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arrowDecision Cannot be made after interview
March 28, 2015, 4:02 pm Last comment by DualityOneness

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I had posted the question under December 14 filers but thought I'd open a new topic to attract more answers, if that's ok.


Had my interview on the 23rd and it was very disappointing experience. The IO didn't appear to possess much knowledge about immigration law and I had to suffer and walk away with a "decision cannot be made". She started out by declaring I wasn't eligible because I traveled overseas for over two months right after fingerprinting which broke my "physical presence" test. I had to explain to her that one only needs to satisfy that test up until the filing date of N-400 and it was the continuous residency that needs to be maintained all they way thru oath. She looked dubious but let me take the English and civics test anyway. After that she requested my tax returns which I didn't bring because I was filing under the regular 5-year rule. Went home and got copies of the returns, brought them back to the IO, but she said she needed more time to "conduct research". I was devastated. 


Question is what kind of communication should I expect from USCIS now and how long does it take? Would it be a separate land mail or part of the "oath scheduled" thing (if successful)? Should I preemptively engage an attorney?


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arrowCall me foolish, but please help
March 28, 2015, 3:31 pm Last comment by DualityOneness

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Call me a naive optimist if you like, but up until two weeks ago, I had thought our AOS case would grind its way -- slowly but inexorably -- toward a happy ending.


We had obtained out I-129f without hitting any stumbling blocks, gotten married soon after Xiaoyan's arrival, obtained her EAD without a problem, and, last September got a letter suggesting her AOS interview would be waived. Happy day! All we had to do was sit back and wait for her Green Card to arrive in the mail, right?




Our I-485 was received by USCIS on June 17, 2014. Two weeks ago, we checked the USCIS website and found that the Atlanta USCIS office  (as of Jan. 31) was already processing cases filed July 19 -- a month after ours. So we called USCIS and requested an update, which I understand we are supposed to get within 15 days. Now 15 days have passed and still nothing from USCIS.


So here are my questions:

1) Should I call USCIS and make another request for an update? Does that 15-day requirement mean anything?

2) At what point, if ever, would it be smart to contact our congressman or an immigration attorney? Can they do anything to speed the process?

3) Is the Atlanta office any slower than other offices? 

4) At what point should we apply for a renewal of Xiaoyan's EAD? It expires in mid August. How long does it take to obtain a renewal?


Thanks for any help you can offer -- anything that would renew my flagging optimism.


John Reiter





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arrowEAD card received, but case is "Pending"???
March 27, 2015, 10:17 pm Last comment by Bill & Katya

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We went to Texas DMV to get learner's permit for my wife. 


They wanted...and...we provided..

1) EAD card

2) SS card

3) 2 forms of documents dated within last 30 days with her name and address


This was all good. 


But when she looks up her EAD card number, 

it's showing "legal status" as "pending"...


Therefore, the lady refused to let her take the written test.   


I explained to her that her GC is still in processing, so it would show up "pending", 

but she didn't care.  She says, while in "pending" state, they can't issue learner's permit. 


We called USCIS, but they said we have to get infopass and talk to someone. 

We tried half dozen times today to get infopass and web site says,

"At this time, there are no information

appointments available for the office in your area.

Please try back again later."


From the paper the DMV office handed me, it appears that 

my wife's legal status is "pending" in the SAVE system. wife certainly didn't have trouble getting the SS card changed

to the married name after we got the EAD card, so this is bit frustrating. 


Has anyone had EAD approve (and  have it possession), 

but was denied either learner's permit or driver's license?










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arrowHome delivery: "... and is currently being processed for delivery"
March 27, 2015, 1:36 am Last comment by DualityOneness
I love San Diego

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My status on ustraveldocs says "Passport has been received from the consular section, and is being processed for delivery"


Is this the final status or will it change once it is in the mail?


CEAC says issued as of 7 days ago. Will we get an email or anything when it is sent out? We chose home delivery, not CITI pickup.


Thank you friends

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arrowNVC case timeline - I am very confused
March 26, 2015, 11:34 am Last comment by Darnell

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I don't know how to post the timeline so I listed all the important dates below. I sent AOS package on March 3 and IV package on March 9, both via email. When I called them on March 17 the representative said i did not opt in for electronic processing so I have to mail the docs. So I mailed the docs on March 19. On March 21 I got an email saying they received my docs on March 20. Yesterday I could not log into CEAC website so I called today and was told I was already opted in for electronic process because I sent the emails and they assigned me a newcase number. Also, I just received an email, with the new case number, saying they received my documents on Feb 23. I am very confused. I am sure I had not sent or paid any fee by Feb 23. Is there anything wrong?



1/15: case received by NVC

2/23: Received case number

2/23: submitted AOS fee payment

2/24: AOS fee is paid

3/3: submitted IV fee payment

3/3: submitted AOS package via email

3/5: IV fee is paid

3/9: Submitted Civil package via email

3/17: AOS package and IV package sent via mail

3/18: Submitted form 260

3/19: AOS package and IV package delivered

3/20: Scan date

3/26: Called NVC. Heard they changed my case number. And I already opted in for electronic processing.

3/26: Got an email from NVS that they received my documents on 2/23


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