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arrowTraveling question
July 1, 2015, 8:35 pm Last comment by Umka36

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my wife and I will be traveling out of the country, my question is: do we need to buy her airplane ticket under the name that appears on her passport or the name on the green card?


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arrowDiscrimination from BBVA Compass?
June 30, 2015, 5:39 pm Last comment by VOL

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Hi everyone, long time no see. Yesterday marked exactly six months since my husband and I were able to return to the U.S. He has been having some issues with a BBVA Compass checking account that he opened in April. He had to go to the bank in person to open it, which seems to be a typical requirement for LPRs. No big deal. He took his passport, green card and social security card and opened his checking account with no problem. (To be very clear, this NOT our joint account. It is in his name only). 


Since then, he has received multiple letters in the mail stating that his information needed to be verified-- the very information they had to verify in order for him to open his account to begin with! His social security number, etc. He has gone in person to the bank twice to verify this information, and each time they verified what they needed to verify, or so he was told. 


Recently, we received a letter dated June 8 stating that his account would be closed 30 days from that date and that a check to him for the balance would be sent. The letter did not contain an explanation as to why. I was fed up at this point and called today to see what the hell was going on, and was told the same BS-- they need to verify his information. Someone from the bank called him later, and this time requested new information: His employer, even though he told them when he opened the account that he was unemployed and it was no problem, and information about his other accounts in the U.S. and in Colombia. They also mentioned maybe needing information about his wife, even though our joint account is with Chase and I don't have an account with BBVA compass. What the hell?!?!


Now he and I both think they might be suspicious of him, like maybe they think since he's Colombian he must be up to no good. I am pretty furious about this and I want to know if it is in their right to do this. We don't want anything to do with them anymore and we'll be happy to take our business elsewhere at this point, but I do not want to let them get away with this. Do I have grounds to file a complaint? Has anyone else faced this issue? 



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June 30, 2015, 1:06 pm Last comment by ala_tika

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Hey guys so here is a list of all the evidence I have:


  • Two years worth of our Savings Account statements. (We had separate checking until a month ago because of the I751 but then I found out through VJ that USCIS prefers to see statements from two years ago so I thought that it wasn't worth sending both or our checking account statements from a month ago because I don't want USCIS to question our marriage, or should I?)
  • Copy of a loan statement in both of our names (we got the loan the beginning of this year but we paid it off in march and I could only find one statement, is that ok?)
  • Copy of a Christmas card my cousin sent us from Chicago with both of our names on it
  • Copy of our Car Insurance in both of our names (the title is in my father's name, haven't changed it because it's expensive and now that I think about it I feel like I should have :( )
  • Copy of our lease agreement with both of our names on it
  • Copy of the light bill with my name on it and a copy of the Comcast bill with his name on it (water is included in the rent so no water bill, should I let USCIS know about this?)
  • Copy of our 2013 and 2014 income taxes that both were filed married and jointly
  • Photos (we haven't traveled but we do have birthday pictures, Christmas, family gatherings and etc, is that ok?)
  • Copy of a best buy credit card statement in both of our names (we had got the credit card from best buy a year ago but we never used it until this year to buy our tv, so we only have about 3 credit card statements, is that ok?)
  • Copy of both of our drivers licenses with the same address (I'm afraid to send this one because my old drivers license had my parent's address and it didn't expire till this year on my birthday in may so I hadn't changed mine and there is an "ISSUE DATE" on it dating in may of this year so I'm afraid they might look at that and have doubts, but we both still have our old drivers licenses with my parents address, should I send a copy of those as well?)
  • In addition to the above, when my husband got here in September 2013, we lived with my parents for about 8 months but in the beginning we stayed because my mother was sick with cancer and sadly past away in January of 2014, after that we stayed for a couple of months after that to help my father out with the bills (internet, cable light & water and they were all in his name/my mother's name) but we never paid rent, should I have my father write a letter stating those details as well as providing a copy of my mother's death certificate? If so, does it have to be notarized?
  • I can provide affidavits, one of them being my best friend and the other one either my father or my sister, are family members ok? Do the affidavits have to be notarized?

