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June 15th NOA1
2:09 am


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(case # removed)

can anyone provide an estimate please.

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12:37 am


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I just sent my fiance's visa packet. I know we now wait on the NOA. My fiance is Colombian. She does not have records of her immunizations. I found the guide dated 2009 which explains the required vaccinations, recommended etc. Can anyone help me with the following questions?

1. Which of the required (in yellow) vaccinations are really needed? Are they all required as it says?

2. Which of the recommended (in gray) vaccinations are needed? somewhere it states if the conditions apply the vacc is needed. Which ones much be obtained?

3. When should we begin having her obtaining these vaccinations?

Also, regarding the Financial support form what all is needed since I work and make over 36k per year?

I may be thinking too far ahead. Maybe someone can outline what to expect along with me following the flow chart.

Thank you in advance.


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Whew! Sent the I-129F
11:57 pm


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Finally sent my fiance's K1 Visa Packet. Now I wait and review the guide as to what to expect.

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financial cap
11:22 pm


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this is the financial question for our 1 130 app.

previously filed for ex wife and her 2 kids. very long story. still stuck with that finanacil singature of 860 forms.

now some time later. i remarried and filing new 1 130 for new wife and her stepdaughter.

i dont know if current salary of 51,000 per year is enough to cover. do i need to get new financial sponsors into the application?

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physical adress, current adress
10:11 pm


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I came with a tourist visa and 3 months later got married in the US. In the forms they ask for my "physical address" and "current address". Are those the same? Should I write my adress in the US? I am Colombian but was living in France for my studies (2 years) before I came in America. Thank you!

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