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  1. I know, but its nothing to worry about to much as long as you get married eventually. Overstays are meaningless to spouses on citizens who are in the United States.
  2. Don't stress too hard about it. If you can't find a way to get married before April 22nd you can still get married and adjust later. It will just be a little more effort/paperwork/money.
  3. You got a drivers license in that state? That is something you only do in the state you LIVE in. Sounds fishy to me to be honest.
  4. Anything in between DIY and a lawyer is a waste of money. Most of the time a lawyer is a waste of money. If you can fill out a job application you can file out standard US immigration forms.
  5. Just a guess, but I'm assuming giving the latest out of California they have come to a halt.
  6. Umm I'm pretty sure she wants to marry her fiance. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Just a little joke on a Wednesday.
  7. This is probably the worst way to go through this process I have ever heard of. So many variables in play so much money wasted. Check the timeline to see your local office processing times, could be that they are less than or close to AP processing times. The entering and going back to work method makes sense a lot of times for cr/ir-1, but the amount of variables involved with K-1 makes it beyond impractical.
  8. Didn't read all the comments, but if it is acceptable to you to marry and wait for AOS I'd 100 percent go for it. I find it very unlikely you would run into issues and you are well withing the law.
  9. Stop freaking out https://www.uscis.gov/policy-manual/volume-7-part-b-chapter-6
  10. Wouldn't panic. If it was actually refused they would give you some sort of information on how your passport will be sent back.
  11. I don't remember doing this at all. I just filed normally with CreditKarma Tax about 2 weeks after she got her SSN and did the same as I would for a USC. If I did something wrong it didn't get caught. That is not to say you should do it that way, but that was how I understood it to work.
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