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J-1 (Au Pair, no 2 year requirement) Getting Married
3:17 pm today


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My fianc (from China) is in the US on a J-1 Visa (no 2 year requirement) as an Au Pair. I am a US born citizen.

Her first year of Au Pair work is finishing next week, and she's due to start her new work assignment on August 1st.

We want to cancel her 2nd year of work, and get married August 27th, then file the adjustment of status paperwork.

I'm not sure about the timing here. If she cancels her 2nd year her J1 might be terminated. If that's the case, can we adjust her status after marriage no problems?

Does she need to continue working as her 2nd year until the paperwork is submitted and approved? I'm not sure about the timing here.

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Vaccine costs?
3:19 am today

Ron Turner

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My Chinese wife is scheduled to take her medical exam in Shanghai before her interview for the CR1 Visa. As the Chinese hospital no longer exists (and no longer has any vaccine records), she will have to get the full panel at her medical exam. Anyone have any idea how much these vaccines would cost?

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K1 Guangzhou Consulate Interview Problem
8:16 pm today


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My fiance went to her K1 visa interview at Guangzhou on Monday and was informed that she passed and got her issuance notice letter (we understand this is not guarantee, but looks very promising and we are excited). However, yesterday, she received a phone call from the consulate to inform her that although the interview went through, there is a possibility that it might be delayed or worst denied (alluding that it is under review?). When my fiance asked for more colors, the lady said she didn't know anything beside just passing along the information.

Do any of you have similar incidences in your process? What are some of the reasons of such call?

We are extremely worried, any colors and advice will be greatly appreciated.

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obtaining certificate of no conviction (split topic)
8:47 pm today

PRC Rabbit

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Is there any way to get a Certificate of No Criminal Conviction without going back to Shenyang?

The context if a K1 visa Petition

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CEAC: Not eligible for further processing by the National Visa Center at this time.
5:10 pm today


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I became U.S citizen in April and upgraded my I-130 petition for my wife from F2A to CR-1, I got an email from NVC saying the status was upgraded and the case became current

; But now when I'm trying to log in CEAC to access my case and pay the fee etc. , I got a message saying....

"Please be advised that the case that you have attempted to access is not eligible for further processing by the National Visa Center at this time. Please contact the National Visa Center if you believe that you have received this message in error. "

Anything I should worry about ? It has been a month. If the Visa is current, aren't I suppose to get a Welcome Letter or some sort?

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