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arrowK-1 jitters, could use some support
February 5, 2016, 10:44 pm Last comment by baron555

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Hi all,


I am just waiting for my divorce decree to arrive in the mail so that I can fill out all my paperwork with correct dates and file for K-1 for my fiance to come from China.  I separated from my wife in 2006 and we only got divorced in 2015 (long story), anyway in about 2 weeks my divorce will become final.  That being said I am very nervous about messing up the paper work. I have been involved with my wife to be for over a year now and have visited her twice.  We speak daily using WeChat and also using ooVoo for video calls as well.  Would someone be willing to look over my stuff, and maybe provide some tips for me before I fill near the end of the month.  I do not want to be away from her any longer than I have to be and I am very scared of missing something and having it be delayed.


Thank you all in advance. 



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arrowGUZ P3 - Resume??
February 5, 2016, 10:32 am Last comment by teeak
Chris and ZhiJia

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□ RESUME: Provide a detailed resume (in both Chinese and English), including all professional and educational history. Please be sure to include the following information:

           A complete list of all of your employers and all specific job responsibilities and projects

           Any publications you have written. Note titles, descriptions and dates of all publications. Be as comprehensive as possible.

           A list of all foreign destinations visited, including dates and purpose of travel.

           A work plan explaining where the applicant(s) will seek employment after immigrating to the United States.


So I am a little bit baffled as to why they require this. She doesn't have to work if she doesn't want to, I make more than enough to support us, and according to the poverty guidelines I make more than enough to support a family of 8. She is currently pregnant, and our agreed upon plan is for her to be a stay at home Mom, at least until the little devil begins school several years from now.

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arrowTraveling on a Tourist Visa to have a Baby and Return to China
February 5, 2016, 12:58 am Last comment by Mitch0526

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My Chinese wife has already obtained a 10 year tourist visa to the US and is now about 6 weeks pregnant. We are living in China and have no plans on returning to the US to settle down, but we are considering going to the US to give birth because of better and more familiar medical care where my family is. 


One plan we are considering, which is doubtful it can work out, is to fly to the US in July when she is about 7 months pregnant, give birth in September (if that works out), and then fly back to China as soon as we are able.


My question and concern is, what would we need to do in order to get the baby back to China and how long would that take approximately? Apply for the birth certificate and a passport and visa? Wouldn't that take several weeks? Is there any other way?


I'm a university teacher and need to get back to my job for the Fall semester, which begins in September, but I could possibly wait until October if necessary to return. 


Does anyone have any ideas on any of this?

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arrowAny foreign national applicant who needs to have interview at Guangzhou?
February 4, 2016, 6:52 am Last comment by Pitaya

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Hello All,


I am a foreign national in Beijing and waiting for my case to be processed at Guangzhou.


I understand a lot of applicants would be Chinese nationals at Guangzhou Consulate and some of the questions I have will have nothing to do with Chinese nationals.


For example: When you visa is approved and while they are processing your visa, what am I supposed to do in Guangzhou for two weeks long while waiting for passport?


For Chinese nations, they can just return to their places with their national ID card. Since I am a foreigner, I won't even be able to take a flight or train back to Beijing.


I'd really appreciate if there's anyone who could share their similar experience on this.


Thank you!

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arrowSupportive Documents to China
February 2, 2016, 11:02 am Last comment by Darnell
Chris and ZhiJia

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So I sent my I-134 and Tax Transcripts to my Fiancee via USPS, however she does not trust the post office in her city (and I don't quite trust the USPS, especially because when I was in the office, they would not let me put her address down in Chinese, they required me to submit it translated to English), she has traveled abroad and sent herself packages, letters, and post cards for various other countries. 80% of them never arrived. So I want to send a second copy of these using a shipping service.


Does anyone have a company they have used in the past that will allow me to put the English and Chinese versions of her address on the shipping label?


I don't have any fears of the package arriving to China, it's just once it arrives in her city, English is not used at all, and foreigners are extremely uncommon, so without the ability to include the Chinese address I fear it will never arrive.


Or.. Can I Scan it and PDF it to her?

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