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  1. That's nonsense. They would celebrate the expansion of freedom and liberty to groups that were previously deprived of the same. Unlike most political leaders (they don't even deserve that title) in America today, the founding fathers were indeed leaders and ahead of the time. They had great vision and courage. Much of today's crop is just corrupt, small minded and backwards oriented. That, I think, is what the founding fathers would be ashamed of.
  2. Then the NYT has also declared war on you. According to the GOP.
  3. The war on Texas. It's on.
  4. So am I but them rules are them rules, ya know?
  5. Ft. Hood ain't the DC Navy yard. Incidentally, there was an attack carried out on that Navy yard a couple years back and incidentally, it was not carried out by Muslims. Thus my surprise over the conclusion you immediately jumped to. Well, I wasn't really surprised seeing who did the jumping.
  6. Can't be. That would be against the TOS...
  7. The Navy yard is probably on of the places in DC with some of the fewest gun violence incidents.
  8. One dimension, Marv. One dimension. Anything more and he's out.