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i130 sent yesterday Aug 21... What's next now?
3:50 pm today


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Well finally i 130 was sent Yesterday with all the requirements that I found here in the forum, the photos, affidavit of support , well, everything.

Post Mail guy said to my wife that USCIS will receive it tomorrow! We send it to Phoenix AZ Center that corresponds to us.

My question is...

What should I wait now ? Maybe the NOA1???

And if it's correct, what is next step?

As I always say, thanks in advance for your response and help, this Forum is like a compass to find the correct path...

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6:59 pm today


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About 18 months ago my fiancee entered the country (12/2015). We married almost immediately. Her son stayed in Colombia. We wanted to wait to bring him into the US till we were sure things were stable here and also because he was in the middle of a school year. That delay caused us to pass through his expiration of the original visa. We applied for an extension and were granted that. And he entered the country in April of this year.

In the mean time we had filed for an adjustment of status for his mother, and been granted that last fall. She got a 2 year green card.

,I have since applied for his adjustment of status. The paper work I submitted was: I-485, G-325A, I-131, I-765, I-94, I-864, 1040 2016, Birth Certificate, Translation of BC, Marriage Certificate, Colombian Passport identity page for child and mother, K2-Visa from Colombian Passport child, K1-Visa from Colombian Passport mother, Photo copy of Green Card for mother, Photo copy of advanced parole mother, photo copy of ss card mother, entry stamp from childs passport, my passport identity page.

Three days ago we had an appointment and had his biometrics taken.

Today I got an RFE,

 You must submit evidence that an immigrant visa  petition has been filed on your behalf  on or before the date of filing i-485 such evidence includes:   Form I-797 Notice of Action for  Form I-129  (Petition for Alien Fiance(e)) Form I-130 Form I-360 Form I-171

Does this just mean I was supposed to file an I-130 with his application and I didn't? I've looked for the I-797 for the I-129 and I can't find that. I have the 797's for her I-486, I-131 and I-785.

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As a sponsor, what if my taxes show income above 125% but my employment letter doesn't?
5:42 am today


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Title says it all. I'm looking to serve as a sponsor for a friend of mine to get her green card and while I make over 125% of the poverty level for a family of two, my current work is seasonal and temporary and I start grad school soon. I figured last years tax receipts would handle this but I also need to submit that employment letter.

Will my sponsorship be turned down if the numbers don't match? IE. I make $45,000 a year according to tax receipts but my employer letter says that I only make $10,000 at my current place of work.

Thanks for all the help guys!


P.S. Apologies if this was already asked, I couldn't find it =/

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i.485 NEW form question part 2
11:31 pm today


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Hey VisaJourney friends!

So I officially married my *now* husband through the K1 visa a few weeks ago and now I'm filling out the AOS packet.

I have a burning question for those that are filling out the new form of i-485 on page 4, part 2 (Information about your immigration category) #3 and #8 are those going to be the same receipt numbers from NOA2 i-797?

And would the principal applicant s A# in question 6 be the beneficiary s A# that's up on the corner?

Just double checking! Thanks in advance for any insight!

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Fingerprint fee accepted but money still with me
3:54 pm today


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Yesterday (Aug. 10-2017) I went to my biometrics appointment and everything went just fine, however, when I go to the USCIS page to track the progress of my application it says the fingerprint fee has been accepted but the money still appears in my bank account.

Logic tells me that they wouldn't even schedule a biometric appointment for me without actually paying for it but it's very strange for them to accept the fee and me still keep the money in my account.

Did this happen to anyone else? Does USCIS check if there is sufficient money to later charge the amount?

I'm mostly confused than concerned.


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