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  1. EmmNM

    Language for Interview

    As @adil-rafa states. The embassy is going to expect him to know English when he is moving to a predominately English speaking country. I do not think it would be wise to interview in any other language but English. As she stated K1s are rarely approved in Morocco as it is.
  2. Thanks @T_P ! I've been wondering how to do that!
  3. I'm so sorry. I'm over 200 as well and have been having horrible anxiety. I pray we get our approvals soon. Stay strong! TP. how do you do that where you do the @ at a person and make it a link to them?
  4. Leave that blank. Do not check anything. If you like you can follow up with explanation in part 7.
  5. The example form here on visa journey shows to type PRESENT. So I guess that is what most people do. That is what I did.
  6. If you don't want to hand write it follow these steps in Adobe Acrobat reader: · Click “Edit” on the tool bar · Then "Preferences" · Click on "JavaScript" on the left hand side · Then uncheck "Enable Acrobat JavaScript" · Then hit ok Now you can type PRESENT in that box.
  7. You need type or write present. If you can't type it and you don't want to write it by hand you can change a setting in Acrobat reader.
  8. OP. Please Please take this ladies advice. Even if you decide to continue with this relationship it is going to cost a lot of money. She spent over $35000 on this process and many many years, 6 I believe it was? It is not fast and it is not easy with your red flags. You are going to need many visits and a lot of money. Miss adil-rafa was one of the few happily ever afters. It can be done but expect a long and hard journey. If you are going to continue with him I would make your initial trip there and see how he treats you in front of his friends and family. If he is serious he will do everything possible to cover expenses while you are there within reason. Do not pay for everything. And finally, I agree with everyone he may be in it for the green card. That is why if you do proceed, do it with eyes wide open.
  9. We can fill out the ds160 for them? Did you email it or mail it?
  10. Do you fill out the ds160 and have the medical before or after you get the interview notice? How long is the wait to book a medical?
  11. Hope it goes well for you. Keep us posted! I agree with trying Skype credits. They are usually pretty inexpensive as long as you have internet.
  12. That seems odd. Probably a mistake. Did you call? I'd make an appointment if they can't help you on the phone.
  13. Urgh. I've never hated Fridays so much. Now we need to wait till Monday until they do anything again.
  14. Some of this information is incorrect and out of date. Check here: http://www.visajourney.com/content/k1guide
  15. It needs to be a photocopy of a document with a real signature. I have the official memo saved on my pc at home. I can send it later if you like.