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  1. Went to SS office today to get the DHS taken off y SS card. No probs went in after 1 and waited 15 mins and I was done. The guy was great and I expect to get it in the mail within 4 weeks.

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    2. Barbara J

      Barbara J

      mmmm define normal? lol not sure if I feel that at all really some days just want to go home. I feel the wife here in America is so second rate and no rights. I am not on all accounts and find that so difficult at times. I have access but everything is mailed to Wayland not Mr and Mrs Linwood, shits me no end.

    3. VanessaTony


      Oh completely understand the wanting to just go home sometimes. Is there a reason why the mail is only in his name? I get some stuff to me (my bank account :P), and tony gets some (like water) and some is joint (like cable and electricity). Is there any way to change it?

    4. Barbara J

      Barbara J

      Yeah 2 of the bank accounts come in both names but then I do a lot of paperless now so stopped all that coming. The water is in both names but elec she said they don't do that here I can access the account but everything is in his name. I am not on the mortgage either as I don't work so that is different from home as I was on back in OZ.I know back in OZ whoever opened the account was on the bill they were the same as both ad to be there to make a joint account. But we have been toget...

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