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  1. okay thank you,this is really so helpfull,wel beside the pics and the joint lease and joint bank account,im getting mi driving license next week with the same adress as my wife,im adding that as a proof but thanks for the help tho
  2. it's not that i did this late,it's because i didn't know about these stuff
  3. as i said, we only got a court marriage,and we only have house lease,and joint bank accounts together and pictures
  4. 1.we only have picture of the court marriage,dinner with her family after court marriage,little small party ith her friends next dat thats,but we have a ton of pics of trips we took together 2. would that affidavit work ? 3.we didn't want to change her name only after the ceremony,and also bcuz she wanna change her full name not just her last name,so we decided to do that after marriage also so we don't complicate our AOS application with more paper work 4.i came on a k1 adn my AOS interview is only 3 months after i submitted my AOS,we have joint bank account and joint appartement lease thats all. thank you
  5. Hi,so i have my aos interview towards the end of next month,and i have got some qstions if u can helpp me pls me and my wife we didnt have a ceremony,we just had a court marriage with her parents as our witnesses,we didn't change her name either,the reason why,is bcuz we r planning on having a wedding back in my country. the only proofs of our relation that we have are, jont bank account,joint lease,and pictures and nothing more than that im worried about qstions concerning why we didn't have a ceremony and why didn't we change her name, and if it may cause us problems with the IO,also the few proofs we have is making me nerves too thank you
  6. thank,but can u answer my second qstion also ? please and do u have experience on ur interview ? like what qstion etc....
  7. I have my interview for my AOS for june 26th,any advices? alsoi is the interview gonna take place at the same local office you had your biometrics at ?
  8. well my case got updated on may 2nd to CASE IS READY TO BE SCHEDUELED FOR AN INTERVIEW so should i expect an interview very soon ?? can you still get an interview waiver even if you got that update saying u r ready for an interview ?
  9. it's an AOS application and it starts with MSC
  10. it's an AOS application and it starts with MSC
  11. Can any one tell how can i know which service center have my application ? is there a way to know ?
  12. Can any one tell how can i know which service center have my application ? is there a way to know ?
  13. Congrats,but can u pls tell me how was the interview ? and what kinda qstions u have been asked ?? thank u
  14. Thank u ,im just panicking bcuz me and my wife we didn't do a marriage ceremony or a honey moon bcuz we were saving mone for an apartment but we had a court marriage with her parents in there with us and we also didn't change her name bcuz we wanna do it ehrn we actually have the ceremony in august So for these reasons im panicking