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arrowRFE for K2 entry
September 30, 2014, 12:53 pm Last comment by Keith and Any
Keith and Any

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My stepdaughter received an RFE stating thay there is no evidence a visa petition was filed on her behalf. They are requesting the I797 which I have. It doesn't have her name, only that of my wife. Does anybody know if this is sufficient? Her application was initially rejected due to a missing page. There has been no problem with neither my wife's application nor the application of my other stepdaughter.

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arrowI-212 waiver petition
September 28, 2014, 5:34 pm Last comment by Jawaree

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Hey im looking for someone to help me on an estimate time for processing the i-212. First of all.

2001 came to the US with my parents i was 8 years old and filed asylum a year later my parents and i stayed illegal for only six months then got all the papers such as (SSN) and working permits for mom an dad ( i was in school.)

2008. The asylum was denide and the deportation order was stoped by an appeal from my father (i was in high school)

2010 The asylum was denide and no more appeals qualify (still in high school) got my dioloma a day before i came to colombia ive been here ever since.

Now with in the time frame i just wrote i married my highschool sweat heart on march 2010 before me leaving we filled the i-130 (i could of stay however the officer said that it was best if id go to Colombia) everything was approved. However me and my wife wasnt that good due to being so far from eachother so we ended everything (2011).

2012 . my wife and i worked the relationship out and came to colombia on feb she came with the idea to stay until id leave with her ( got her an id a visa i got her everything here in colombia in a matter of a day) she worked with me and we found out that we were gonna be parents on June she was a six weeks :) we decided that it was best to have our daugther in florida so she went back. She filed the i-130 again when arrived and was approved in 2 months due to previous approval.

The case had taken so long due to finding a co-sponsor for the affadavit of support finally got it at 2013

2014 got the interview at the embassy in colombia on feb and was approved like the guy said however he explained that he could not provide me with a visa until i had the i-212 aproved he explained that as soon as i had it to email him the copy to the embasy or they will notify me if they get it first from USCIS

2014 march 8 Filed the i-212 ad was send out to nebraska

2014 MAY 8 . transfered to the office of jurisdiction to Orlando FL

I know that from march to may was a waste of time it doesnt state no time frame its about to be 5 moths on oct
From may 8

Documents sent with the i-212

original marrige cert
original birth cert( me and wife)
original birth cert (FL , Daughter)
copy of voluntary removal that was given to me before removed)
letters from my teachers describing me and my wife and our relationship (how i was allways a good person to my peers)
a letter stating reason to come back to the US
Copy of my criminal record from Colombia( Clean no felonies)
copy of my wifes passport

No new documents have been requiered from the office. recieved a letter on may 8 stating that as soon as they have a decision i will be notifide)
Still waiting and my wife cannot get an infopass because they wont give her no info due to it being my case (my aplication)


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arrowA big thank you
September 25, 2014, 9:04 pm Last comment by TBoneTX

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I wanted to say thanks for all who answered my questions... Finished putting the papers together, except for a couple she needs to sign, and will go in the mail next week. It was interesting, I had  an attorney look over the papers today, to make sure I got all... He said the K-1s typically aren't a problem because they get another "crack" at you with the adjustment of status hearing, in two years.. Arggghhh! That is his bailiwick and thought I would share, what I am sure is common knowledge amongst all, that for the AOS, the two big things is, of course, documentation of joint domicile, and names on bank accounts.... I asked about utility bills, he said sure, but the big thing is commingling of funds, and assets.... I thought that was interesting...


So anyway, thanks to you all....

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arrowjob references for beneficiary
September 24, 2014, 11:27 pm Last comment by iammrsregi

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one more and i think the last crazy question... my fiancée has been unemployed for about 4  years, taking care of her younger brother and sister while her mom worked... she did some very temporary fill in work as a secretary during this time but sporadic... the last one was over a year ago... how do i represent that?  is the embassy going to check it that close? Is this an issue for the embassy interview? During this time..early in the period, she did go to school...


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arrowk1 visa - Mexico police certificate [edited title]
September 24, 2014, 2:25 pm Last comment by KayDeeCee

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I am so confuse now, please there is some one that alreary ask for the police certificate in Mexico, it need notorial stamps? is enough the police certificate of the city where I live on mexico? or i need federal police certificate too 


Some please help me! 

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