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arrowChange of address online-- no old zip code or state, what do I do?
April 16, 2014, 10:09 am Last comment by Abby&Mario

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We're settled in Buenos Aires for the time being, so the time has come to change the address associated with out case. To avoid future drama/mail delays/losses/address changes, I'm changing it to my parents' address in the U.S.; I have previously been told on the forum that this is fine even though we are both still abroad. 


Well, in the space on the online form where you have to put your old address, they just assume it's an American address because they ask for the zip code, and in another section the zip code used when filed. Colombia doesn't have zip codes. Should I just put 00000? It doesn't let me submit without putting anything, and putting "-----" doesn't work but "00000" seems to. It also wants a state and, um, duh, the old address was in Colombia so there is no state I can select from the list of American states. 


Thanks in advance. Filing from abroad blows; it's like we don't exist or something...

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arrowExpediting I-130/K-3 Visa Process due to Earthquakes
April 14, 2014, 5:50 pm Last comment by Penguin_ie

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Hello! I have a question, I filed an I-130 and an I-129F for my husband in January 2014. Currently I am with him in Nicaragua (he is from Colombia, but hasn't lived there in a few years - he lived in the Cayman Islands for about 3yrs, and then after we got married we decided to come to Nicaragua to see his dad and just wait the process here as well)... I am a US citizen, and I have to go back home in May. Is there anyway I can expedite my case due to the earthquakes that have been happening? 
I have been trying to call the 1800 # given to me on the emails I received, but the call doesn't go through... is there another # I can call from out of the US?

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arrowOne Child Coming, One Child Not
April 14, 2014, 12:51 pm Last comment by smaring

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Hi All,

I am starting to fill out the I-129F petition and where is says to list her children is where I am stuck.  My fiance has two children one who is 18 years old and another who is 15 years old.  The 18 year old will be traveling with her mother to come the USA when the visa is approved. However the 15 year old will not because the father does not want him to go. When the 15 year comes of age we want to bring him to the USA.

Here is my questions,


1.) on the I-129F petition do I list both here children and pay for all of them even if it may be more than a year before he can make the journey?

2.) if he is given a K-2 visa and it goes past the expiration date will there be problems when applying for a visa in the future?


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arrowColumbia Baptismal. Certificate mispelling (split topic)
April 12, 2014, 4:04 pm Last comment by Mononoke28

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Question: my mom's baptismal is misspelled in a few areas. Her 1st name is Stella certificate shows "Estela". Also last name is missing a letter. Father's name is also mispelled. When she tried yo get this fix they are asking for a lot papers that we cant obtain(parents die many years ago). I am worry that this will get her denied her IR-5 visa.

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arrowI-131 Question (K1 Applicant filing AOS)
April 12, 2014, 3:07 pm Last comment by Jay-Kay

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So we are sending out our I-485 for AOS. We want to know if the I-131 requires any additional paper work or copies of anything to go with it since I'm sending it at the sametime with the I-485 or is it ok by itself?

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