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  1. Physical therapy

    any one here with a physicaltherapy diploma obtained outside of the US ?
  2. i just received 2 online updates today saying ; On July 12, 2017, we sent a response to your request to change your address, On July 12, 2017, your request to change your address, referral number CA**************, was completed. so now im gonna be getting a letter confirming this in the mail ?
  3. did you recieve a lettre in the mail ?? bcuz i didn't recieve anything even tho i did a request
  4. NO UPDATES!!!

    i called and asked to talk to a tier 2 the transfered me,but they only allowed me to leave my name and they said they gonna call me back,they didn't give the option to leave a voice message or anything else,other than that they said they can,t even make a service request for me as long as im still in the normal processing time....
  5. NO UPDATES!!!

    on the phone i can'treach anybody except for one person who's responsible for updating adresses thru the phone,is that the who i should ask to transfer me to a tier 2 ???
  6. No update after my aos interview that i had in june 26 2017,i called uscis they said that i need to wait till jully 30 to call,but the officer told me that i'm gonna have an update by june 27 or june 28....dunno what to do anyone with a similar experience ??
  7. i went to the usps office right away when i got the case update,the supervisor only told me that gov mail cannot be forwarded and that my mail have been returned already :/ i changed my adress with uscis and i did a request that they send it again,and they said i'd only get a reply by july 28..... this is reallly annoyiiing
  8. so i went to the usps,it's because i moved from my old adress and i applied for forwarding all my mail to my new adress,they told me that they can't forward goverment mail which is dumb because i made sure they told me that goverment mail can be forwarded. anyways the card have been returned to the uscis,i have filled an E-request,the question now does anybody know how long is it gonna take the uscis to send it to me again ???
  9. On July 6, 2017, the Post Office returned your new card for Receipt Number *******, to us as undeliverable. We mailed your card to the address you provide to us, but the Post Office could not deliver it how can the post office not deliver it ? how is that even possible ???
  10. EAD mailed

    aw it's bcuz i have been receiving my noa's always with 2 days,so i thought it's weired why is it not here yet,but thank you so much for your reply
  11. on the uscis website it's saying that my card was mailed to me in june 15,today is the 23rd and i didn't receive it yet,im worried it's lost in the mail monday i have an AOS interview and im supposed to bring it with me,but i don't have it yet any one can tell me how long is it gonna take to be here ?
  12. Food stamps and I864 pls help ASAP

    okay thank you so much,i really appreciate it
  13. thank you this is really helpful,i have my interview on monday
  14. Food stamps and I864 pls help ASAP

    okay thank you so much so know if we wanna apply,if i give my infos on the application i should not be worried about anything happening to my co sponsor right ? i mean it's safe to do so right ?
  15. Food stamps and I864 pls help ASAP

    i don't have any incomes yet,but i'm afraid of giving the agencie my infos on the application i saw this but i wasn't sure of the source tho