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arrowNOA1 2/11/15, processed 7/14/15, when should I receive NOA2?
July 26, 2015, 10:23 pm Last comment by ditdot

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I'm wondering how long does it take to receive a NOA2 in the mail?  the NOA1 date is 2/11/15, and according to visajourney website, the nebraska service center processed the NOA1 I-130 applications on 7/14/15.  So, it's been almost 2 weeks already, so I'm wondering if this is normal?

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arrowMy EAD expedite experience based on Job offer
July 25, 2015, 10:54 am Last comment by DualityOneness

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Want to share with my experience in EAD expedite: from June 19th mail received, until July 20th case approved, and July 24th, approval notice received. God knows how stressful I was, hopefully ppl can benefit from my experience. 


EAD expedite

July 6th, biometrics appointment letter received, successfully walked in. then call USCIS to expedite. 

Lesson learned: Have to complete biometrics before expedite

                           be sure to give EMAIL address, otherwise, they won't reply in email. 

                           be sure to ask them repeat your statement (I used level 1 customer service who are usually nicer)

                           State that you job will be rescinded if you don't get approved


July 7th, morning, received an email requesting for documents, fax everything over in 3 hours. 

Lesson Learned  be patient about the fax line, could be busy for a couple hours. 

                            Make sure your offer is phrased in a way that shows they will rescind the offer.

                           Combine all your bills and loans, better give a summary page


July 6th, contacted congressman's office, and fax it over all the documents at night 

Lesson learned  Maybe it's not a good idea to get congressman/senator involved in the first place, wait until you don't hear back for 3-5 days,         since the officer may be repulsed by those authorities or the process could be slowed down by that. 

                           You could contact congressman in the beginning and not use USCIS customer service, some ppl say it's faster


July 14th, contacted senator's office, email everything. contacted Ombudsman, got an reply and filled a online form. 


July 15th, heard back from congressman's office that they agreed to expedite, but don't know when it will be approved....., emailed senator's and ombudsman to cancel requests. 


July 17th, too desperate, fax a letter to the previous number, requesting to speed up process 

Lesson learned It could be a good channel to directly communicate with the officer


July 20th, got both email/texts, saying card production/approval, I-131 is also approved :D finally! 


Change of address 


Moved on the July 11th, and found out that government mails don't get forwarded, filled online form AR11 for I485, 131, 765 on July 9th 

Customers service were really rude when I called, keep asking me to wait. 

July 9th ordered mail forwarding thru USPS

Lesson learned: this is a two-step process, you have to file AR 11 and then call customer service for a service request, if one level 2 won't do it for you, call again and get another one. 

                          Some ppl say the best way is to schedule a infopass appointment to change it (never tried) 


July 14th, submitted online address change for 3 forms


July 23rd, still not changed, (crazy), called customer service again, who ordered another service, and admin error referral

Lesson learned: Gotta start this process as early as possible!

                           Try using an office address or your friend's address if you plan to move, and not change your address during this process.


July 24/25, desperately waiting for approval notice, that I went back to the old apartment building, begging them to open mailbox for me and finally the little green letter is there! 


Lesson learned: It will take USPS 2 weeks after you move before they start forwarding your mails, don't count on them, I have tons of mails that are still mailed to old address! 



Thank you for all the help I've gained online and thru USCIS, congressman, and my old apartment building admin! 


Fingers crossed that I will get my card soon! work start on Monday! 









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arrowRFE for income evidence on form i-864
July 24, 2015, 2:02 pm Last comment by lbreal1

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Hello everyone,


I have benefited greatly from reading everyone's post and replies on this form - so thank you so much for all the wonderful work and sharing that you do!


So here's my story.. I got married to my husband on 5/28/15, he started his medical residency on 6/15/15, which is also the same day that we sent off our forms (I-130, I-131, I-765, I-864, I-485) and materials. I got my biometrics done on 7/16.


Today we received an RFE for i-864. It asks for us to "submit evidence of the petitioner/sponsor's current income"


"The petitioner/sponsor's income on the Federal income tax return does not meet or exeed 125% of the poverty guideline. The petitioner/sponsor lists their current income on Form i-864 as an amount to be considered as sufficient; however, no evidence has been submitted as proof of current income".



My husband had been a student before residency, which means he was exempt from filing taxes in the past... many years. However, because he had a annual salary of $50k as a resident, we indicated that amount of money on his i-864. Additionally, we included an letter of employment indicating dates of employment and his salary. Knowing that he didn't have any other ways of supporting evidence, we also included his sister and brother in law, along with their daughter to be my joint Sponsor. Their income is $50k and they had their house down (appraised, $250k) as asset for the sponsorship.

So, having said all this. I think this RFE is not asking for additional information on the joint sponsors, but to ask for evidence of current income of my husband - yes? So would the following information be sufficient:


- a cover letter

- 2 pay stubs, since he started working

- a letter explaining why he did not need to file for taxes prior to this year

- letter of employment again, updated with dates of employment, nature of job, annual salary, numbers of hours per week, and prspects for future employment.


Does that seem sufficient? Thank you so much in advance for your advice!!!!

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arrowNVC letter got my name wrong, what shall I do?
July 23, 2015, 12:12 am Last comment by larryluck

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The background is I already have the Consulate interview scheduled on early Aug.

Today I received the NVC letter notifying me that they forwarded my case to US consulate CHINA, blah blah. And I found the letter has my name wrong.


What shall I do? Contact the Consulate to make sure everything is all right or just do nothing?

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arrowabout DS260?
July 22, 2015, 2:28 am Last comment by DualityOneness

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i completed DS260 yesterday,i have a few qustion want to chang,is that ok to chang ?

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