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  1. I don’t have any warrants. I’m just thinking they would stop from leaving the country if my name won’t match the records in their system. Tunisian customs tend to be super difficult to deal with. I don’t want any trouble especially that I have business in the US and can’t be staying in tunisia for something like this
  2. I did it through divorce. It is stated in the divorce document but it kind of hard to see. but I don’t have a separate document stating that I changed my name.
  3. Hello, I became a us citizen over a year ago. I was wondering how can I bring my parents to visit me ? my parents don’t make enough money to qualify for a tourist visa to the USA and I was wondering how can I help them get a tourist visa to come see me here. I make good money and I was wondering if that can help them show it as proof to get approved for tourist visa?
  4. But how will I explain the name change ? My name change happened through divorce which is enough to change my name in the US. My biggest concern is that they get me in trouble on my out of the country and deny me exit until they figure it out which usually takes a long time … any thoughts?
  5. Anyone here from Tunisia ? I recently changed my name after I got my citizenship, I was wondering how will that affect my entry and exit to tunisia since my new name doesn’t match my name back my country? Customs in tunisia have this habit of completely dismissing your foreign passport and asking for your father name to pull up your information on their Tunisian system. Im afraid If they type my new name and they don’t get a match they will not allow me to exit the country or get me in trouble. Any thoughts on this ?
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