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TB test for medical
10:58 pm

L and E

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I am trying to sort out the req's for the medical before the interview for our K1 visa and was wondering... To confirm the presence/absence of TB usually a tuberculin skin test is done which must sit in the skin for 2 days until it can be read. Considering this, must the beneficiary come back to complete this part before their interview? Meaning they must do their medical at least 3 days before their interview? My fiance will have to travel for all of this so we would like to get it done for him all in one trip

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Processing Times
9:10 pm


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Hi Good Afternoon,

Anybody know more or less how long is the processing times for removal of conditions.

Thank you.

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How long to get passport back w/visa after the interview for K1 visa in Bogota- Colombia?
8:20 pm


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How long to get passport back w/visa after the interview for K1 visa in Bogota- Colombia?

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From resident to tourist?
1:18 am


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I know this is not a common case and at first I was just as weirded out but Visa journey came to mind so here I am to ask in behalf of my aunt.

shes been a resident for quite some time already (her daughter who s a citizen brought her) but she comes and goes, one year here, 6 months back in our country of origin and so on.

The thing is that for whatever reason (she says it s been hard for her to adjust to the us) she would like to be able to still come visit her daughter and her grandkids without having the pressure of traveling every so often to not lose her permanent green card ...she s tried to talk to my cousin but she just gets mad and tells her she is ungrateful and that she said a lot of money to get her that green card so she asked me since I m a permanent resident myself (I live in a different state) if I knew about it but it s not like I know a lot about USCIS and the different processes ...I told her she should contact a lawyer but figured I could ask here too since this has been such a helpful site on the times I ve filed

thank you in advance

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Getting Ready and Awaiting NOA2 and NVC Stage
9:55 pm


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Good afternoon guys...

This was something I had been running away from, but finally between yesterday and today I have already prepared it, and I have to really say that I only need 2 documents to ask my country: Cuba. And the documents of my wife's AOS that we will request once the NOA2 arrives, I made a complete guide of the steps to follow in the NVC stage and the cover letters of AOS and package IV are already advanced. date and my case number once assigned.
At the same time, the document that is ready, birth certificate, is scanned and waiting, the photocopy of the biographical page of the passport is scanned and waiting, and the questions that required memory for the DS-260 are also answered.
I did a spoon-based guide for myself based and adjusted to my case, and I have learned a lot of things in these 2 days!
It is my advice to those people whose NOA2 is eventually close, my PD is August 24.
Greetings to all.Jhonny.

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