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Validity period of K-1 Consular Interview documents
7:34 pm yesterday


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Hi everyone, I know it's been a few months since I've had any update, but we're (finally) getting to the point where we are ready to schedule an interview, but things have been put off a few months because of medical testing.

In a nut shell, we're wondering how long are all of the documents good for? I assume that most documents, provided the information is valid (no change in address for example), are good for a year, but we don't want to have to go back for any additional interviews because of old information. The only thing I know of that isn't valid for a year is the medical, which is good for 6 months. With that said, could anyone corroborate this information? Thanks in advance!

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Father-In-Law Visiting from China
1:14 pm yesterday


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My father-in-law arrived yesterday from China for a three month stay. He speaks no English so it appears his discussion with the Border Officer was limited. This is his third visit and second visit on his present 10 year visa. He had a copy of his itinerary so I would guess the Officer looked at it to see his return flight. (late June)

Here is my question while they stamped his passport the officer did not write down how long he was admitted for, he just initialed it. So the question is how long is my father-in-law admitted for? If no date does it mean six months? Is there a way to look it up online? Or some other way? Or am I safe to assume it is six months?

Unless something unforeseen happens, he will be leaving in three months but I just want to make sure he does not overstay. Any advice?

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Guangzhou K1 Visa difficulties
7:30 pm yesterday


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We went to the K1 interview in Guangzhou, China February 23, 2017...my fiancee was given a letter at the end of the interview which said:"Congratulations!...your K1 visa has been approved. It will be mailed to you at the Citic Bank branch that you designated along with your immigration package that should only be opened by USCIS upon your entry to the US..."...Wow...we were stoked!...then 3 days later we received an email saying that per section 221g of the Immigration and Nationality act that we would not be getting the K1 visa pending receipt of more documents pertaining to my divorce settlement, credit report copy, etc...we were bummed...and had already booked airfare to the US based on the "Congratulations" letter...so I rounded up the documents that they wanted...all was good information, no debt, no alimony, etc. 10 days later, we received another email asking for even more documents...they now wanted my 2016 tax return (which isn't required to be filed until April 15, 2017) which I had to have my accountant prepare for me and email to me...they also wanted another form i-134 Affidavit of Support, signed original. I had already given them one at the time of my fiancee's interview....NOW we received a third email from the Consulate wanting a "certificate of aliases" and a new Police Certificate reflecting all aliases...!?! I wrote them back and explained that my fiancee has never had any alias and the Chinese police will not issue any statement that she has never had any alias (how would they know anyway?!) So we are now waiting again, a month past our interview with no idea when they will finally issue our K1...anyone have any thoughts, advice, similar experiences? We feel that the Guangzhou consulate is being wholly unreasonable and are asking for things that cannot be provided...we will fight until we prevail...even if it leads to Appeals and even Court...we will not be denied!

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Establishing intent to Domicile in the US
4:46 am yesterday


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Hi everyone

I've been looking through past threads on establishing domicile in the US and I'm a bit confused.

Firstly, I am a dual national (UK / US) and have never officially lived in the US. I do plan to move to the US with my wife and live there permanently. I'm hoping we can both arrive at the same time.

In order to complete the form I864 affidavit of support, it says I should establish domicile in the US. Obviously, as I lived in the UK previously (and currently am living in China), I have no domicile there.

I do have a family member who will be a joint sponsor for us, so I think that the financial side of things is ok.

So, as well as my family member, am I still also supposed to fill out form I864?

If I do, is there a way for me to prove intent to domicile in the US? If so, how?

Will I need to travel to the US before my wife to secure domicile or can I arrive at the same time?

Thanks again for your help!

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About expired green card travel
12:09 pm yesterday


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Hello everyone. I am so annoyed lately. I am waiting for my ten year green card that is pending for ten months. my i 797 notice of action will be expired in June 6 2017. should i go out of USA in May since my father is in hospital. i very want to see him but im afraid i can not get back to the usa. because my I 797 notice of actino letter will be expired soon. what can i do. anyone bring the I 797 notice of actino letter and expired green card to travel lately Thanks

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