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California birth cerificate
12:44 am yesterday

N & JJ

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Californian friends-

I saw a post someone receiving an RFE for not having the correct birth certificate. Is their a specific bc for California?. I had to go to my county recorders office to get a copy and I only copied one side. The other side is blank.

Any help.

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K-2 visa about to expire
5:47 pm yesterday


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My stepdaughter who is 5 years old is in Colombia with her father, her K-2 visa expires in August and my wife's AOS, AP and EAD was just received this week and most likely will be approved in September.

The child's father would not let her daughter leave Colombia unless is the mother who picks her up making things worst for all of us.

  • Can the K-2 Visa be extended.
  • Can my wife travel to Colombia before AP arrives.
  • Please advise since this is a desperate situation

Thank you.

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I-751 confusion please help.
1:14 am yesterday


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I confused about how to fill part 9 on form I-751 related to the interpreter.

I have been reading previous post and still not clear for me.

I'm filling this format out for my wife because she does not understand English so should I put my name and sign on that section of this form?

Also, the A number, on her green card shows an uscis number is that uscis online number or is something completely different or that number on the green card should go on the A number field?

I would really appreciate your help.

Thank you,


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Traveling abroad while AOS is pending
7:32 pm yesterday


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Can my wife who has applied for AOS and AP travel to her native country and once we receive her AP card I can mail it to her so she can come back?

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Colombianas para visa k1 2017
6:52 pm yesterday


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bueno chicas recib mi Noa 1 y en espera del NOA 2

si alguien quiere unirse por favor, quiero saber mucho m s de este proceso

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