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Denied Employment with a I-551 stamp
6:43 pm today


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So, my wife was to start a job at Wal-Mart today....but they wouldn't take her passport with an I-551 stamp as legal employment authorization. She offered up her green card and her 1 year extension letter also...they said no. They told her to come back with a permanent green card or a US passport.

I asked to speak to the manager but he refused...said he was too busy so I filed a complain with the U.S. Department of Justice-Immigrant and Employee Rights Section.

This is why people want to get their F'IN green cards. Because there are idiots, even at big companies, that should know better, that don't understand the rules. My wife had been looking forward to working...doing anything just to get some experience and get out of the house. Noe, we have to complain the the DOJ and risk pissing off a potential employer just to get what she's legally entitled to even though Wal-Mart is the one violating federal employment law.

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Does your Fiance(e) have English language issues ???
6:50 am today


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If your Fiance(e) does not have an adequate command of English... he or she can expect to be grilled in an interview at a US Consulate or Embassy.

My Fiancee is fluent in English... and has a US College kid accent... and she opened the interview by stating that she is fluent and quite comfortable speaking English... which is a good idea if she or he is fluent.

If your Fiance(e)'s English is NOT adequate, I suggest that you stress the following:

  • Your Fiance(e)'s English will develop over her or his first year in the US
  • The use of TECHNOLOGY will be sufficient until then... especially Smartphone Apps for REAL TIME translation

Google Translate can translate REAL TIME while someone is speaking... and can also translate a menu in REAL TIME as you hold a Smartphone over a menu. It's like a magnifying glass that changes the words as you go down the menu. No photos are required. Just install Google Translate on your Smartphone... open the app... change the "FROM" and "TO" Languages (e.g., ENGLISH > CHINESE)... and tap the MICROPHONE icon to translate REAL TIME voice from one language to another... or use the camera icon to translate text from one language to another.

The photos below show a photo of a Russian girl who is Boris Nemtsov's daughter. Nemtsov... an opponent of Putin... was the former opposition leader in Russia. He was murdered on a bridge near St. Basil's just south of the Kremlin. I wondered what was written on the T-Shirt of the rebel leader's daughter... so I help up my smartphone with Google Translate... and without even taking a photo... Google translated the words... and also kept the original font and color (two tones of blue). Pretty cool.

Similarly... a menu from Macaroni Grill can be translated in real time from English to Chinese (simplified). Note that Italian words do not necessarily translate well as the selected language is English to Chinese... not Italian to Chinese. Your Fiancee should be aware of this.

Your Finace(e) should be very familiar with this technology... so that she or he can speak intelligently... and downplay the importance of not know English well before entering the USA... while stressing the fact that language skills are just not that important upon entering the USA. Couples can communicate with technology... easily.

Good luck to all.


105_0287 iii.jpg

Macaroni Grill Menu - English.JPG

Macaroni Grill Menu - English - Chinese.jpg

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The question on form I-130: Have you ever before filed a petition for this or any other alien
10:58 pm yesterday


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Hi, guys,

My husband petitioned me for green card and we submitted all the application materials a few months ago. However, recently I just figured out maybe there was a problem regarding a question on the form I-130. There was a question at the end of form I-130 asking "Have you ever before filed a petition for this or any other alien? If "Yes," give name, place and date of filing and result" . My husband had filed petitions for his three siblings outside USA in 2005, and the petitions were all approved in 2009. The cases now are under the processing by NVC. And his sibling are waiting for their immigrant visa currently (the immigrant visa waiting time for siblings are usually quite long). So my husband put "all on pending" to answer the "result" question on the I-130 form. But recently I was just thinking about whether the correct answer for this question should be "approved". I am confused about this question.The petitions my husband filed for his siblings were approved, and his siblings are waiting in line to get the immigrant visa. So under this condition, I am not sure which answer is right, "all on pending" or "approved"? Besides, for the "place of filing", my husband wrote the city he lived in when he filed the petition instead of the USCIS service center. Will these two problems on I-130 be treated as mistakes and thus influence my application for green card?

The fact is we already submitted I-130 a few months ago, and my case status is already becoming case is ready to be scheduled for an interview. Therefore do I need to contact USCIS to correct these problems on I-130 from or just leave it there and correct it at the interview?

Thank you so much!

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Financial Requirement Checklist
10:01 pm yesterday


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Hello all,

I submitted AOS and IV documents about a week ago for the sponsorship of my wife, and today received a checklist from the NVC. I'm not quite sure how to proceed with it, so I would like some help. Specifically, the following is what the checklist contained:

______F - FINANCIAL EVIDENCE:______________________________________ We reviewed the Affidavit of Support (Form I-864) and financial evidence you sent to the National Visa Center (NVC). According to the current poverty guidelines for a household of your size, the income you listed does not meet the minimum requirement to sponsor the intending immigrant(s) on this petition. If you provided NVC with proof of assets in lieu of income in order to meet the minimum income threshold, please note these assets will not be evaluated by NVC and will only be considered at the time of the visa interview. NVC will continue working on your case and will schedule a visa interview appointment overseas. If you have not included evidence of your assets in your submission to NVC, please make sure that you bring the evidence to the interview appointment. If you do not have proof of assets to meet the minimum income requirement, we recommend that you seek a joint financial sponsor or a household member to join you in financially supporting these immigrant family members. If you choose to add joint sponsors or household members, please have them complete the appropriate Affidavit of Support form and give it to the visa applicant to submit at their visa interview, along with supporting financial evidence such as IRS tax returns. Do not send these documents to NVC. During the visa interview a consular officer will review any proof of assets that you submitted and any additional sponsorship documents.

A little background about my AOS. I am a law student currently, and do not have the income to meet the poverty guidelines (my total income this year is $1200 from a summer judicial clerking position). However, I am fortunate enough to have roughly $65,000 in assets in a savings account. These assets should meet the poverty guidelines. The NVC stated in this letter that I do not have to resend any documentation and that they have not accounted for assets at all. I have sufficient assets (technically). I do not think I will be able to get a joint sponsor... and I shouldn't need to, but this is worrisome now. Also does this mean that my case has been reviewed and will be sent on to the consulate?

Any recommendations or guidance on how to proceed?



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Adjudication of ROC and Naturalization together
7:39 pm yesterday


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Has anyone actually had their ROC and N-400 adjudicated at the same time? I've seen people say they've been told it will happen...but does it actually happen that way?

My wife's ROC is now 14 months old (June 20, 2016) and her N-400 was filed in June 2017.

We had an Infopass appointment today to get a stamp in her passport since her one year extension expires on September 12th, 2017. In the course of the conversation, we were told that her N-400 would be adjudicated before the I-751. I find it hard to believe that they will simply let the ROC linger until Jan or Feb of next year while the N-400 proceeds.

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