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arrowG325-A Needed for Minor with AOS?
July 21, 2014, 6:55 pm Last comment by NancyNguyen

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Hello! As I am organizing documents to go with the I-485 for my stepdaughter, I'm trying to decipher if I am required to submit a G325-A for her. I know it's not required when submitting the I-130, which was filed two months ago, but we are doing an AOS now.  Is a G325-A required for my minor stepdaughter to submit with the I-485?

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arrowWe want to have my wife's mom come visit
July 21, 2014, 1:48 pm Last comment by charles!

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My wife and I got married 2 years ago with the K-1 visa.  For a while there i was filling out paperwork and going through the process and familiarizing myself with the visa process on a daily basis.  Now it's been a couple years since I even thought about that stuff, and it's time to start again.


I'm just wondering if there's any advice, or a step by step list of instructions for the best way to get everything done.  We just have a lot of questions. We'd like to get visas for her mom, brother and sister to come visit for a few weeks. Probably her mom first, then a year or so later her brother and sister.  Would it be beneficial to turn in all the paperwork together at the same time?  We would be paying for her mom's expenses while she is here on would we need to do an affadavit of support?  So sponsor letters help in this situations? Does her mother turn in the paperwork in her home country at the US embassy or do we turn it in here for her?


I know the government is wary of people who come here and never leave.  We aren't doing anything nefarious and have nothing to hide....just would like for her mom (and possibly brother and sister) to come visit to see where my wife lives and meet the rest of my family.


Can any one help me out with a link to a step by step process, or some type of checklist we can print off?


Anything would be much appreciated

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July 19, 2014, 6:33 pm Last comment by NLR

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Ok my dear friends!, i m here now with my experience at interview!
my interview was for 8 am, but i was there at 6 am, i was in the line 3 for resident people.... they asked me for... 1. two pics with the name in the back, passport and letter of interview, they didnt ask me for the PCC... i go to another window, and they took those things i had tell u, and..... 1. IV packet (just some papers, as the death cert of previous wife of my hubby)... the woman give me back some docs originals from the pkt i sent to NVC, and told me wait in the chair till the Consul call me... i wait about 30 minutes, so he called me, surprise me bcs was a colombian guy, so nice person, and he asked me the questions.... where u meet, when, asked me for privious marriage of both, where he is now, how many time we were living together in colombia, why my tourist visa was reject befor... i told the consul that i wanted travel to visit the family of my hubby nad friends, but the CO told me at that time that i was not available for that kind of visa at that moment, so after that my hubby was sad bcs i cant travel with him and we start thinking to move to USA.... he asked me if we have kids, i said no, but i ll move to USA with our doggy Callie Mae, that she is our kid!, he smiled!  and after that he start talking me of the domestic violence when he mention it i knew my visa was approved!, affer that he said.... ohhh i forgot!,.... WELCOME TO USA AND UR VISA WAS APPROVED! hehehe i was so happy and i bless him!... he said thx, and talked me about the passport and the fee for visa!... hope this info can be good for all of u!

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arrowi30 approved sent to nvc NEED HELP
July 18, 2014, 5:43 pm Last comment by gioyugo

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Hi finaly had gotten both my step children approved threw ucis both the files where sent to nvc. Can anybody tell me how long this will take in nvc till they have an interview at the embassy. Also there embassy is Colombia.Last  I knew this was usally the faster times where stuff goes quick.Thank you

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arrowNVC Time Frame
July 17, 2014, 6:24 pm Last comment by Calicolom

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This is for my 17 year old stepson in Colombia

AOS Fee showes payed by NVC on june25/14 . I am still waiting to be invoiced for the IV fee. this is almost a month is this normal ?



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