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Study abroad for 10 months, "Decision cannot be made" after interview
12:48 pm


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I had my interview today (Dallas Field Office) and knew this might pose an issue but did not expect it to hinder my progress. I am applying for naturalization on the basis of having 2 US citizens as my adoptive parents, and after 5.5 years of having my green card (04-21-2012). I moved to Spain from September 2012 to July 2013 (about 10 months) to pursue a Master's degree. Since I had been in the US for just a few months before leaving, I did not have any bills, credit cards, loans, bank statements, etc. that prove I maintained residency here. I also did not file taxes in 2012 because I was out of the country and had no idea I had to file if I made no money or if I was living abroad (I realize this was a mistake). I basically borrowed money from my family to live in Spain, and used that money to support myself in Spain. The problem is, I closed the account in 2014 and the bank has no records or statements of it whatsoever. However, I maintained full access to my adoptive parents' home during that time and they were living in the US during that time as well (they've been here for over 25 years).

I even waited until more than 4 years had passed after I came back to the US since I read about the 4 years and one day rule (although I realize it is only mentioned in cases where someone was gone for over a year). An attorney last year even advised me to wait until 4 years had passed so that I would have no problems whatsoever. I showed the officer my diploma and school transcripts from Spain, all legally translated. Besides this trip, I have taken 7 or 8 more trips in the five previous years for vacation, all trips between 15 days and 2 months, since I have the summer off and can use it to travel around. Additionally, I have 1 speeding ticket that was taken care of and mentioned during the interview.

After passing the civics and English test, the officer told me my long absence was an issue because that's how it is when you leave for more than 6 months. She said she would review my case further and mail a decision. When asked if I would need additional documents she said she thinks she has everything she needs but will mail me a letter if there is anything I need to provide. I really don't know what to think at this point. I haven't been gone for over 2 months in the last 4 years, have had a stable job and paid taxes for the last 4 years, and have stayed out of trouble besides a speeding ticket. Could it be possible that she just wants to double check the dates or something? Or does it sound like my application will be denied on the basis of "abandoning" my residency, even if I waited more than 4 years and one day after that long absence?

Thank you!

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I-129F PACKAGE BIRTH CERTIFICATE IF I was born in another country?
7:17 pm

Carolina Dalton

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Should I include my birth certificate from colombia? or it is not neccesary? I include my proof of citizenship from us, naturalization certificate and us passport all pages. but should I include my birth certificate from colombia with a translation? is this needed?

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i-129f package should I include beneficiary birth certificate?
8:32 am

Carolina Dalton

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I see a video from a lady from mexico and she was saying that her petitioner got a rfe because he didnt include her birth cerficate traslate and original with the i-129f ? so WHAT i do?

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8:21 am

Carolina Dalton

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Hey guys I'm not the best typing in english so Can you guys help me reviewing this attachment, thank you.


I-129F Supplement: Part 2, Questions 54 Explanation of Meeting in person


We were Facebook friends, He is from Cali - Colombia, and I am from Cali - Colombia too

So we have mutual friends in Facebook and I send him a friend request on fb, and we talk sometimes on fb but not too much, because I was living in USA so I didn t have too much time and we were not close friends or anything, we just talk about things like music, or tattoos that we have in common, and sometimes I told him that he was cute but that all. On July of 2016 I fly to Colombia for Vacations and Visiting my family in Cali, Colombia, and I told him I was in Colombia and He ask me to go out a couple of times.

IN PERSON MEETING We Meet on August 15 of 2016

On a Facebook Message He ask me if we can go out and finally that day I didn t have nothing to do so I told him YES, we go to the mall that was close to my grandparents house (I was staying with them) , and We meet for the first time, He gave me a kiss on the cheek, I was nervous but I start feeling more comfortable talking to him, he bring me something to eat (potato chips and soda), the night was pretty good but it was late and I have to go back to my grandparents house I said bye to him.

Next day I told him that I thought He was really cute on a Facebook message, and He told me really? I think you are cute too, next day He told me to go to the same mall and I told him why we don t go to eat, so we went to my favorite restaurant called Crepes and Waffles, and after eating he take me to my grandparents house and gave me a kiss.

He used to work very close to my grandparents house, so we start going out and then developed a relationship, He visit me after work almost every day, because he used to work very close to my grandparent s house in Cali, Colombia , He meet my family, and everyone like him cause he is very nice and funny, so he was more than welcome to my house.

I have to go back to USA because I was a Green Card holder so I can t stay outside USA for more than 4 months, so he take me to the airport and we start crying, I didn t know what to do but I have to leave, in USA he call me everyday and I was very sad, at that time I was doing my citizenship so I thought that maybe I can go to Colombia and Stay a little longer when I got my US Citizenship so I buy an airplane ticket and went to Cali - Colombia again.

I fly to Cali - Colombia on December 24 of 2016

We keep talking on the phone while I was in USA, and I told him that I want to be with him, so I buy an airplane ticket to Colombia and I fly on December 24 of 2016, He was waiting for me in the airport, I was very happy to see him again, I kiss him and give him a lot of kisses.

I was staying at my grandparents house but I didn t want to stay in there anymore, he told me to find an apartment and live together, we found one and we sign a lease for an apartment his parents help us to co-sign for the apartment, I live with him for 8 months and Stay in Cali, Colombia for 10 months, and I told him that I will have to go back to USA, because I wasn t working and I need to work, I need money, I didn t have much savings left, So I buy an Airplane ticket to fly to USA on October 26 of 2017, I told him that I was thinking that we can do the K1 FIANCE VISA, so we can be together and have a better life, he agreed with me, so we start this journey, It will be hard to be apart, But I will do this for Us.

C. C. C.

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October i-130 parents
10:52 pm


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Petition sent October 5

Text notification acceptance notice 10/13/17

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