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  1. Good morning everybody my name is (removed) I finally finished today the file for my fiancee (removed).. Since i don't have to present a letter of explanation as of why my fiancee is in Russia, then I think our file is ready to be in the mail on September next week. My fiancee has a child in russia but he is not planning to bring his kid to America. His kid is staying in Russia with his Ex-Wife. It will be only my fiancee and me We are both very exited that we are finally done with the paperwork and ready to start our journey and future together. Does anybody have any idea of how long it takes to get the First letter saying the file has been received and also how long it takes to get the NOAletter saying that the visa for my Fiancee is in process.? thank you so very much every one for ur answers and for helping us both to make our dream of being together come true and sorry for asking so many questions. Thank you again.
  2. Hello everyone. My fiancee is from Tunisia but he is currently lives in Russia because he is there for working only. He is divorced and has a son who was born in Russia. He got a Russian passport through his X-wife, therefore he is in Russia for two things 1. to work and 2 to support his child. In 2019 he flew several times to Russia and flew several time sto Tunisia. He also went to Turkey one time. Can someone tell me what are our chances of getting our K1 visa file approved or denied if my fiancée doesn’t do a letter of explanation,,, explaining why he is living in Russia now and he traveled back and forth.? Please can someone tell me our chances of getting approved or denied.? And also if the process will take longer than the time expected.? Thank you everyone for your time.
  3. thank yo so much for the answer . yes i think this is not a problem he can get his police report. thank you
  4. thank you so very very much i guess i will have to do a long letter and notarize it. thank you much..
  5. omg I am not changing anything for crying out loud. He is living there right now. he is been there since february-2020. February is winter and he got stuck there bcz of the covid-19 thats why now that is summer he hasn't been able to come back to live in his country tunisia.
  6. oh ok he can get his police records that wouldn't be a problem. thank you.
  7. After his X wife divorced him, He went back to live in Tunisia. His X wife kept the child as mothers have more rights than fathers do. He isn’t a citizen of Russia. He has only a visa to travel there. When he works there he sends money for his son. I am so sorry to make it sound so complicated but this is the honest truth. Im just wondering how will i be able to explain this. So sorry
  8. Actually his main job is in Tunisia bcz his house is there and he was born there. But in winters he goes to Russia to work. The reason he is there righ now and is summer is bcz Russia closed his international airports and he can’t come back now.
  9. Please read my explanation at the end of this message as to why he does this. I apologize I wasn’t clear enough.
  10. I understand but he goes there for working only his home address in Tunisia. Like me, i am a flight attendant i live in texas for work but my home address in Chicago.
  11. Hello every one i apologize if I wasn’t clear enough. My fiancée lives in Tunisia but travels to Russia for work so he travels back and ford. Example. In summer he goes to Tunisia to work as a tourist since Tunisia is a touristic place and in winter he goes to Russia since in Tunisia there are no jobs. I hope i am more clear now of the reasons why he does this and i was just looking for guidance so i can make this clear with USCIS. Thank you.
  12. Will it be a problem if my fiancee lives in Russia for work now but he is from Tunisia and i send my K1 visa file saying he is in Tunisia. He travels back and ford but I don’t know if when they see his passport this will be a problem since we are claiming he is Tunisian but currently lives in Russia. Thank you you all 🙏🏻
  13. Good morning everyone and thank you in advanced. I was wondering if you guys know if the main USCIS office is still open or closed due to the COVID-19 so that i can send my K1 visa file and it can begin the process of it. The last update they had on line was that it was still closed and they will advice when they will reopen but it there is no additional information. Does anybody know.? I would hate to send my file and sit on a desk for a while and later the info there expires and have to re- do it again. Thank you very much for your help
  14. I have a quick question and thanks to all in advance for taking the time to help me out. In the (form I-129f part 3. Other Information Criminal Information) does this part refers to the Beneficiary or to the Petitioner information.? Bcz it doesn’t specify who’s information is being requested. I am assuming is the Petitioner but I am not sure. Can you guys clarify this for me? Thank you 🙏🏻
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