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arrow1. How to check DS160 status is completed? 2. Booked interview but
October 21, 2016, 5:26 pm Last comment by james1520

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do we go twice, the first time (on scheduled interview day) to get finger prints done and go back the next day for interview?  

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arrowDelivery greencard!please help!
October 20, 2016, 3:11 pm Last comment by Jasonanderson

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I moved to America with my immigrant visa 2months ago.
I didn't change my address and I applied forwarding service at usps! I didn't know greencard can not forwarding by usps!!
When I search my usps tracking number it's October 5 it arrived to my area usps and it will delivery in October 6.
Today is October 20..what can I do?
I applied e-request with my new address when I forwarded
When I call to uscis they told me not returned to uscis yet..
What can I do? They says let me waiting for 60days and pay the fee again and apply i-90 again!
But it takes long time T_T if my card return to uscis will they send it to new address ? How long it takes?? Thank you

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arrowHong long should we wait to get P4 after sending P3?
October 20, 2016, 12:30 am Last comment by szl163

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Dear all, 


We sent out P3 on Oct. 9 and haven't received any emails regarding scheduling the interview. I read the posts here saying it usually takes 5 business day. Is anyone experiencing the same situation here?





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arrowService request response from USCIS
October 19, 2016, 10:58 pm Last comment by TBoneTX

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Hi everyone, I filed my AOS on January 28. It's been almost 9 months now and I still haven't heard anything regarding my I485. I made a service request about a month ago and today I received a letter from USCIS saying "The systems indicate that your case is awaiting for an interview. Your local USCIS office will contact you once they are able to schedule the appointment. Should you not be contacted in 90 days of this notice please call the National Customer Service Center."

Can anyone tell me how long should I expect for an interview notice after this mail? Thanks in advance.  

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arrowTravel Document Options for Chinese National Born of US Citizen
October 18, 2016, 10:51 am Last comment by RandyW

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My wife is a Chinese national, while I am a US citizen and we have a newborn baby that we have chosen to have Chinese nationality. 


We would like to be able to freely take our daughter to the US for visits, but are not sure the best means to do that. I have heard mixed opinions, but haven't really seen a good link where it is written out clearly what someone in this situation can/should do. Able to get a US passport? Also, I heard about a travel permit? 


Thanks for the help!

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