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Stressed out! Seems usps lost my citizenship application packet
12:08 pm today


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Hello,everyone! Good day! Last Saturday I sent out my citizenship application packet via usps service to uscis po box (85036 zip code)in Phoenix.I used priority mail (no need require signatures,no need require receipt return from uscis),only provide the tracking number,plus I did not buy insurance for that! In another words that I used the cheapest way to send the packet! On this Monday I checked the tracking number,it said" available at po box! Then the next day,it said" delivered," but the zip code 85034. So I wonder if usps delivered my packet into a wrong place, the zip code supposed to be 85036 not 85034.on uscis it says if you use FedEx pls send to xxxxx 85034 but the USPS website just shown me a zip code 85034 did not show me the exactly address they delivered to! I has been a week, 3 weekdays,uscis have not cash out my check yet,not receive the texts or emails from uscis either! So does that mean I need re-apply again ,fill out all the papers and send it out again or is there anything I can do or call uscis to tell them my green card number to ask them to check if they got my application? -Amy advices? Thanks!

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Medical insurance while returning to home country on AP
10:49 pm yesterday


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Hi, I was wondering if anybody has any suggestions for what medical insurance to buy for a trip back to one's home country while waiting for AOS.

The situation is: My husband came over from China on a K1 visa, and we are going back to China for a month to visit his family and celebrate our recent marriage with them. We were hoping his green card would have been approved by now, but no such luck, so he will be traveling on AP. When he quit his job and moved to the US, he lost his health insurance in China. I want us to be covered in case of medical emergency during the trip, so I have been looking for travel health insurance plans. All of the plans I am seeing say they are only for US citizens or permanent residents, and that they can't be used for travel to your home country.

I'm thinking maybe the only thing for him to do is to buy an insurance plan in China. Anybody have experience with this?

Thank you!

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OPT to Filling I765 EAD card with I-130/I485 together
10:13 am yesterday


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Hi guys, I am currently on OPT and already filled my OPT extension application 3 weeks ago. My current EAD expired on 5/1/2017.
I will be filing my marriage based green card next week. On the I765 instruction Pg 13,option B, it asked to provide "A copy of your last EAD (front and back). If no prior EAD has been issued, you must submit a copy of a government-issued identity document, such as a passport showing your picture, name, and date of birth; a birth certificate with photo ID; a visa issued by a foreign consulate; or a national ID document with photo and/
or fingerprint. "

1. My OPT extension EAD hasn't been approved yet (just mailed), so should I provide my current EAD to fulfill this requirement?

2. Also, my current EAD was based on OPT, but the EAD I'm going to file now is based on I485 (option (c)(9)) . So should I even need to provide my current EAD, since it's from a different category(F1 OPT category ) ? If I provide my OPT's EAD, will that confuse the officer.
3. also, on the I765 form, should I check "permission to accept employment " or "renewal of my permission" (since I already have an OPT EAD)
Is there anyone in the same boat, or have has this situation before?
Thank you!

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What document to provide to show my current status for I131
10:06 am yesterday


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Background: I am currently on OPT, EAD will be expired on 5/1/2017. I will be filling I-131 together with I-130/I485 for marriage based green card. The word "Or" on I131 instruction is tricky, here's the original instruction:
"If you are in the United States, you must attach:
(1) A copy of any document issued to you by USCIS showing your present status, if any, in the United States; and
(2) An explanation or other evidence showing the circumstances that warrant issuance of an Advance Parole
Document; or
(3) If you are an applicant for adjustment of status, a copy of a USCIS receipt as evidence that you filed the
adjustment application; or
option(4)(5), [ (4) and (5) not apply to me]

Questions: A. If I am applying for AOS, should I still need to provide documents for option (1) and (2), if so, what documents do I have to provide, maybe my current EAD card and my most recent I20? Also, for Option (2), do I have to explain a reason?

Questions B: I am filling I/485/I130 concurrently, so I won't have a USCIS receipt to prove my AOS, then what should I provide to show the AOS status?

The work "Or" throw me off, does the "or" means I can either provide option (1) and (2) or I can simply provide (3)

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Chinese passport: original vs "certified" copy
12:38 pm yesterday


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When I file the I-130 petition, I know I need to show both original passports, as well as copies of the biographic pages. Will my Chinese wife's original passport be retained at that time, or will it be returned to her? I will need it to apply for an ITIN for her later. Also, can anybody explain what this means: " Your wife needs to apply for ITIN with IRS. If she needs her Chinese passport to be certified, please make an online appointment with ACS for notary service." What is meant by a "certified" Chinese passport? Is the original passport in some way "certified" or authenticated, or is a certified/authenticated copy issued? Or must a "certified" copy of a Chinese passport be obtained from the Chinese Government?

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