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Traveling with AP & Tourist Visa
4:59 pm yesterday


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I m currently outside of the USA. I booked my flight under my passport name. I understand the airline might ask you for my marriage certificate with my AP to show name matches. I ve read some horror stories about some airlines do not recognize the AP/EAD combo card. With that in mind do you recommend just using my ten year tourist visa which was never canceled when checking into the flight?

Also when I arrive back into USA. Do I go to the permanent resident/US citizen line or visitors immigration line? Do I just show the officer my combo card or need to show passport as well?

Thanks for your help in advance

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Apply for term life insurance while ROC pending
3:09 am yesterday


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Hi everyone,

I am currently at the pending status of remove conditional permanent residency while I want to apply for 30-year term life insurance (not medical insurance) besides the group term life insurance provided from work.

Does anyone have experiences in this aspect that if the application will get approved?

Really appreciate your input!

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IR1 electronic processing question
4:49 pm yesterday


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If you recently participated using email to send your documents to NVC, would you please share your experiences of how many days later you heard back from the NVC saying that they have received it?

At Feb 4th, i send the AOS and IV documents to the email address at nvcelectronic@state.gov ( email was less than 5MB) and I called today ( Feb 12 th) the rep said we didn't received anything from you.

Thanks for your help.

BTW, The webpage still says " Action required: Submit requested documents "

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Interview Cancelled and no update 3 month. EAD expired
10:00 pm yesterday


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Hello Folks,

I got some problems on my i-485 pending.

My interview was cancelled on November 2017. There is still no any update after 2 e-request and calling.

And I renewed my EAD which has expired last month. But I received mail and my EAD was rejected because I sent an incorrect fee. Actually I did not attach any check since I think it is free for renew. Am I right ?

Now I am frustrated and do not know how I am about to do next step except wait. Any advice would be welcomed.

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SB1 Question
6:14 am yesterday


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Hi all,

I am a US citizen, my wife is a Chinese citizen with a green card (conditions removed) and we have 2 children both US citizens.

I got admited to Tsinghua University (Master degree) which is a 3 year program in China. Rather than have my wife do the multiple trips back to the US, can we apply for an SB1? I didn't think to have my wife apply for a reentry permit before leaving and she still has not been gone for more than 6 months but I'd rather her not have to do so many trips back and forth. I do have a home in the US and file taxes every year and all that and do plan on returning afterwards. Also, do I apply now or right before we decide to return?

OR should I just have her give up the green card and reapply as a spouse once I graduate?


Yi Liu

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