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    Met on a dating site and fell in love and have been trying to get everything sorted since...will be so glad when we are under the same roof!

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  1. I got approved without an interview, so it sounds like they did a basic check and you will be good to go. Don't worry... they like Aussies...
  2. Touch of Treble

    Use of friend as co sponsor

    Hello, just to add a little practicality here for you to consider-there is no social security, medicaid- health care or support for you at all for 10 years once you land in US. If you do have to go on some sort of payment of support from the government, the government will ask your sponsor to pay that money back. So in applying for the K1, you may get accepted without a problem, but you might need to consider saving a significant amount of money to transfer for yourself to live on, before you arrive in the States.