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arrowwhere to start?
July 28, 2014, 9:31 am Last comment by Jawaree

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I’ve been a permanent resident since 1991. Lived in Florida fulltime since 2005. Reconneced with high school friend in Jamaica. Decided to try the long distance relationship thing and been dating for the past 4 years and we are now ready to take the next step since he proposed 05/2014. We are both mid 20’s, employed full time, no kids/previous marriages/criminal history. He has never been to the US and was denied for a visiting visa due to lack of ties in 2009 (was a full time student about to graduate and didn’t have a house/car/job). I’m submitting my paperwork to become a citizen this week but I have a few questions about where to go from here. We are currently trying to decide if we should get married in Jamaica and then apply for the IR-1 / CR-1 or just wait to get my citizenship and file for a K1 visa to get married here.


Is it quicker for him to get here if we go the K1 route (fiancé) or the IR-1 / CR-1  (spouse visa)?


If we do the K1 visa, how long wld it be until he can work?


Do I need to get an immigration attorney and at what point?


We decided to forgo traditional engagement rings (I lose things frequently) and got matching tattoos on our ring finger instead. Someone mentioned we might run into an issue with immigration for this. Do we need to get actual rings?

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arrowRFE for EAD card
July 26, 2014, 4:35 pm Last comment by Mrs. Parker
Mrs. Parker

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I just received a rfe letter in the mail for my I-131 & I-765 asking for a sworn affidavit stating my legal name. I am assuming because I have been previously married and I did not send a copy of my divorce decree with those forms but I did send it with I-485. My question to you guys is do you think I should ignore this because I have my interview coming up this Thursday, which if I'm approved will my the EAD card redundant.

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arrowPersonal Investigation by USCIS before Granting Naturalization
July 26, 2014, 2:35 pm Last comment by kcoyclay1

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Sec. 335. [8 U.S.C. 1446] 

(a) Before a person may be naturalized, an employee of the Service, or of the United States designated by the Attorney General, shall conduct a personal investigation of the person applying for naturalization in the vicinity or vicinities in which such person has maintained his actual place of abode and in the vicinity or vicinities in which such person has been employed or has engaged in business or work for at least five years immediately preceding the filing of his application for naturalization. The Attorney General may, in his discretion, waive a personal investigation in an individual case or in such cases or classes of cases as may be designated by him. 

(b) The Attorney General shall designate employees of the Service to conduct examinations upon applications for naturalization. For such purposes any such employee so designated is hereby authorized to take testimony concerning any matter touching or in any way affecting the admissibility of any applicant for naturalization, to administer oaths, including the oath of the applicant for naturalization, and to require by subpoena the attendance and testimony of witnesses, including applicant, before such emplo yee so designated and the production of relevant books, papers, and documents, and to that end may invoke the aid of any district court of the United States; and any such court may, in the event of neglect or refusal to respond to a subpoena issued by any such employee so designated or refusal to testify before such employee so designated issue an order requiring such person to appear before such employee so designated, produce relevant books, papers, and documents if demanded, and testify; and any failu re to obey such order of the court may be punished by the court as a contempt thereof. The record of the examination authorized by this subsection shall be admissible as evidence in any hearing conducted by an immigration officer under section 336(a) . Any such employee shall, at the examination, inform the applicant of the remedies available to the applicant under section 336 

(c) The record of the examination upon any application for naturalization may, in the discretion of the Attorney General, be transmitted to the Attorney General and the determination with respect thereto of the employee designated to conduct such examination shall when made also be transmitted to the Attorney General. 

(d) The employee designated to conduct any such examination shall make a determination as to whether the application should be granted or denied, with reasons therefor. 

(e) After an application for naturalization has been filed with the Attorney General, the applicant shall not be permitted to withdraw his application, except with the consent of the Attorney General. In cases where the Attorney General does not consent to the withdrawal of the application, the application shall be determined on its merits and a final order determination made accordingly. In cases where the applicant fails to prosecute his application, the application shall be decided on the merits unless the Attorney General dismisses it for lack of prosecution. 

(f) An applicant for naturalization who moves from the district of the Service in the United States in which the application is pending may, at any time thereafter, request the Service to transfer the application to any district of the Service in the United States which may act on the application. The transfer shall not be made without the consent of the Attorney General. In the case of such a transfer, the proceedings on the application shall continue as though the application had originally been filed in the district of the Service to which the application is transferred. 

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arrow14 mths later Case Complete & at the Embassy in Kingston
July 25, 2014, 7:08 pm Last comment by AP vs RP

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Finally, confirmed today after we were told last week. The man said it was out of the NVC in Kingston at the embassy but with the issues with the global system, updates were gonna be slower than normal. He said not to worry about the CEAC portal not changing and to await the CC email ina  few days.

Thank on to stage 3. NOA1 since May 2013 and just getting here smh

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arrowSigning Police clearance certificate
July 24, 2014, 9:07 am Last comment by sheldonsgirl

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Hi Guys,

can anyone from the Jamaica portal answer this question for me.


when you receive your Police Clearance Certificate do you sign where it says applicant signature before sending it to NVC?


Thanks much!!

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