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I-130 Income requirements help
1:29 am


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I just filed my tax return but it is below the minimum requirement....I was unemployed using my savings until I got a new job. My new job is above the minimum easily now..... I have not started the process yet. Can my employer send a letter to prove my income? We will celebrate our 1 year anniversary in July 2017. Colombian wife, American husband.

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SSN vs Tax Id for son with K2 of my wife.
8:58 pm


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So we waited to bring my son into the US from Colombia. He arrived a few days ago. I wanted to start the process of his Adjustment of Status. As part of that process the form asks for his SSN. And the first document we got for my wife after we married was an SSN. However, when we arrived at the Social Security Office, the clerk informed me, that he can't have an SSN because a K2 doesn't give him authorization to work. Now my wife's K1 didn't get her authorization to work either. So that confuses me a little. She told me I need to get him a Tax Id, and not a SSN.

I just want to confirm this information and maybe get an idea of if I need to return and talk to a different clerk, or if the next step is to get an Tax Id. Anyone know what the real deal is?

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Any advantages in marketplace for bilingual nurse?
10:38 pm


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After 1.5 years of study of both English and pursuing certifications in Assistant Nursing and Phlebotomy, my wife is preparing to enter the job market.

Just curious if others have found speaking English and Spanish as a nurse or assistant nurse has given them more opportunities, better pay, better shifts, better bennies, etc. Of course, I understand that any leverage that a bilingual candidate might have relates to living and working in a bilingual place - which applies in this case as we live in New Mexico.

I was surprised by her experiences in the practice portion of her education out in a laboratory. She related stories how customers would come in who spoke only Spanish, and if the 1 staff person who spoke Spanish happened to be on break or off shift, then the others pretty much looked to my wife to translate - and she was the non-paid student in those situations.

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step after approved i130?
2:32 am


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After the beneficiary ( us citizen parent), enters the country with a paid immigrant visa fee, what is next? Do they get a green card or do they have to file i 485?

Thank you.

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Aplying for siblings
8:04 pm


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Hi VJ's

I am a US citizen, I would like to bring my siblings here, but I have questions, if you can give me some advice:

1. Need I one application I-130 for each one of my siblings who wants to emmigrate?
2. Must I include their kids in the petition?
3. This is an special case: one of my sister came here 6 years ago with a work visa, but, right now is expired (I don't know how long is) Can I file a petition for her without she get in trouble?

Thanks in advance

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