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arrowIncome requirement for I-485 in AOS
October 8, 2015, 8:56 pm Last comment by NancyNguyen

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Hi all,


I have a question about sponsor's income requirement. My husband is the sole sponsor of my application. We met in Grad school, and we both had our own fellowships. Usually every student's fellowship is around 30K per year. So in the past three years, for the first two, he had over 30K income per year, and in the last one, since it's his last year in the program, the fellowship was reduced to a bit under 19K (less than required by USCIS), though for that year I still have my 30K income (but I didn't report my own asset in the application).  


Now this September he graduated and started to work, and his salary is going to be 130K per year, which should be well above the required income for a family of two.  But since he just started his job, we don't have any tax forms or pay stub to send along with our application (it was filed in the middle of September 2015).  What should we do in this situation? What evidence can we submit in case of receiving a RFE?


Thanks a ton!



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arrownewi864 and newi864aform
October 8, 2015, 3:45 am Last comment by Dan83

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if sent old i864 and i864a form to nvc ,do we bring old form to interview or do new form to interview?

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October 6, 2015, 11:36 pm Last comment by nzawake2

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      I am in the process of removing of my conditional on marriage based-green card, after submitting the documents (at the end of March 2015) and biometric (in the mid of August), I received a RFE in September 25th. it requested "



                 You have not established that the marriage upon  which you were granted conditional status was entered into good faith. You provided some evidence of marital bona fides. However, the documentation submitted is insufficient because:


          Bank statements do not include the transaction pages which are vital for verification of shared financial obligations and household  expenses normally associatedwith a marriage such as but not limited to rent/mortgage, utilities, tax returns refunds/payments, insurance payments and groceries


 For our situation:

        1) We submitted all our joint account  monthly bank statements since the month we marry and we think on  the bank statements it shows the monthly transactions, so not sure what it means by "transaction pages" ?? 

        2) We have separate credit card account which pay for most grocery and shopping and gas, but all paid from  our joint account,  do I need print all credit card statements of both of us? 

        3) For our joint owned house, the monthly mortgage is also deducted from our joint -account, our house insurance is included in the monthly loan paymentthe. only thing here is for the monthly bank loan statement, my  name is not on it, because when we bought the house and borrowed from the bank (January 2013), I didn`t have established credit history (I was internation student then and not graduated from school and no income yet), so bank didn`t permit loan to me and put my name on it, but on the house deed, there are both of our name. After that, I started to have job and finally approved to have a secured credit card since January 2014, until this year, just establish credit. So it explains why my name  is not on the loan and we haven`t got chance to refinance then began this removal application process; Do I need to print all bank loan statement and ask for a letter to explain this??

        4) Our car loan are both paid from our joint account, but we have seperate car loan, he bought his car before knowing me and I have my car about last half of last year, because I want to have independent credit score, so I didn`t do co-sign. Do I need to print our our car loan statements even though it is seperate??

        5) We submitted all gas and water bill together (with both our names on it), they are paid from our joint account; Cable bill and electricity bill are also paid from our joint account, but because only his name (electricity) and my name (cable bill) shows, so we didn`t provides these bill; Do I need also provide these cable bill and electricity bill statements even though just one name on it??

        6)Tax refunds/payment came to our joint account and we submitted the joint tax filing in 2013 and 2014;

        7) Both our car insurance are deducted from our jonint account, but our car insurance are seperate; Do I need to print out these statement too? 


        Sorry to type so much and hope it clearly demonstrate my situation, just really no clue what documents or what I can do to response this RFE. Sincerely appreciated for any kind of advise and help!!

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arrowPolice certificate needed if time in country less than 1 year? (split topic)
October 6, 2015, 1:30 pm Last comment by AB loves AG

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Does anyone have any experience with police clearance certificates?  My fiance attended the University in Sri Lanka for 8 months, about 8 years ago.  We are having a very difficult time obtaining a police clearance certificate from the police in Sri Lanka.  Do they ask to see these certificates during the interview?  I have seen on the State Dept. website, that they will not require one if she lived there less than 1 year. Also, we could possibly write a letter stating that we were unable  to obtain the certificate.  Does anyone have knowledge on this?

Thanks for any help.

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arrowEasy interview, haven't heard back
October 6, 2015, 2:21 am Last comment by bpierce
Alexander B

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Hello, everyone!


My Chinese wife and I were married on September 12, 2014, and we began her CR-1 Visa process last January. Everything went smoothly enough until her interview at the Guangzhou consulate on April 16, 2015, where her interview seemed to go well, but she had to submit one more form to explain her membership in the Chinese Communist Party. She did so the next day, explaining that she was encouraged to sign up in college because she was a good student, but she is not political and has not actively participated or gained anything from the party. The document was received by the consulate and her status went to administrative processing, where it has been for over five months now. I've inquired about it online, but I only receive form letters about waiting "several weeks" for administrative processing. We've received no instructions about what to do when her medical results expire, and in fact have no idea what's going on or what we can do.


How common is such a wait after the interview, given that there was such a short wait before it?

Does it seem likely that the communist status is the main thing holding up the process?

Is there anything constructive we can do besides sit and wait for a response from them?


Thanks for your help!

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