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  1. Traveling Nurse

    The Daily Trump whines again thread

    And we thought that Trudeau was embarrassing with the South Asian garb for his family. Every day Trump stupifies the world with a tweet or speech. Who knew being president was so much work.
  2. Traveling Nurse

    Canadian TN to EB2 Green Card

    I got a few great PMs from who were helpful but thought this question would not be suited for this forum. If this is the wrong forum, forgive me. Does anyone know of a forum where I can have this discussion? I already have the legal aspects covered, just looking at the personal aspects of the journey.
  3. And the outrage is being led by a man who's defense of himself from sexual assault was that "he didn't think so", the women were to ugly for his standards.
  4. Traveling Nurse

    PERM application online / removal or update?

    Yikes! Who left this on a public sever?
  5. Traveling Nurse

    Canadian TN to EB2 Green Card

    Has anyone had experience pursuing an EB2 application while working in the US on a TN Visa?