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arrowSPONSONS for affidavit of support
March 28, 2015, 9:23 pm Last comment by liset51187

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I do not make enough a year so my parents are going to be the sponsors for my fiancé, they file jointly every year and both will be sponsors, can I fill out only ONE affidavit of support for the two of them or two separate ones and I guess the income information would be the same on both pages ????


Thank you in advance!!

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arrowUnable to get Police certificate - Possible but too expensive
March 28, 2015, 7:14 pm Last comment by Sukie

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I lived for 11 months in Slovakia as an exchange student when I was 17 years old. Therefore, I am required to submit a Police Certificate from Slovakia. The problem is that:


1. The certificate can only be issued if I request it IN PERSON at the Slovak Embassy.

2. There is no Slovak Embassy in my country of residence (Colombia). The embassy assigned for my country is in Brasilia (Brazil).


I have contacted both the Slovak Embassy in Brasilia and the Ministry of Justice in Slovakia and they told me there is no other way to obtain the letter other than traveling to Brasilia.


This means that I would need to spend at least 1200 USD in flight tickets alone and other additional expenses on top of that. That is very difficult for me at this time. I have successfully obtained Police Certificates from Colombia and from the Netherlands, where I lived the last two years.


My questions are:


a. Do you think an explanation letter to the NVC, telling them of my efforts to get that document and the impossibility to obtain it in my country can help me obtain a waiver for that document?


b. Is there a special template for these kind of explanation letters for missing documents in the application package?




German Cortes

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arrowConfusion about what to put on I864 if parents file taxes jointly with no individual income
March 28, 2015, 12:42 am Last comment by kaczkl25

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Hi everyone,


My dad is my joint sponsor (i864) and my mom is filling out the i864a. My parents file taxes jointly and make no individual income (they own a business 50-50). 


My question is:


On the i864 does my dad need to make any mention of my mom (this would only cause the numbers to be doubled, because they make the same income and own the same assets). Or can she just fill out the i864a, with out any mention of her at all in the i864?


Thank you in advance! I´m very confused and would really appreciate your help!

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arrowI 864A question
March 27, 2015, 10:16 pm Last comment by kaczkl25

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Hi everyone,


My parents file jointly and only make one income together from their small business + my dad´s Social Security retirement income. Most of the money is coming from my dad´s Social Security.


I have 2 questions: 


1) I know that the joint sponsor will fill out the I 864. But, because my parents file their taxes jointly, does one of them have to fill out the I 864 and the other the I 864 A? Or can just one fill out the I 864 and no one fill out the I 864A? 


2) Can my mom be my joint sponsor, even if most of the income is from my dad´s social security? 


Thank you!

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arrowHow do I change address?
March 27, 2015, 2:32 am Last comment by andfp

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I would like to know how do I change address using online tool.

Because if I select I130 on the options it would only let me select that form and another short list of forms.

But not the I485, I765 and I131.


Also it ask for Applicant or Petitioner.

Am I right if I say that me (the alien one) is petitioner of I1485, I765, and I131.

And the USC is petitioner of I130.


So what I think is I might do two address change. One for me and one for my loved one.


:) thanks for the help.

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