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  1. Everything went great, we had all of our evidence, the original and updated evidence from the filing to the present day. Nothing more was requested and they didn't ask any questions about the income beyond what I do for work. I provided a letter with my annual base salary from HR showing I was active, in good standing, date of hire, etc.... along with pay stubs. They also requested last year's tax filing, I gave a transcript but I believe this is just to verify that you have actually filed in the last year. As others have said, they care much more about the 'now' of income. Let me know if you have other questions!
  2. Thanks everyone! This is super helpful, I'm not sure why I fixated on this part as the most stressful! I'll get a letter from HR to add to the current pay stubs
  3. Hey everyone! We have our interview in a couple of weeks and I have some I-134 anxiousness and need some help. Our interview is in Bogota, Colombia. I've been self-employed for 7 years but this last year I also started working a W-2 job full time. I am planning on bringing 3 years of transcripts (23' will not be filed yet) which as I know other self-employed people have mentioned before, obviously maximizing deductions for filing purposes drives down bottom-line net income and the returns are just a lot more confusing than a straightforward W-2 income earner. So, my basic question is... do we think that showing current W-2 income (in form of pay stubs) that meet the income requirement will be enough, even though the job just started in August and I have NEVER had W-2 income before? I am also listing bank accounts as assets and bringing 6 months of statements just as buffer. I just don't want this to be a hangup spot! I have someone that would be a joint sponsor with easy W-2 income but I would rather not add even more docs/confusion if it isn't necessary.
  4. Colombia peeps: there are appointments! They're all in February, I was able to get one for the 1st. Go!
  5. Does anyone here have any more updates? I got a response from the embassy today that they sent us packet 3 on the 24th of November but we never received it! I asked them to resend it but I guess we don't really nee the letter since all the info appears to be all published on the embassy site. Either way... I have yet to see any open appointment slots.
  6. Hey John, we're in the same boat - the Embassy received our case at the beginning of November and we haven't even received packet 3 yet... no appointments to be found. It looks like (from timelines here on VJ) the most recent group before us was able to schedule without issues but nobody really had any appointments beyond the first week of January or so. Also, as of this week there is no way to email the embassy - they now use a google form and all K visa related questions lead to a "don't contact us with questions" page! Definitely frustrating to be so close, yet so far!
  7. Just an update on this thread - nothing has really changed, there haven't been any appointments in the last couple of weeks. The embassy recently stopped using their email address and now flows you through a google form for any inquiries and (unsurprisingly) anything K Visa related basically leads you to a don't contact us page lol... We feel so close but so far! CEAC Tracker shows case "last updated" this past Friday so I guess they opened the file for something but that has been it.
  8. Hey everyone! We have been trying to schedule our interview in Bogota, Colombia since last week and it has only shown no appointments available. It will not allow us to pay the MRV fee until slots open, I guess? Does anyone have insight about when Bogota releases new appointments or have any suggestions? It doesn't seem like anyone has had a scheduling issue recently when looking at the timelines.
  9. Hey there! No real updates, we emailed the embassy after case showed ready on the CEAC Tracker requesting packet 3 and they responded with a generic-sounding message that it would be sent in the "the following weeks". But so far nothing yet! I suspect the holidays both here and in Colombia will be slowing the process a bit as well.
  10. lol... well that was the question I asked in my original post and you told me to wait for packet 3. There is conflicting information on whether it's necessary to wait for Packet 3 for Colombia. The embassy had even posted on their instagram that 'ready' meant you could schedule but that was a while ago and there are multiple warnings when you go to schedule about waiting for packet 3. I emailed the embassy yesterday to request the packet. You can do the DS-160 really at any time but it is better to do it right before you schedule the interview so the information will be current.
  11. when the case is 'ready' at the embassy it shows the date it was created at NVC. I had also gotten the case number through public inquiry at NVC.
  12. Colombia NOA1: 10/13/22 NOA2: 9/29/23 NVC Case Creation: 10/18/23 Consulate Received: 11/9/23 CEAC 'Ready': 11/9/23 I'm still confused if we need to wait for packet 3 before scheduling an interview. The embassy page here on VJ says it is not necessary and at one time the Embassy had on their instagram that scheduling was available after status was "ready"! But of course when you go to schedule it has the warning about not scheduling until packet 3 is received lol...
  13. There is quite a bit of conflicting information for Bogota on when it is okay to schedule the interview for K-1. There is a generic "you must wait to receive packet 3 before scheduling" on the but the Embassy had openly said that interviews could be scheduled when CEAC shows "ready"... it sounds like some people never even receive the email! Any recent experiences, particularly on scheduling after "ready" status shows on CEAC?
  14. thanks everyone, I was equally confused about why they said that... hoping they just didn't understand what I was asking!
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