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arrowF2B petition after the beneficiary had a baby
July 21, 2016, 8:15 pm Last comment by delish

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My mom filed an FB2 visa application for my sister and now she got an email from the NVC saying she is in the queue awaiting an interview appointment. My sister had a baby two months ago, how is this going to affect the process? If she gets a visa , will they be able to travel together once her visa is current? She's still unmarried.


Thank you.

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arrowQUESTION I864
July 20, 2016, 11:51 pm Last comment by TBoneTX

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good morning, as I 864 is not updated, the file downloaded from the USCIS website and looks new, Take the example of the updated form ???complete Form...thank you

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arrowSame sex marriage - AOS timeline - Interview experience
July 20, 2016, 5:08 am Last comment by Angiemed

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My case is overstay and married US citizen. We have lived together over 18 years so we had a lot of BonaFide Evidence. We filed I-485 I-131 and I765 all at the same time. We did everything ourselves, even took our own passport pictures.

3/08/16 We got Married

.4/14/16 AOS Package was mailed.

4/15/16 AOS Package arrived at Chicago Lockbox.

4/25/16 Received emails and text messages that the package had arrived.

5/06/16 Got 3 letters in our mailed that each application was receipt.

5/13/16 Got Biometrics appointment on the mail.

5/25/16 Biometrics done at Elizabeth NJ-went early -was the first one in and we were out in 15minutes.

6/03/16 Status online "Interview for I485 is ready to be scheduled"

6/14/16 Status online  changed to "Interview scheduled for July 19"

7/19/16 We went for our Interview-Approved on the spot. interview about 15-20 minutes. gave us Welcome letter.

7/19/16 Status online changed immediately to "Card being produced"

7/19/16 Champagne toast !


Never got the EAD, and status online for I-131 and I-765 never showed anything at all.The Interview:Appointment was at 9 am so we went an hour early, went through security, gave our appointment letter. We sat on the waiting room.A bit after 9 we were called in. The guy was nice yet very serious, asked to see our passports, marriage certificate, and my bird certificate. Other than that he did not look at anything else and believe me I brought tons and tons of evidence.He asked how did you meet?  when we moved in together? then he took his time looking at everything on the file he had and kept checking thins on it with a red pen and kept typing things on the computer. finally he said i know your marriage is real and I am approving this right now, he congratulated us and gave us a welcome letter and said the green card should arrived in one or two weeks. My husband said now we can live our lives and I said yeah now we can travel and the officer smiled. We left and went home very very happy, and the status online immediately changed to Card being produced.I want to thank everyone on this forum because i used a lot of information from here to build up our case. wish you all the best of Luck.

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arrowGot my green card but my daughter's is missing
July 15, 2016, 4:27 pm Last comment by Pitaya
Kana Anz

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Hi everyone, I am a little worried here and want to know if this has happened to anyone else. 


My 5 year old daughter and me entered the US with a K1-K2 visa. We filed our paperwork for AOS on February 16 and we both received our EAD/AP cards on April 20. Then on June 9 without any notification I received my Green Card in our mailbox. Of course it was a very pleasant surprise but it was a bittersweet one too because my daughter didn't get hers; we had always received all our NOAs and other documents at the same time. Of course I tried checking the status on the USCIS site but her case is still showing that the case was received on..... 


I don't know what to think, is there any problem with her paperwork? did it get lost? I'm starting to get really nervous. If someone can offer some light I'll be very grateful!! 

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arrowQuestions about the Interview regarding to Affidavit of support.
July 11, 2016, 12:03 pm Last comment by Nathan&Cata

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Hello to everybody, We are trying to get everything ready for the interview and I have a question regarding to all the evidence we need for the affidavit of support.


We have a joint sponsor who makes enough money and has made it for the years we need. For the NVC we only submitted her last three years of tax transcripts and the w2s and they didn't request for anything else...


I don't know now if for the interview we need more stuffs or that's enough... If people from the Colombian Forum can clear my doubts I would really appreciated.


The NVC page states that if the person makes enough money the transcripts are sufficient but I want to make sure with people that  already went through this.


Thanks in advance....

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