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arrowOmbudsman or Suing USCIS?
June 29, 2016, 3:44 pm Last comment by blondedoc

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My husband (US citizen) filed the I-130 application in July 2015 (USCIS receipt date 07/24/2015). The case was transferred to Washington Field Office in September 2015. We moved once from Virginia to Maryland at the end of October and informed the USCIS. According to our inquiries through INFOPASS, the case didn't transfer along with our moving and the Washington office is still scheduling an interview for us. 


It has been almost a year. We tried to check online, file an e-request, call the service number, come to INFOPASS appointments, but nothing works. I talked to my lawyer's office, and they suggested me that my case might take longer time than other people since I still have a pending asylum case at the court. The court will not close my asylum case until the I-130 is approved. Our last appointment with INFOPASS was early in May with no updates. We are considering to make an appointment with an ombudsman or sue the USCIS at the Federal District Court for this ridiculous wait.


Has anyone used ombudsman or sued the USCIS before?



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arrowLeaving US after marriage but before AOS
June 29, 2016, 12:07 am Last comment by newacct

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Hi all, my fiance entered the US and we got married on a K-1 visa, but now an emergency has come up for which he absolutely must go home (China) within the next few days.  We have not yet filed AOS.  I have read all about the I-131, but my understanding is that this is not an option for us as he cannot wait months to go back for this emergency.  Therefore, we are planning to just start the CR-1 process as soon as he has arrived back in China and go through this whole lovely process all over again.  Does anyone have experience with a similar situation?  Tips?  Will our CR-1 case be delayed due to our having already done K-1?


Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences!

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arrowWhat are the status after " new card is being produced"
June 28, 2016, 10:36 pm Last comment by Ash.1101

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hi dear VJers.


I just got an update on my case for EAD after expedite application" new card is being produced". I just want to consult you guys:


1. How long will I be expecting the card to be mailed to my address.


2. What are the next steps for the USCIS to update the status. like " Card being mailed?" "card production completed?"



Thank you so much guys!



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arrowNVC IR1 case processing time
June 28, 2016, 7:24 pm Last comment by NLR

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Hello all, I am the citizen and applied I-130 for my wife on Apr. 2015.  NVC assigned my case number on Nov.25th, 2015 ,then I followed the steps to turned in all the necessary documents and paid fees, DS-260 was received on Feb.3,2016.  On Apr. I submitted a REF documents again.  Now, NVC just assigned a GZO case number to me early June.  I sent inquiry and they responded that "high volumn workload increased".  I just want to know what will my status be now? how long it takes them to process the case. very nervous because my son is in school and misses his mom so much. thank you all

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arrowMarriage on a tourist visa?
June 28, 2016, 10:23 am Last comment by Kastrs

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Hi all. I am inquiring on behalf of a friend. Her daughter is a US citizen. The Daughter wants to marry her boyfriend who is in Hong Kong. He already has a tourist visa. If they were to marry when he comes to visit, what are the benefits and or cons to this?

I would assume marry and file the correct paper work and it's a done deal but I could be very wrong

Ty in advance

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