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I-134 for K-1 visa dependent question
4:33 am today


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I am completing an I-134 for my Chinese fiancee 's K-1 visa. I live in China so all of my income on my tax return is zeroed out by the Foreign earned income exclusion. In addition, my contract of employment will be finished in January, which is why we are both moving to the US- her with the K1 visa. My father is completing I-134 as a co-sponsor as well. I understand that we each should list her as a dependent on the form, but my question is should we both check the box "partially dependent on me for support" or "fully dependent on me for support." Her and I both plan to get jobs after arriving in the States and any lapse in her employment I will be supporting her. My father is only signing because my income is technically not high enough due to the foreign earned income exclusion. So, essentially we are not anticipating that he would have to issue any support per say except in the event that I somehow became unable to support her. How best should I approach this when filling out the form? In addition, what should he or I add to my explanation in section 7 about question 38, "Do you intend to make specific contributions?" I assume the box is "yes" and the notation will include that it is part of a K1 visa application, but what else should be included in his and my form to explain this situation (e.g. his support is only necessary if for some reason, I was unable to support her).

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I-130 Interview in San Francisco
11:47 pm today


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Hi Everyone,

Anyone had an I-130 interview in San Francisco office? How was your experience? How long did it take you to get an approval after the interview?

Share your experience here please!

Note: I am asking about the I-130 interview not the I-485.

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Urgent! Not interviewed but under AP?! What's going on?
6:01 pm today


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Hey guys,

My wife's interview is scheduled on 10/24/17 , which is next week. Today out of curiosity I check CEAC, and the status said its already Administrative Processing ??

what is going on ?? is this normal ??

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CEAC Status and date Changed From Administration Processing to Application Received
4:43 am today


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Hi there!

I attended my K1 Visa Interview in September at the Guangzhou Consulate and I was given a Final Processing Letter stating that my application has been preliminarily approved pending the submission of the following documents marked. I did however submit these documents with my passport and passport size photos several days later down to the holiday in China. And upon checking my application status at CEAC after submitting additional documents, it has been on Administrative Processing for like 5 days. But after filling and submitting a CEAC inquiry form to the Consulate, my application status changed from Administrative Processing to Application Received with THE CASE CREATED DATE AND DATE UPDATED CHANGING TO THE DATE I SUBMITTED MY INQUIRY FORM, as if it was a new case. This really looks weird to me and bothersome given that my case was created in August and I have already attended the interview and submitted the requested documents and just waiting now for my passport. Is this a normal situation?

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Help my parents-in-law apply for tourists visa
10:23 pm today


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Hi Everyone,

I am a US Citizen and currently in the process of waiting for I-130 approval while my husband is in removal proceedings. My parents-in-law would like to apply for a travel visa in order to visit us both. They just want to visit and go back. His mom is already retired and his dad is still working but soon to be retired. They are in China currently. With their son's status right now, how likely will they get their tourists visa?

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