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arrowI-751 pending for 11 months and now transferred to local office
July 22, 2014, 8:51 pm Last comment by Hypnos

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My I-751 was filed with Vermont service center last year in August. I got two notices in Sept or Oct. One said my petition was transferred to another service center and the other said it was transferred to a local office. They didn't say to which service center or which local office.


I haven't received anything thereafter. I contacted USCIS a few times and they couldn't figure out where my case was. Until today, I got an email from NCS saying my case was transferred to the local office in my city yesterday and I should wait 21 days for the transfer of the file. Does it mean they will definitely schedule an interview for me ? i hear there might be home visits too. Does it usually happen before the interview or after? I'm so worried now and the process is taking forever. What kind of questions do they ask during the interview? Is the denial rate for the petitions which are scheduled for interview pretty high?


any advice would be appreciated

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arrowGood news
July 22, 2014, 6:37 pm Last comment by Ebunoluwa

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If you need a great Lawyer- Marc Ellis is the one. I can not say enough how Marc Ellis and his assistant in Guangzhou, helped my wife and I. Marc Ellis takes the time to listen to your story.


I had first filed for a K1-visa with a different Lawyer, case was denied in Guangzhou. I contacted Marc Ellis, explained the case to him. After a long conversation with Marc, I than understood all the red flags in the case. Plan B, I fly to China and marry my fiancée . After the wedding I  Fly home and start the process all over . This time CR1- visa.


Because of the red flags in the case, I was contacted by USCIS for an interview at the local office. As the USC, my wife in China, I ask why? I called Marc Ellis, talked to him about the interview. I had 30 days to gather more evidence for the interview. Marc took a plane from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam to California. After a day of rest for Marc after such a long flight, we go to USCIS office for the interview. Interview was about one hour. After answering many questions, the officer asked for bank statements. Another delay in the case. I ask if I had the bank statements would the case be forwarded to Guangzhou? Officer was kind and understanding. Officer told me after they received the bank statements, I would receive answer by mail. Case was forwarded to Guangzhou.


I flew to Guangzhou to be with my wife at the interview. One day before the interview my wife and I meet Marc Ellis assistant in Guangzhou, Eunice. Eunice was very kind and patient with my wife. Eunice helped to calm my wife's anxiety. Eunice helped to put all the paperwork in order for the interview. The next day my wife and I walked from the hotel to the embassy for the interview. I stood in line with my wife up to the security check point. I give my wife a hug than walk to Starbucks. I than  wait and wait and wait. It was raining lightly outside, so hot and humid. I sit in Starbucks sipping a ten buck cup of coffee while watching for the return of my wife from the interview. The view of my wife clutching all the paperwork while she ran down the street was priceless. I knew as she ran through the doors with tears running down her face the visa was approved. I picked up my wife and swung her around as I hugged her with joy in my heart.


CR_1 approved!!!   Thank you Marc and Eunice for all your help!!!!!!!!


My wife and I flew back to California. The Plane landed Oct 16,2014. POE San Francisco.   We have been blessed. Our first child due September 2, 2014 Baby boy!!!!!!!! This Journey started Jan 2011, married June 2012.

Just wanted to share good news 

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arrowK1 Visa Interview Final Checklist (need a review please)
July 22, 2014, 3:51 pm Last comment by johnim

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My fiancee has medical exam this Friday, and interview in mid-August,

and here is our final checklist that we used. 


This is list of all the documents that we have prepared for the interview. 

Do you see anything that we are missing?


Thanks in advance


The checklist .pdf file is attached to the message.

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arrowApplication has gone to Dept of State - how to track it once there?
July 21, 2014, 5:46 am Last comment by Darnell
Texan in Jiangsu

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My I-130 has now been sent to the Department of State, but I don't know how to check the status. I had all my paperwork filled out with my parents' address in the States. They have said that they haven't seen anything in the mail. I got an answer back via email from Lockbox with a tracking number. My petition was sent to the Department of State in June, but that was all they were able to tell me. 


I found this number to the NVS online 603-3334-0700, but it seems not to work. 


I really appreciate everyone's help as it has been quite a while since I have gotten any information!


Lee "Texan in Jiangsu"

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arrowI-134 (Question on past affidavit of support)
July 20, 2014, 11:51 pm Last comment by johnim

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Affidavit of support form questions 9 and 10 are asking previous affidavit of support and visa sponsorship,

and since I went through immigration broker for entire processing back in late 1980's for the first marriage,

I don't have any paperwork with me to look up specific dates the form is asking. 


Is there a way to get old immigration records?


I am assuming they are trying to figure out if other valid affidavit of support exists

to ensure that I can financially handle them all. 


But since the first marriage lasted over 2 decades with both of working, 

I think we satisfied the terms to expire the original affidavit of support, 

therefore can I just submit it with explanation attached with approximate month and year

so that I don't hold up the processing?


Thanks in advance. 




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