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arrowgot the 129F approved thru CSC
December 19, 2014, 4:52 pm Last comment by TBoneTX

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Ok, we got the F129F petition thru the CSC. Now starting through the NVC and embassy... We only had one very lame RFE during this process, (couldn't read an old copy of a divorce decree and i resent a copy from the same decree, and it wasn't any better. Also the translation of the letters of intent and having the translators credentials attached, which they were, so I just resent the same one with sticky notes all over the divorce decree and the translation, passed great the second time). This RFE postponed things, from what I can see about 12 days.. So the turn around time is great for the CSC. 


So, the big hairy eye ball question, and I know this is going to sound naive and lame but what tends to be the biggest hurdle left? I am going to go to Colombia one time before the embassy interview, so we can have that second trip documented, then go to the embassy interview with her, and based on the website from the Bogota embassy they were pretty matter of fact that is isn't a problem, what other hiccups could come up? she doesn't have kids, no previous marriages, lives life pretty simply no family in the USA, wants to leave Colombia to start a family in a safer environment...Since i am quite a bit older than her, we are going over questions they may question about knowing me so that red flag comes up (she is nervous about freezing up in the interview) , focusing on  contemporaneous answers, but being honest, to the point of 'I can't remember" as an answer etc..


We really work hard to keep life, from this distance pretty real and not scripting our interactions, because then it just feels weird, but at the same time,  try to document real world genuine relationship.. We talk by Whatapp more than with Skype, but in Skype, a lot of the conversation is in Spanish.. Do they care about that, (besides that we can communicate in a common language?). Additionally, I have been sending about a $1000 a month to help her and her family, Does it hurt to get the history from western union to show continued support for her and her family? I think it would be bad if money was coming out of colombia, but not into colombia..


Thanks for your input




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arrowAbout G325A
December 19, 2014, 12:54 pm Last comment by Pianist27
Cata y Nathan

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Hello to everybody,
I have a question... I am the beneficiary, and I had to send to my fiancé the form G325A... My question is: on the section that says: This form is submitted in connection with an application for:
I wrote K1visa.... I did that because I saw a video on YouTube about how to fill in this form, now I am reviewing the example forms given in VisaJourney and it says to write I-129F... What shall I do? Do you think it is gonna be a cause to get an RFE if he sends it like that or not? Should I mail him this form again? I am trying not to pay for sending that form again... I am from Colombia and If it is just a simple thing I don't see the point on paying for this again.... Thanks so much for your help...

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arrowHouse appraisal for Affidavit of Support - Please help
December 18, 2014, 1:32 pm Last comment by Ryan H

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Hi everyone,


My parents (the co-sponsors) need to use their house as an asset on the Affidavit of support. It says the house needs to be recently appraised. My questions are: 


1) On my parents tax sheet they just received in the mail it says the value of the property. Is this enough or do I need to have my parents get the house officially appraised?


2) If the house needs to be officially appraised: Can a real estate agent appraise the house or does it need to be an official house appraiser?


Thank you in advance. I really appreciate your help!

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arrowColombia, Bogota embassagy doctors
December 18, 2014, 12:34 pm Last comment by TBoneTX

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Have any one had  the appointment with the doctor Rodolfo Jose Dennis¿
I want to know which doctor would be the best one to have the appointment in Colombia. 

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arrowNon-resident in a country without DCF
December 17, 2014, 3:11 pm Last comment by Stressed Out

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Hello, very new here.
My husband and I are about ready to move back to the states from Colombia. I am currently a resident of Colombia and have lived here for 3.5 years. We have a 1.5 year old with dual citizenship.

The uscis says they don't have an immigration officer at the embassy here, so they don't do consular filing, but that is the option given for non residents. I talked with someone to the embassy, on the hotline.m, and they said to follow the instructions on the page, and when pressed said yes, we can file for everything including the green card from here.

I don't really understand how it will work, because the only option it gives is to send the i30 app to Chicago.

Any advice, or does anyone know of a guide or thread for this?


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