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  1. Has to reapply, he doesn't physically have the visa with him.
  2. You might want to check TravelDoc https://skyteam.traveldoc.aero/
  3. You didn't adopt the child, and it's not yours, but you're the mother in the BC? How?
  4. Does he have to go back?

    It's an employment-based green card application.
  5. Does he have to go back?

    Doesn't matter, he's not going to get a renewal past 6 months unless employer filed a I-140.
  6. Does he have to go back?

    H1B has a 6-year limit. Has he been on H1B for 6 years already? If so, he can't renew anymore and has to leave the US for a year.
  7. Echoing this. Marrying during the first visit is a red flag if you turn around and apply for a visa immediately after. You clearly have more proof of a bonafide relationship than just that first trip (the pregnancy doesn't really count, but the trips do) so don't worry about that "red flag"!
  8. Denied B2 Visa under 214(b). What should I do?

    I thought Israel was a VWP country? I thought wrong.
  9. OP, how did you get your green card originally? As @Nitas_man has been saying over and over again, seems like you need to be otherwise eligible for an immigrant visa.
  10. Married is married everywhere, you don't need to marry her in the US again. There are many, many difficult steps to see if she even could come to the US with you. Even if you could come yourself. So don't worry about that yet.
  11. I'm also caught up on the bolded part. That shows clear intent to establish residence somewhere else.