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arrowOath Ceremony Descheduled by USCIS
April 30, 2016, 12:13 pm Last comment by islandprinc3ss

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I received my Oath ceremony notice, then a couple days after I received another notice stating "Oath Ceremony Descheduled by USCIS"


"We will advise you of any further action taken on this case, including any rescheduled interview information, under separate notice"



  :crying:   :crying:   :crying:   :crying:   :crying:   :crying: Whyyyy???


Does this mean i may have another interview?


Has anybody else here received such a notice?


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arrowVisa status Issued No Passport
April 30, 2016, 3:19 am Last comment by F4visa

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I'm a Student at one of the Universities in Jamaica and I've applied for a J-1 visa to go on a Student's Work and Travel Cultural Exchange program. This is my third year going on the program and the VISA interview process went well on the 15th of April and my visa was approved. The Status on the CEAC said "Issued" after 6 days of Administrative Processing. Its now April 30 and I still have not received my Passport or tracking information. All my friends who had the interview the same day got their books back in 3 days, now I'm getting worried. 


The notes on the CEAC website stated that I should contact the consular after 10 business days and I have emailed them with no reply, is there a foreign number I should call for the Jamaican embassy?

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arrowWhat Do You Suggest Regarding this AP Situation? [split topic]
April 29, 2016, 6:51 pm Last comment by Jawaree

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I am a US citizen, I filed for my husband in 2015. He went to his interview in october, he was approved then denied under 212 a 2 c. In 2006 he was arrested however he was not guilty of any crime. He was denied based on reason to believe. We furnished the Co with court documents showing the final of the case. Now we are told we are stuck in AP. Any suggestions?

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arrow2 open petitions at once
April 28, 2016, 3:00 pm Last comment by msleja

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my friends father is applying for his sons greencard, to come to the states from Jamaica, can I put in a petition for the K1 visa too>? 

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arrowWork Permit (EAD) received. Denied job. Was told that I needed to have a greencard to work at that company.
April 26, 2016, 7:56 pm Last comment by Jawaree

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I came to the US on a K1 Visa in December 2015 and married my spouse in January 2016. Immediately after marriage, I filed for my Adjustment of Status which inclued application to work (EAD).

I recently received my EAD/AP and have already started sending out job applications.

One employer called me today. She said she likes what she sees on my resume; however, she asked me what kind of visa I have. I told her K1 visa and that I have my work permit. She told me that it cannot work because the position is a permanent one and that I would have needed to at least have a greencard.

How true is this?

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