamaica, any birth certificate submitted must be the new style issued by the Registrar General’s Department on security paper.  Handwritten copies are not acceptable.

¬¬¬_____Marriage Certificate: Obtain one certified copy (if you or your fiancé/fiancée were married previously) of your marriage certificate or certificates, and one certified copy of the divorce or death certificate to prove dissolution of any marriage.  If married in Jamaica, this copy must be the new style issued by the Registrar General’s Department on security paper.  Handwritten copies are not acceptable.


_____Police Certificate: You (and any children over the age of 16 who will accompany you) must obtain a police certificate from the police authorities of any country (including Jamaica) where you have resided for more than six months since your 16th birthday.  Police certificates are valid for one year from the date of issuance.


_____Court Records: If you have been convicted of a crime or other offence, obtain a certified court record covering each offence.


_____Military Records:  If you have served in the military, you must submit a military record for your complete years of service.   This record must also show any convictions of crimes before any military tribunals.


_____Certificate(s) of Non-Impediment to Marriage:  If you are a Jamaican resident, you must obtain a Certificate of Non-Impediment to Marriage issued by the Registrar General’s Department on security paper.  If you have any Jamaican-resident children who will be accompanying you who are aged 18 or older, each such child must present a Certificate of Non-Impediment to Marriage issued by the Registrar General’s Department on security paper.


_____Evidence of Support: You must submit evidence that you (and any accompanying children) are not likely to become a public charge (i.e. financial burden to the U.S. Government) while in the United States.  Typically, evidence submitted by an applicant presented to meet this requirement of the law will consist of a Form I-134 “Affidavit of Support” completed by the petitioning fiancé/fiancée or other U.S. citizen or legal permanent resident, along with the sponsor’s most current year’s 1040 and W2, current bank statements, earnings statements, and an employment letter.


_____Medical Examination: Please schedule your medical examination no later than 7-10 days prior to your appointment time to ensure the medical report is ready for you to take to the Embassy on the day of your interview. Be sure to go to the Embassy doctor before going to the clinic for additional vaccinations.


_____Application Fee: Pay the non-refundable US$265.00 visa fee (in Jamaican dollar equivalent) for each applicant, including children, at the U.S. Embassy on the day of your interview. The fee is valid for one year.


Include in the packet is a copy of the I-129F petition that your fiancé filed on your behalf, criminal background information that the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has gather on your fiancé, and information that USCIS has provided regarding any prior Form I-129F filings by your fiancé as applicable.


Also in this packet is a pamphlet regarding the International Marriage Broker Regulation Act (IMBRA). Before your visa interview, it is important that you carefully read the pamphlet. In doing so, you will learn about your rights and protections, as well as resources available to you, if help is needed when you enter the United States. During your visa interview, the consular officer will summarize the information on the pamphlet. After reading the pamphlet, keep it handy for quick reference later, as needed  


Again, please ensure that you have all of the above documents in hand when you come to the Embassy for your visa interview. 

We hope the above information addresses any questions you may have regarding procedures for qualifying to receive a fiancé/fiancée visa.  If you have any other questions, please feel free to send an email to or visit the U.S. Embassy website at    

We look forward to seeing you on your appointment date.



Consular Officer



      1.  Nonimmigrant Photograph Specifications

      2.  Affidavit of Support (I-134)

      3.  Medical History Form

      4   Immunization instruction sheet      

      5.  Copy I-129F Petition

      6.  Criminal background information

      7.  IMBRA Pamphlet



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arrowQuestion About Nationality (G-325 Form)
October 28, 2014, 9:40 pm Last comment by Richie007

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Hey guys, I just have a simple question, that i want to be absolutely sure of before we send off this package. If the petitioner is a Naturalized US citizen, do they put American/USA on the g-325 form where it asks for Nationality or do they put the nationality of the country where they were born? I know this might seem straight forward Lol but we're just paranoid about everything at this point.  

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arrowOath Ceremony Federal Plaza
October 28, 2014, 7:07 pm Last comment by kcoyclay1

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My Oath Ceremony Experience:


I arrived at 26 Federal Plaza at 10:50am with my family and a friend - I was told to be there for 11:00am. I had already checked off the form earlier in the morning and signed it when I got there. My guests were seated at the back and I was told to hand in my permanent resident card and my expired employment authorization card at a window; the immigration worker took my form, drew a line across it and wrote something in red - I didn't read what it stated. Anyway, I was seated at the front row and on each seat was a package for each new citizen. Just before the ceremony started, the supervisor came to me and told me that my husband was so proud that I was becoming a citizen that he had to delay the ceremony just to request permission to take pictures of me. She said she couldn't help but allow him to do so. LOL. 


The ceremony began about 15-20 minutes later and before the speaker began her address she called my husband to sit at the side of the podium in the front so that he could take pictures. During her speech, she personally congratulated me and mentioned again how my husband held up the ceremony just for me    :D. There were 151 prospective new citizens but only 150 became citizens as one male was called to the window. It appeared as if something happened and he did not participate in the oath. He left right after we said our oath so he did not become a citizen today.


During the ceremony, we sang the anthem, said our oath, watched a short welcome speech from the president, and also the "God Bless the USA" video. We were congratulated on becoming citizens and were given our naturalization certificates. New citizens were allowed to take pictures; there was a special area with a six-foot tall Statue of Liberty and a sign that read "# New US Citizen"  where we could take pictures. We also took pictures beside a large US flag and with the immigration officers and the superivisor. It was an awesome experience.  Below is a 40 second portion of the address as the speaker welcomed me as a new citizen of the USA. I will be applying for my passport, registering to vote, and updating my status at Social Security next week.

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