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  1. I-130 Falsely denied (possibly)

    Best of luck! It is a sucky situation all around.
  2. I-130 Falsely denied (possibly)

    You are in the wrong. The moment her 90 days expired after her K-1 entry she was out of status. It would have been forgiven if you had adjusted before she left the country, but after she left that time counted against her as illegal presence. Go the waiver route, I'm surprised they didn't tell you that.
  3. Change of status from B2 to F1

    While the COS is processing, you're in a period of authorized stay. No one can tell you how long it will take, have you seen any updates on your case online?
  4. A massive change in immigration law? Short of that, you need to go home and wait there.
  5. B1/B2 Visa

    If you have an approved petition, you already have an employer willing to sponsor you.
  6. Trying to hide it from the consulate is not a good idea, is all I will say.
  7. Not much you can do without a time machine. If you get denied, you can still file a CR-1.
  8. Tourist visa extention

    What's the reason for extending?
  9. If you are denied (and you will be, you have no valid reason to extend your stay) you cannot adjust and will have overstayed, which is not forgiven since your spouse is not a citizen. It's really not worth it.
  10. No, definitely not. You're risking a lot by overstaying.
  11. Costs for employer

    You probably need a lawyer. Has he looked at J-1?
  12. No, they will always ask for your most recent 797 at the border and the date on that is more important than the date of the visa itself as it establishes status. You need a new 797 to be able to travel.
  13. Visa B1/B2 (merged)

    So far I have: Brother in Miami who just came over on a K-1 so doesn't have an address (?!) No, wait, friend in Miami Going to visit NYC and Miami, not sure of the order Two visas denied for France? Or was it one? Also two visas denied for the US? Or was it one of each? Went to a visa interview and said he was going to Texas but couldn't say where in Texas, so was denied (no ties, previously denied French visa) Applied when he was a student but isn't a student anymore No strong ties other than a job How did I do?
  14. She does not have to change her passport first as long as she has the marriage certificate Lucky you