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  1. Thank you for all of the helpful advise. It definitely is a situation where tough decisions need to be made. In the end I'm hoping that everything turns out ok, however I'm just a person that likes to have as much information as possible to understand what the worst case scenario *could* look like. I'm doing my best to support my fiancée so she can make what she feels is the right decision.
  2. My fiancée recently arrived here on a K1 visa and we haven't had the chance to get married yet, however she just received devastating news regarding her grandmother back home. Preparing for the worst case scenario, I was trying to figure out if there's any possibility for her to get an Emergency Travel Document (as explained here https://www.uscis.gov/greencard/greencardprocesses/traveldocuments/emergencytravel) to allow her to re-enter on the K1 visa prior to us getting married. The situation is fluid and we live in a state with a waiting period for marriage licenses so I'm preparing for the absolute worst case scenario in that she needs to leave before we can marry and apply for AOS. Does anybody know if this is possible? I'm hoping that she doesn't need to travel, but just wanted to get the information to understand what could happen.
  3. My fiancée had her medical examination prior to the visa appointment, however she is missing her vaccination records so we'll need to see a civil surgeon here anyway. Can this be done prior to us getting married, or does it needed to be dated after the wedding? My goal is to have the entire packet filled out and ready to go, so the same day we receive the completed marriage license we can sign and send of the AOS package to have things processed as soon as possible. Just trying to see if there is any reason this is not possible?
  4. We had the same experience. After about 2 weeks appointments opened up. Good luck!
  5. Thank you very much everybody for all of the great answers! When we got engaged, for a few reasons we planned to get married in the US rather than in my fiancée's country so went the K1 route. At that time I was unaware how long AOS took and the issues with traveling outside the US during that time. If I knew then what I know now we would have gone the spousal visa route, but at this point we're less than a month away from the visa interview and just looking forward to being together.
  6. Hi all, My fiancée is applying for a K1 visa and thinking ahead I'm looking in to how things work once she gets here and applies for AOS. I was under the impression that she could apply for Advance Parole to be able to travel outside the US and this could be used for any reason, it didn't have to be an emergency or humanitarian situation. However, reading the instructions on the form carefully, this doesn't seem to be the case. Specifically, the instructions state: You must complete Part 4. of the form indicating how your intended travel fits within 1 of the 3 purposes below. You must also provide evidence of your reason for travel outside of the United States including the dates of travel and the expected duration outside the United States. If your advance parole application is approved, the validity dates of your Advance Parole Document will be for the duration of the documented need for travel. Below are examples of acceptable evidence: Educational Purposes (a) A letter from a school employee acting in an official capacity describing the purpose of the travel and explaining why travel is required or beneficial; or (b) A document showing enrollment in an educational program requiring travel. Employment Purposes A letter from your employer or a conference host describing the need for the travel. Humanitarian Purposes (a) A letter from your physician explaining the nature of your medical condition, the specific medical treatment to be sought outside of the United States, and a brief explanation why travel outside the U.S. is medically necessary; or (b) Documentation of a family member’s serious illness or death. So if we wanted to travel just for leisure, obviously she wouldn't fit in to any of those categories. Can anybody confirm if this is indeed the case that she must strictly fit in to one of those categories, or if there is some flexibility for leisure travel? Thanks
  7. Hang in there! My fiancée was also in the same situation in Bogotá. After about two weeks of checking the page each day, she was able to schedule an appointment for May. After reading of some other people's experiences at other consulates, I'm grateful it was only 2 weeks!
  8. My fiancée is Colombian so we're going through the embassy in Bogotá. When the embassy first reached out it directed her to a page to make an appointment, but there were no appointments available. It took over a week of checking the site every day before an appointment opened up, which she made for May. I'm not sure how different your experience in Casablanca will be, but I hope things start moving soon for you and your fiancée. Good luck!
  9. You can file the DS-160 now. I was also confused about this, but my fiancée filled it and it gives a confirmation number, which she then entered when making her visa appointment after the embassy reached out I think. In her case the embassy reached out about 6 weeks after getting the notification from NVC, so hopefully it should be soon for you.
  10. Hi everybody, I just filled out Form I-134 for my fiancée and wanted to make sure I got some things right: I'm supporting both my fiancée and her minor daughter. When reading the instructions at first it sounded like I need to fill out 2 forms, one for each of them, but then I realized her daughter was listed in the Part 2 #13 as a dependent, so it seems like just 1 form is necessary for my fiancée as the main beneficiary. Anybody know if this is correct, or do I need to fill out another one for my future step daughter as well? In Part 2 #13 I listed both my fiancée and her daughter. Under Total Number of Dependents I put 1 - i.e. my fiancée has 1 dependent. Correct? Or should it be 2, because there are two names on the form? In Part 3 #14 I put that I have 0 dependents, as I currently don't have any dependents living with me in the United States (i.e. my fiancée and her daughter are not my dependents yet). Plus, it says don't include individuals named in part 2. Is this correct? In Part 3 #21 where it asks to explain the contributions you will make to the beneficiary, I just wrote "All expenses for (fiancée's name) and (step daughter's name)." Is this sufficient? Attached to the form, I'll give my fiancée a copy of my US passport, letter from my employer stating my income, and my 2023 tax transcripts Just as extra backup in case anything comes up, I also plan top bring all of my tax transcripts, W2s and 1040s going back 3 years, and all of my paystubs for this year. I know that may be a little hardcore, but I would feel better being over prepared. Anything I'm forgetting? Thanks!
  11. Have your beneficiary email you an electronic copy of their passport photo, then you can attach it. Your beneficiary still needs to be the one to log in and "sign and submit" the application themselves, and at that point they would just fill in your name as the person who helped prepare the form.
  12. If it helps to know, our I129F was approved on December 14 and transferred to the embassy in January, and I just got NOA2 in the mail today. This probably is not typical as I complicated matters by conveniently moving and changing my address immediately after the petition was approved. If your fiancé is already scheduling their interview, it sounds like everything is good. In our case, the email we got from the embassy (Bogota) had several attachments, one of which was the scanned copy of the I129F with a stamp of approval. Of course, we're nowhere near done with this process, so I'll let someone else who knows more comment on if having the NOA2 in your hand is really crucial or not.
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