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Married to a Dreamer in the US
3:50 pm yesterday


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I am trying to help a relative on his trip about filing the right application with USCIS. My relative just married his girlfriend in the State of Florida. He is a US citizen for many years. His new wife came to America when she was 2 years old with her parents and never went back to her native country and never obtained a Green Card. Now married, they want to start the process with Immigration in order to obtain legal documents.

Question: What form or application does he need to complete?

Thank you.

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Naturalizing minor step daughter living abroad. No intent to live in USA
10:26 pm yesterday


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Sorry if this is the wrong forum. Please move if there is a better place.

Following is a summary of the help I am hoping for:

I am a US citizen, Social Security recipient residing in South America. I am inquiring about naturalizing my 8 year old step daughter. I also plan to apply for the adopted minor child Social Security benefit. I have a 5 year Colombia resident visa and have lived here for about 9 years.

We do not intend to live in the USA. Most of the information here seems to be a resource for residing in the USA.

The foreign citizen residing abroad process is pretty well described in the following link to UCSIS. But I am unclear on which visa to apply for and the required steps.


The only proof I have of care, custody and control is my wife and step daughter as beneficiaries on my health insurance and also on my step daughters enrollment in her school. If that is not sufficient then I might be better off doing a CR-1 and move to the USA for a couple years. That certainly is not my preference. I would like to be able to continue to live here in Colombia. Of course, I do not want to even start the process if the care, custody and control requirement (or any other "non qualifers) cannot be met.

I would provide:

1 Birth certificates in both her names. (before and after adoption)

2 Health insurance invoices with step daughter and wife as my beneficiary and additionally covered on my policy. Also, school enrollment records for proof of care, custody and control. Both are for several years. Is it sufficient proof?

3 Proof of legal adoption.

4 Marriage certificate.

5 My birth certificate, proof of citizenship, presence in USA and divorces.

6 W-2's if necessary

7 I plan to use the B-1 tourist visa for naturalization interview in USA. I will apply for my wife's at the same time but will travel with just my adopted daughter if my wifes' visa is denied.

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Police certificates 6 OR 12 months
6:17 pm yesterday


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Alright so ...just to clarify i am still waiting for my NOA2 i am just looking ahead on police certificates i need for NVC

I have travelled all my life..

Giving all my work/travel history for the past 5 years my lawyer has told me i need to submit a police certificate of all countries ive lived more than 6 months at 16 years old or older..

I do not find that information in the chart, 12 months yes, 6 months nope..

For example i've lived in NZ 6 months when i was 19 ..do i need one for NZ?

Police cert.pdf

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I 864
12:22 am yesterday

Nelson Polo

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Hi guys I have question hope someone help me , at the I 864 my income is not sufficient but I have a friend live in my house is he offer me to fill out the I184A together but he is not

my family member still we share expenses is he can be part of my household?

Thanks very much

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i 864
12:04 am yesterday

Nelson Polo

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Hi Guys Please I need help I'm filing this form but I'm under the Poverty line I'm disabled my income from social security, do I need to fill out the I864 like first sponsor ?

I have joint sponsor , thanks .

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