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arrowWat number are the wanting? Colombia
July 31, 2015, 9:26 pm Last comment by Jim&Ann

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This question is Colombia specific. I am trying to register my interview with the embassy and choose the DHL site. It is asking for the "número de expediente". What number is that? I have only seen the phrasing case ID, invoice ID, and beneficiary ID. What number is this and where do I find it?

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arrowGetting married, then what?
July 30, 2015, 12:47 pm Last comment by newacct

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Hi everyone!

In 16 days my fiance and I will tie the knot. I am currently holding a F1 visa, and my fiance is a US Citizen. we have been together and live together for the last 3 years. I finished my studies last Dec 2014. and graduated in May 2015. I applied for an OPT, and I wasn't able to find a job. My OPT expired after 3 months according to what I was told, May 10, 2015 last day, according to the issued date.I have always filled my taxes since I moved here with my F1 visa.

  • So I guess my current status here is ____ ?

My visa and passport are not expired they both expire in 2018. 

I have a social security card, because I used to work in college while I was a student. I never had a drivers license. We have a joint bank account. We both live in Florida.

I want to change my last name to his. I have a couple of questions about this procedure. 

  • Since I have no legal status right now, how can I change my name in the social security office?
  • How should I fill the I-360 and I-485, with my maiden name or with my new last name?


Thank you for helping me!

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arrowform DS 156 and 156K or Only form DS 160 At Colombia Consulate
July 29, 2015, 9:51 am Last comment by karp1

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Has anyone had an interview in Colombia for K1 Visa recently.... I am a bit confused because i saw on the Colombia consulate web site that i require to file ds 156 and 156k instead of ds160 and pay $350 for those forms and in the national visa center web site it says ds 160 for k1 visa is only $260. Does anyone know about what is the form we need and what is the fee...


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arrowAfter I-130 approved was the next step
July 28, 2015, 2:36 pm Last comment by dwheels76

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I submitted the I-130 for my wife last May in June 25 I got a letter that was approved and was sent to the National Visa Center and in 30 days I would hear from them but have not hear nothing.


Can someone tell me what is the next step for the petition of my wife If I have not hear from the NCV?

What can I do?


Thank you,



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arrowCredit Cards and Student Loan with Forbearance
July 27, 2015, 6:35 pm Last comment by PDXDD

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As our case continues ongoing, my  fiancee and me  are planning to  have our consulate interview next  month at Colombia  consulate. according to my  w-2 and form 1040 I make enough money  to support my fiancee when she comes  to the USA. Although I make  enough money I  am trying to  organize some of my finances because some credit cards went to high after continued paying all  of them on time  for  a long time they never went down. I started a program that helps me to pay them off faster; Also in my student loan I put a forbearance because I  am trying to organize everything and continue paying my student loan as I was paying for that last  year. 

I would  like to  know if I show  my form I-134 and all my  incomes, will that  be enough to prove them I am able to support my fiancee without a co-sponsor. Will the consul check my credit report and see my student  loan has a forbearance, or the credit cards have that problem

Thanks  (My w-2 shows I make about 67K a year)


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