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arrowRFE response
August 22, 2014, 11:50 am Last comment by DualityOneness

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I sent a response to an RFE regarding a pending I-485 AOS from a K1 a week ago last Wednesday.  Confirmed delivery Friday, August 15th.  The letter from the USCIS was dated 8/1 with 30 days to respond.


I checked the USCIS website and nothing has been updated from "On July 23rd we mailed a notice requesting..."


I realize a week isn't long but considering we have 30 days to respond, I'd obviously like to confirm that USCIS knows we've responded.  


I'm assuming that we'll see an update on the website when the RFE makes into the file?  What are my options if we fail to see any confirmation prior to the 30 days expiring?  Anything beyond calling the Hotline and asking?





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arrowWhat is a certificate of citizenship?
August 21, 2014, 3:33 pm Last comment by DualityOneness

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Because I wasn't born in the U.S., I need to clarify on the I-130 form if I have obtained a certificate of citizenship in my own name. My mother is and has always been a USC so when I was born abroad I automatically received U.S. citizenship. I had never thought I ever obtained (or needed to obtain) a certificate of citizenship. I asked my mom about this and she said that she had no knowledge about certificates of citizenship - that I had indeed received U.S. citizenship automatically. It seems like this would mean that I should state on the form that I have not received a certificate of citizenship in my own name. However, wouldn't this imply that my mother has a certificate of citizenship (she does not)? Can anyone help clear this up for me?



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arrowSeems Like forever...
August 20, 2014, 9:39 pm Last comment by ChinaPostMan

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Just joined tonight.....


Primarily because I'm just angry and upset about this process of getting a visa for my fiance.  I'm a US citizen living in Iowa - mid fifties years old.  I applied for a K1 visa for my fiance from China.  She spent about 4 months living with me last year (2013).  She was on a B1 visa at the time, and we both decided it best we go through the proper approach and wait until she returned to China to file and not get married.  We had both heard that if we did that, it could be construed as visa fraud.  We did that, we waited until she returned home to China and only then did we file and receive the USCIS NOA1 - Feb 27, 2014.  Then a few months later I got the dreaded RFE.  We had to re-submit, and get new translations for her divorce in China, also we got a "no re-marriage" certificate, translated just to be safe also.  Also, I had two prior filings, but they both fell through before embassy interviews, the relationships had simply gone south.  The RFE asked me to also indicate to ask for a waiver.  I did and explained those two prior K1's which fell through before any visa was ever even issued.  I had written letters in both cases to Immigration department stopping them of my own volition.  However, one of those two were over ten years old, and I had lost all the paperwork.  I supplied as much evidence as I had in my files.


USCIS received my RFE response on March 15, 2014.  It's past the 5 month advertised average for NOA2, and "My Case Status" has the following verbiage: "you should expect to receive a written decision or written update within 60 days of the date....".  Were well past that also...


My question for you fine bunch of folks, who have gone through or are going through this "Journey" - When do i start to really wonder?  By wonder I mean wonder if I'll ever get a K1 visa?  I'm loosing hope, and simply put feel like I'm out of options.  I realize my case is complicated, but what could be holding this up?  Maybe I'm getting my expectations to high?


I've filed a "Service Request" to no avail, they simply regurgitated the same thing I read on "My Case Status".  I've called level 2 support a couple of times - they all tell me nothing, not what's holding up my case, not where it's at or even if it's being actively worked on or not.  Are these not cogent questions to ask?  Am I crazy for wanting to know?


I've already contacted my congressman, not sure beyond that what else I can do to spur these people to do their job in a timely manner.


Advice is welcome - going out of my wits wondering.

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arrowquestion about the A# on the NOA2 mail
August 20, 2014, 11:50 am Last comment by DualityOneness

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I just received a physical K-1 NOA2 mail from USCIS and noticed that there is a 9-digit A# next to my name. I think this A# stands for Alien Registration #. I became a US citizen 8.5 years ago and the officials on the oath ceremony confiscated everyone’s green card. I no longer remember my green card # anymore after 8.5 years. Does anyone know if this A# next to my name is my then green card # (a.k.a then Alien Registration #)?

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arrowhypothetical I-134 question
August 19, 2014, 6:10 pm Last comment by googolplex

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My income has been a few times the current 125% poverty line since I graduated from graduate school 3.5 years ago. I am still employed up to this point and my K-1 petition is in transition to the Packet-3 phase. My yield-to-date income this year has already way exceeded the current 125% poverty line. If I get laid off today, will it affect my K-1 petition?

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