Please let me know your opinions/advice, I'd really appreciate it! Also keep in mind we are a young married couple, so we don't have much, we literally just started our lives and getting things little by little. I hope everything goes well for us!

Thank you!

Ellie & Jeisson

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arrowReport: Traveling on AP while AOS from Tourist Visa (overstay)
June 28, 2015, 4:55 pm Last comment by TBoneTX

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Hi folks,


I just wanted to report my own experience traveling outside the states with the Advance Parole in a combo card because I know there's too many people worried about traveling. 


Background: I came with a Tourist visa and overstayed two or three weeks before sending papers to the USCIS. So it actually was overstay. I heard and read on the USCIS papers that problems are when you overstay for more than 6 months or 3 years.


I left the country the next day of receiving my EAD/AP because I couldn't wait no more and went away for three weeks. When I came back, in the airport of origin no questions were asked because I said I was visiting the US and they see I have a valid tourist visa so no more questions and I did not wanted to show my EAD anyway. But I does not matter. 


I landed at Houston Intercontinental and I went on the visitors immigrations line and the CBP officer took my fingerprints and a picture then called a second officer to bring me to another office. There was a lot of people in different situations. They just kept my Passport and my EAD probably to verify the validity of the documents.


After an hour and a half another officer called me and asked: Who petitioned for you to get you in the US? which I answered: My spouse. 

He said: You're good to go. Welcome back!


Advice: book your flights with more than 3 hours layover. I knew this and I had no problems taking next flight.


I saw my passport has a different stamp than the normal one which says PAROLED (for one year).





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arrowGood problem to have I think
June 26, 2015, 2:14 pm Last comment by TBoneTX

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Hi everyone, and thanks in advance for your help.  We got emails from the Bogota Embassy yesterday saying they got our USCIS application now.  Honestly (and this will probably annoy some people...sorry), the process happened much quicker than I expected.


So, as if things couldn't be better (at the moment..famous last words eh?), I'm also boarding a plane tomorrow to go visit my fiancee again too.  I kind of wish the timing was different but my flight isn't refundable...and we miss each other anyway.


My question(s) are this...once she gets the emails telling her what they need from her and I have all the "support" docs done and bank records, etc., how far out can you make your interview reservation?  I would like to be there for it but taking a couple weeks vacation now and doing something similar next month is not really possible.  


And then also, if she gets the visa approved for her should she try and get it for both her kids at the same time?  One child is young and coming immediately, but the other is older and plans to just finish high school there with his grandparents before making a decision.  But neither of us would be surprised if he changes his mind either.  His K2 visa has an expiration date of year, right?  So paying for it now would mean doing the whole process again after a year if decided in 13 months he is ready to come.  Would it make any sense to do it now rather than just wait until he is ready and doing it then?  


Also, if he is using a K2 visa to enter can he go back (more like a visit at first) and still come to move later with little difference?  Does anyone who could otherwise get a K2 get a visitor visa instead for a particular reason?  I would think it would be pretty easy to get that visitor visa if your parent is already here and you could actually legally move anyway if you wanted, right?  It certainly gets convoluted with children involved...I have two myself so the family is definitely growing :-))))


And lastly...any real advantage to me being there for the interview?  I would like to...she would like it...but if we decide she would rather I come along for the move it might make more sense to wait as it could be a month or so before she flies over after getting the k1 approved (the beneficiary has a year to use the K1 VISA correct?).  We are extremely confident in our plans so we aren't worried as much about rushing but more about making sure all of our responsibilities are in order making for the smoothest transition for our kids (a 14, 7, 5, and 4 year old in total).


I'd appreciate any general thoughts if you have had a similar situation as well...even if you see something I didn't mention that you think I might want to know.  


Thanks in advance...again.

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