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arrowbringing a parent to USA
November 1, 2014, 3:10 am Last comment by Sal_R

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can a legal permanent resident petition for his/her parents to come to the USA? how long is the wait?



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arrowHi, everybody
October 31, 2014, 4:34 pm Last comment by TBoneTX

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Hi my name is Diana Castañeda, I am Colombian  :joy:  I am here to share with you the experience of process k1, is my hope you will find help,  any questions, you can to ask, I will be happy  helping you through experiences in my own case  :idea: .


two years ago I met the man in this moment is my fiance, we have two years through whatsapp, yahoo, skype, calls, and took the decision to enter the k1 process about three months ago, and received approval and am ready to the interview.  (L)

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arrowThe process of the k-1 (el proceso de la k-1)
October 30, 2014, 11:03 pm Last comment by Diancastor

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Hola mi nombre es Diana Castañeda, soy Colombiana  :joy: estoy aqui para compartir con ustedes la experiencia del proceso de la k1, espero les sea de gran ayuda, cualquier inquietud, comunicala con mucho gusto te ayudare a traves de experiencias en mi propio caso :idea: .

hace dos años conoci a quien es mi prometido en este momento, llevamos dos años a traves de whatsapp, yahoo, skype, llamadas y tomamos la decision de entrar en el proceso de la k1 hace aproximadamente tres meses, ya recibi aprobacion y estoy lista para la entrevista.


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arrowTrying to bring step- daughter and her daughter to the US
October 28, 2014, 7:45 pm Last comment by Ian H.

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Here is the backgrond:

My wife and her 2 youngest daughter arrived over a year ago under fiancee visa - we are now married and they all have their green card.


The oldest daughter who is 19 was not included on original fianceee visa application - at the time - 2 years ago,she was living with her boyfriend and just had a baby - fast forward to now - no more boyfriend - her child is now 2 years old - wife wants to bring her and the baby to the US to live.


We tried to get them a tourist visa for the short term but they were turned down - daughter has no job, no property, no money - we help support them.


not sure what Visa we should prusue at this point - I understand it gets much more difficult once she hits 21.


Does my wife petition for her daughter? How does the child complicate matters ( she has a letter from the father allowing the child to move to the US).

Is there an income test for just my wife? - I would not think so - since we are married would include my income - which is plenty to qualify.


Any insights would be appreciated


also - how long does the process take, how much and what are the chances of getting approved?



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arrowMoving to the US Applying for Spousal VISA
October 28, 2014, 4:34 pm Last comment by awaywego

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My wife and I have been living in Colombia since 2009 and we're planning on moving to the US (Miami) in January/February of next year. We also have a two-year old girl who is a US citizen, born abroad.


I've read all of these forms and documents and posts and I really am not sure what is the best option:


1. Should we move to the US and apply with an I-485? She has had a B-2 Visitor visa for the last 6 years. Should we also apply for the I-131 immediately in case she needs to leave?

2. We're visiting Miami in December for one week – Should I start the process then if we will be leaving on Dec 9 and returning Jan 30?

3. Should I start the process here in Colombia right now? If so, does that mean we can't go to the US during this process?


I can use my mother's address in California as our US residence – and when we move, call in a change of address to Miami.


What to do?!

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