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arrowImpacts on foreign retirement funds by getting SSN? - split from "How to transfer money without SSN" thread
September 18, 2014, 10:03 pm Last comment by Natureboy

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My wife got her green card with an issue date of 12/31/2013.  She came from China on a K-1 VISA Dec 2012. We married in February 2013 and made application for her green card.


We have business in China and she will begin receiving China retirement money in Jan 2015..we maintain a bank account in China in her name.


She has no plans to work or go back to school as we are both older. My income is passive income so the savings to file a joint return is only about $125 per year if she has a SSN.


She has not made application for a SSN and I cannot find reason for her to do so unless someone can enlighten me.


She got her drivers license, insurance in her name and was able to open a bank account in her name with Bank of America that has a relationship with China Construction Bank. Has wired money with the China Construction Bank in Harbin. Never needed a SSN yet.


If I die she has been clear she will return to China. We must be married for 10 years for her to draw my SS and I am certain they would find some reason to refuse to pay her.  Anyway she has plenty of money and would not need my SS retirement check.


I can find nothing in the immigration process that says she must apply for a SSN.  She retained her fathers name as is custom in China. I can see that creating difficulties also with SSN.


She does not want to loose her Chinese retirement income.


We also have investments in China and she trades the Chinese stock market and files an annual return there.


Would someone enlighten me with a reason that she should have a SSN.  She needs nothing they provide and she will never make income while in US.


We keep money in both countries


In short there is no financial advantage except the 125 bucks a year savings.


Cannot file for W7 because she can get a SSN. Once she gets a SSN a tax return will need to be filed every year and she thinks could effect her Chinese retirement income. I would not doubt the two govts communicate using the SSN.  I have an extended stay VISA to China so not a problem how long I stay. Work with some companies there. They wanted me to get Chinese ID but I keep putting them off.


If someone sees something obvious I am missing I would appreciate very much your insight.







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arrowI-94 not updated? Go to CBP "deferred inspection" site.
September 18, 2014, 11:22 am Last comment by Darnell

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My fiancee's POE was 9/13, and her entry was not reflected in I-94 for 3 days.


Not seeing her I-94 update for 3 days, I looked for a CBP office to visit. 

There were many around my area, and I called few of them,

but was told only the CBP office that handles "Deferred Inspection" can do this.


Here is the list of deferred inspection sites.


So we went there yesterday and waited 1 hour for them to update the I-94.

The staff told us, it should show up on the web site within 30 minutes.


But my fiancee had the right instinct to stick around for 1 hour to ensure that

it's updated, and sure enough after 1 hour, no updates showed up the I-94 site.

So we went back, and they updated for the second time in the back room

and we confirmed that it showed up on the web site right away this time before we left. 


Lesson learned...

1) At POE, kindly ask them if they updated I-94

2) If you end up going to a CBP office, make sure they give you a print out 

    or check that it's updated on I-94 site before you leave


This is not big deal to get this update if they miss it during POE, 

but it did cost us 5 hours for the wait and round trip time. 


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arrowIV Invoice and Supporting Documents.
September 17, 2014, 6:59 pm Last comment by LGalucard

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Hi guys, 

I'm new here. i'm in the process of bringing my wife over from China. So far i have completed  the d-261 form and i have submitted the paid AOS.


A couple of days ago i got an email saying i had to pay for the IV, but when i check there is no invoice available. Its listed there but the option to pay is at $0.00 and has no check mark.


Am i missing something?


Also i wanted to ask, for the D-260 app do i have to submit my wife's police and birth certificate in original form? I mean getting anything from China to the States has proved difficult to say the least.  Is there any way that scans or pdfs can be submitted? These should be submitted with the D-260 app right?


Once that's done whats  usually the time frame for an interview? We are hopping she can spend the spring festival(Feb) with her family then come over.


Any advice would be appreciated. 



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arrowI30, I48, I756 Accepted August 7, 2014
September 17, 2014, 3:46 pm Last comment by vitoralves

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This site has been such a blessing to my husband and me.  We thought it was important to track our status to help provide any insight for others in a similar situation.  If I have put this in the incorrect area or need to do anything different please let me know.  I’m not sure how much information matters but I have included a lot.


Back story:

We are a Gay male couple residing in West Hollywood, CA a city within Los Angeles between Beverly Hills and Hollywood.  My husband is 11 years my junior and a Chinese Citizen.  We met in Los Angeles while he was studying for his PhD in Chemistry and Environmental Engineering at UCLA in mid May 2013 with a F1 visa. 


Fast forward…  we were married in Long Beach, CA Late November 2013.  He has met my entire family and I have met his parents and some family through online video chat.  Fast forward again… we filed for a status change to permeant resident, and work permit in Early August 2014.


I am an Architecture and Design Manager for one of the world’s top denim retail chains and have been working professionally for 8 years.  I have a Professional 5 year Bachelor Degree, finishing up my Master degree in the next 12 months and about 1 year away from my architectural license in California.   My Husband is a PhD candidate and an assistant instructor in UCLA Chemistry department.  He is considered high specialized because of his studies, published papers and patents.


Together for a household of 2 our current income in about 650% poverty line, if everything is approved and he is able to start working after completing his PhD in the next 18 months we will be about 1300% poverty line.  We have combined most all assists and accounts. We currently jointly hold a few bank accounts, credit cards (all with very low balances), auto lease, own another car together and he is the beneficiary for my work life insurance and retirement accounts.  All of this was included in our application.  For our 2013 Taxes we opted to have him taxed as a resident and filed a joint return.  This join return was also included in our application.


I think that this pretty much sums up or situation.



Married:                                          Late November 2013

Filed I48, I765 I30:                         August 2, 2014

Application Accepted:                    August 7, 2014

Conformation Letters:                    August 12, 2014

Biometrics Letter:                          August 17, 2014

Biometrics Appointment:               August 25, 2014


Status as of 9/17/2014:

Filed:     California

I30:        Initial Review

I48:        Acceptance 

I765:      Initial Review


Thank you to Visa Journey for all the forums and information that empowered us to file the applications ourselves.  You saved us from un-needed stress.  I will continue to update as we learn more and move further though the process. Should I be updating each form in existing threads for the month of August?

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arrowCGI reference # was changed after paying K-1 Visa fee
September 16, 2014, 10:33 am Last comment by RandyW

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Hi, I found that my fiancée’s CGI reference number was changed from 6201xxxxxxxx to 6200xxxxxxxx after paying K-1 Visa fee. Is it normal?

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