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arrowprocessing times
November 21, 2014, 3:34 pm Last comment by lovecometruex

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Hello all,

I noticed that a lot of USCIS packets were  adjudicated and the NOA2 sent immediately before and immediately after.. Should I be concerned?

I really over submitted and am a government employee with a security clearance...Is this just an anomoly in processing? I am going to Colombia for 3 weeks over Christmas and wanted to use part of that time for us to collect documents for packet 3 and 4, and submit them while i was there...


Sounds like patience is King with this:(

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arrowTourist visa overstay 3 years. Now what?
November 21, 2014, 2:59 pm Last comment by Boiler

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My friend's daughter wants to marry a Mexican that is here illegal and has overstayed his tourist visa for 3 years.  What is the best advice I can give him and her?   I know many of you will say to see a lawyer and maybe that is the best advice.  Does he have any options besides that?  Does he have any chance at all to be legal............... Thank you.

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arrow5 million illegal immigrants put ahead of those trying legal means?
November 20, 2014, 6:09 am Last comment by trish3361

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This is what I am hearing on the news, kind of quit posting here, going on seven years trying to get my stepson here.  And life for him in Venezuela is terrible.


And the USCIS would get another bunch of money from us, even if they did proceed.  Plus he would be immune from any public assistance for the next ten years!  But in our small world, family members become first.


All my congressman and senator can do is to give us empathy, have no control over the NVC, strictly under the executive branch they tell me.  This boils down to one guy.  Thought we had a government by representation, more like a dictatorship.


Was forced by this country to give up six years of my life to fight against socialism, only to have it at my front door.  Also getting severely nailed with this affordable healthcare act.   High deductible and monthly premiums have skyrocketed because we are above the poverty wage.


Can only ask, where is this country going?

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arrowAmnesty by decree likely to be annouinced Nov 21 in Las Vegas
November 19, 2014, 5:54 pm Last comment by TBoneTX

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arrowAffidavit of Support: Question about house appraisal
November 19, 2014, 12:43 pm Last comment by Ryan H

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We already filed sent in our I-130 and in a few months will be using a joint sponsor to file the Affidavit of Support. However, the person we are using does not make a high enough income so they will have to show they have other assets. We will need to have them show the appraised value of their house to prove that they have enough assets to be a sponsor.


On the document it says the house appraisal must be recent, but does not say how recent. Does anyone know how recent the house appraisal needs to be or where I could find that information?


Thanks in advance. 

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