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January 15, 2017, 10:27 pm Last comment by Transborderwife

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Many VJers refer to missing their SO in progress reports. Maybe a stupid question but what is a SO? Tried searching for it on Yahoo to no avail. Maybe I've been out of America for too long.

Can someone enlighten me?

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arrowDivorce and bitter soon-to-be-ex-spouse?
January 14, 2017, 9:48 pm Last comment by Damara

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In November 2016 I posted a thread about considering divorce with my current spouse. I explained our differences in values and motivation, life goals, etc. (


Although I was considering divorce as a possibility, I still had some faith in our relationship and marriage that it would work out and it was just going to take time.

We had our interview on 12/8/2016 and was approved. I received my conditional green card.

The major issues that we were having were that 1) Vaping - it bothers me and he would not give it up. 2) DJing - He is not focused on school, barely making ends meet by working in retail, yet still putting 80% of his time into something that he should not prioritize at the moment. That was a no-no for me and I made it clear to him that I do not accept that. He promised me that he would quit but broke his promise 3 times. All these issues building up made me very frustrated.

I went back to my home country to visit family over Christmas and New years. I was gone for like 2 weeks. During that time he went out partying/drinking EVERY SINGLE NIGHT (how do I know? FB and snapchat...) Couple days before I came back I spoke to him expressing my concerns and doubts about this marriage. He was very rude and was like "if you want to leave me just do it now so I don't have to put up with your misery anymore." I said okay but we will have to talk in person.

He picked me up from the airport (I had to pay him to do that...). I got home and saw lipstick on my personal mug (not my lip prints apparently). The sheets were in the laundry (weird because he never does laundry for bed sheets and stuff). I was a little suspicious but didn't think too much about it. I tried to talk to him about our marriage and he seemed uninterested/avoiding the topic. 2 days after I came back from my home country (today), I found a box of condoms in the bathroom cabinets. I was shocked. We never use condoms because I'm on birth control. 3 of those condoms are missing. I confronted him, he admitted but seemed mad at me??? He was like well you are the one who wanted to leave me. Excuse me? Nothing is finalized and it certainly does not justify him sleeping with another woman.

He would not tell me when it was and where it was. I'm deeply disgusted. What's more bothersome is that he is trying to turn it against me by saying it's because I'm a , I'm using him for the green card, I'm an ugly person inside, etc. It's truly disappointing. When we were on good terms he was such a sweet person to me. The day I bring up possible splitting up he turns around and someone else, blame it on me, and falsely accuse me of these mean things. I'm using him for green card? I've been with him for 3.5 years, been married for almost 2 years. His bitterness and immaturity is completely throwing me off right now. I wouldn't be surprised if he suddenly decide to call immigration and file a complaint against me or something. He has done worse things to his ex after she broke up with him.

After finding out about him cheating, you bet I'm getting a divorce. Considering our situation right now, I'm not sure if he will seek some sort of revenge that might potentially affect my immigration status. My other concern is that it's happening so soon after I received my conditional green card. I know it does not look good, but it's out of my control and I'm not going to be miserable just for the sake of immigration benefits.

I'd think that we have a fair amount of evidence - Joint tax returns, joint leases, utility bills, joint ownership of a cat, joint car insurance, hotel/flight for several trips taken together, phone records, concert tickets, letters from him to me, tons of photos from all kinds of occasions including holidays, travelling, family and friends gatherings, etc. and possibly getting affidavits from 2 friends of ours. If I get an interview I'd be happy to explain to the officer the story. I'm just worried about the timing being so close. I don't know if anyone has had or seen similar cases that got approved?

Thank you very much in advance!

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arrowProcessing time difference for a US Citizen vs. a Permanent Resident getting green card for non-married child <21
January 12, 2017, 10:59 pm Last comment by Hypnos

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My wife, a green card holder, would like to get a green card for her son who is 20 years old now. Does anybody know if there's a processing time difference between a US Citizen vs. a Permanent Resident getting green card for their child? Maybe said another way, would it speed the processing time if my wife were a citizen?

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

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arrowI-864 Income Question
January 12, 2017, 5:07 am Last comment by Transborderwife

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We all know you can use assets if income is not enough for I-864. But I've been stumped on how to fill this out. I freelance in China and have absolutely no proof of income - no paystubs, no W2s, no 1099s. The thought of a proof of income RFE is scary because I got nothing. I have previous 3 years of taxes and they say between 10-50K per year but I don't have any proof of income for those either. I do have a house in the US paid in full and am in the process of getting an appraisal so I can use this in Part 7.

I-864 Part 6:

But any recommendations on if I chose "Self-Employed" with a small income ex: $3000 and hope they won't RFE me on such a small amount? Or maybe "Unemployed" as I'd rather them use my assets only?

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arrowShould I have the doctor to refill my I 693
January 11, 2017, 11:10 pm Last comment by tbone1991

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Hi, I went to get my new immigration medical exam done couple days ago. I went to see the doctor today and everything's fine with the test result and I was given a sealed envelope and a copy of the form. However, I was checking the form earlier and found out that in the Tuberculin Skin section, the doctor filled out the Date TST Applied, Date TST Read and Size of Reaction (0mm, which means negative). However, he didn't check the Negative or Positive box below. Should I go back to ask them to give me a new one? Sorry I'm being extra caution on the medical form because my old one expired.

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