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B2 visa - notification needed for 2nd time use? (re-entry)
5:23 pm yesterday

Omar G.

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My father in law has a B2 tourist visa. He came Oct. 2015 and stayed for 4 months. We are planning to have him back for another 2-3 months in May. I have 2 questions.

1. Can he just book a flight and come in the US since the visa is still in good standing?

2. Do we need a return flight already booked? or can we book a return flight at a later time once he's ready to go back?

He's coming from Colombia. I'm not sure if he needs to notify the US embassy or do any paperwork or resubmittals of any kind. Thanks in advance!

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Transferred to Texas from Nebraska
3:27 pm yesterday


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Anyone transferred from Nebraska to Texas and heard anything. I thought the point of transferring was for things to get sped up. I feel like we are going to be waiting a long time still. It has been 5 and a half months with the transfer, and nothing has been done.

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Honduran police certificates can anyone make suggestions
5:12 am yesterday


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Hello everyone I am asking this question for my good friend, She is a naturalized US citizen and she is now petitioning for her parents how are in Honduras. She is having a problem with the NVC they reject her applications because they are telling her that the police certificate that she sent was not the correct certificate. Has anyone else had this problem.

She started her petitions before I started my petitions and I we have our visa as of yesterday.

any advise would be appreciated.

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Removing conditions
6:06 pm yesterday


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So my wifes green card is coming up on her 2 year anniversary. We are putting together evidence of our marriage. The thing is most of the addresses on all our information uses my parents address whom live close by. We use there's since the mailing address is safer and easier to find for mailman. We do have have something on our actual physical address. Should I write a letter explaining the circumstances and place it in my packet for when I send it out to have her conditions removed?

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Re schedule appointment for the Naturalization Test
9:43 am yesterday


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I need some advice, I got the letter for the Naturalization Test for Dec 17 of 2016, unfortunately I couldn't attend the appointment. I sent by Fedex the letter informing them that I couldn't attend because at that time I was out the country. After the day that I supposed to have the interview, I checked the immigration web and the web said that I didn't show up for the interview, so I sent another letter by UPS with the other letters attached let them know that I requested before re schedule my appointment. Right now I call the Immigration costumer service phone and nobody knows about the letters that I sent, now it is almost 2 month since the time that I received the first letter. What should I do? somebody has been in my same situation? Please advice

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