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12:50 pm yesterday


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Hi guys good morning, I have to fill my DS260, it s ready to do it, but I have to move and that will change my address, I have a Question, do I receive a post mail, or something from U.S , any correspondence??? That s my question, my intention is to complete the DS260 today, but I need that information...

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Australian Police Certificate
5:26 am yesterday


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IR-1 /CR-1

I'm confused and i cant get a straight answer as for now June 2018 -

What code is the right one? Code 33 (Full Disclosure) or Code 35 (Standard Disclosure) ?!

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ayuda .hola empiezo a armar los dos paquetes de aos y IV y tengo muchas dudas
3:14 am yesterday


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solicito ayuda porfavor para aclarar unas dudad que tengo.

me llego la welcome letter y deseo saber cno exactitud que debo anexar en el aos paquete y en el iv paquete ya que debo enviarlos juntos y quiero tener todo listo,

si alguien tiene una lista de que debe contener con exactitud cada paquete me seria de gran ayuda... son pocos los foros donde y redirigen a la pagina de nvc donde no es muy clara, seria de ayuda alguien que ya haya enviado su paquete y pueda compartir esa informacion ,,,

muchas gracias

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NVC Invoice number
5:43 am yesterday


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Does anyone know what this means.. I need some help.. Thanks..

Enter the Invoice ID Number that the National Visa Center sent you

I have my immigrant visa case number, but I don't know what the above number is.. Any help would be appreciated..



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Evidence for 134
2:48 am yesterday

p squared

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Went to my bank in order to get required evidence for 134 (1. date account opened, 2. Total amount of deposit over the year 3. present balance in all accounts. My bank, Wells Fargo, was able to give me an official printout that stated the date the account was open and the current balance. However, he said they don't have any way to show just my deposits over the year. He ended up printing 12 months of my statements for checking and savings accounts that shows my deposits and all my payments. It's a lot of paper. I can circle all of my direct deposits from work I suppose.

Is this was everyone else does for this? Was there something I, and the banker, missed?

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