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arrowChild with expired visa...
September 27, 2016, 8:45 am Last comment by Jojo92122

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Last year I filed for a K1 visa for my Fiancée and a K2 visa for her son. She entered the country in December of last year. He did not. We got married and for reasons not really relevant to the discussion here he stayed in Colombia and his visa expired.

All of her documents include his name and info. We have since applied for adjustment of status, advance parole and working papers for her. I was just notified that she has been approved for Advance Parole and working docs.

Adjustment of status is a few months away at least.

How can I get him into the US?

Does her advance parole cover him? Will he be covered by her adjustment of status? She's going to go visit him in Colombia. I know she wants to bring him back with her. Is that in anyway possible?

Any assistance would be helpful.


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arrowNotice of Action
September 27, 2016, 8:34 am Last comment by agrabs

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In February of this year, I filled for my wife for Adj of Status, advance Parole, and Permission to work. The process has been painfully long. What I've learned should have been fairly obvious but wan't to me. The adjustment of status got an RFE in May which I responded to quickly. But the other two documents have been stalled.

About three weeks ago I contacted my congressman's office and asked for assistance. They did an inquiry and a week later she got her approval. We were notified by sms msg last Friday and the NOA arrived yesterday.

Am I right in assuming that the NOA is not the actual working papers and Travel document? They don't look like the docs she would take with her when she leaves the country? Am I right to assume the actual documents will come sometime soon? I want to book her a flight back to Colombia but I hesitate to do that till we have the actual documents she needs to travel.


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arrow129F question about former wife
September 24, 2016, 2:42 pm Last comment by NikLR

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Dear Visa Journey Friends,


On the form 129F, question 14A and 14E ask about former wife's Alien number and date of filing. I do not have that information. ( I petitioned my ex wife on 2006, and divorced this year)


  • Can I leave it blank?
  • If I can't leave it blank, where can I get that information from?

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arrowVisa delivery
September 16, 2016, 9:06 pm Last comment by TBoneTX

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My wife was approved for visa at Bogota colombia after 3 visits to embassy. A month ago. Checked website and it shows visa printed. However she did not pay for delivery. Lives in Medellin. How can she contact someone to pay for the passport delivery? She has heard nothing and has not been contacted.

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arrowWife Is From Colombia With Colombian Passport But Now Has My Last Name...Travel?s
September 12, 2016, 5:24 pm Last comment by Palmer

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My wife is from Colombia and she now has my last name on her driver's license, SS card, work authorization card, and green card. Her Colombian passport is still in her maiden name. Today is September 12 and we just found out unexpectedly that we are going to a wedding in Colombia on December 7.


I have been 'told' that the wait times to get her passport changed to her new (my) last name is about 3 months. We can't afford to that be 4 months at this point....need info on how to do that also.


Soooo, can she still travel to Colombia and re-enter the US with her Colombian passport that has her maiden name which is different from all her other US issued identification? I am pretty sure that the airline just wants her ticket info to match her ID info on that end but it is the passport info that I am concerned about.


If she can't travel with her Colombian passport, what can be do and if possible expedite her Colombian passport name change?



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