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  1. Gj & Cathy

    Administrative Processing SYDNEY

    Thanks...hopefully I do hear from them by tomorrow otherwise I'll be in strife. I will send email to request for my passport back asap as per your suggestion.☹️
  2. Gj & Cathy

    Administrative Processing SYDNEY

    After my interview, the officer said everything was in order and that I will receive my passport in a week or two. From Ready, it changed to AP yesterday... Problem is I am flying next week to Japan and I need my passport back ASAP. Coming into Christmas there might be delays if it is sent next week... What to do?
  3. Hi... what's the normal time on AP for Sydney CR1 Applicants please? Is there a particular time they actually ISSUE the Visa?
  4. Hello Aussie Applicants! (Cr1 if possible) Those of you who had their interviews recently...How long after the interview did you get your passport and visa on hand? Did you keep checking the CEAC page? And did you get an email from the embassy?
  5. Gj & Cathy

    Visa & Passport Reurned after Interview

    Cross your fingers and toes Sukie-ya-yeah!!!! Thank you xx
  6. Gj & Cathy

    Visa & Passport Reurned after Interview

    Oh Thanks Sukie!!! It's me being paranoid now Yay!!! Thanks that's really helpful pal
  7. Gj & Cathy

    Visa & Passport Reurned after Interview

    I believe that it is different for EVERY COUNTRY...that is why this is a SYDNEY Specific question. I appreciate your answers but I was hoping to hear from Aussies as they have a different experience altogether. I have seen different countries having different timeframe. I haven't seen any Aussie waiting for more than 6 days but just wanting to know RECENT experiences in the last 2 months. Only people who have received their passports back please. Thanks. Much appreciated.
  8. Gj & Cathy

    Visa & Passport Reurned after Interview

    I didn't understand you there... It's different here in Australia... So I was hoping for a response from Aussies if possible? One person got hers here after 2 days... and 1 after 4 days.
  9. Just curious to find out how long it took your passport to be returned after your Visa Interview in Sydney. Anyone here who took more than 6 Business Days please? (I'm having my interview on Dec 14, and coming up to Christmas I don't want any delays as I'm off to Japan)
  10. Gj & Cathy

    Sydney Embassy Contact

    Yahoooooo!!! Thanks Sukie-ya-yeah!!!! Hopefully it's all uphill from here! I'll think of you when I'm in Japan with hubby! So to clarify... once we are approved it is pretty much it right? Just a matter of getting our passport back? Cheers!!!
  11. Gj & Cathy

    Sydney Embassy Contact

    Got my date for Dec14 Friday !!!! YAY!!!! Now hopefully I get approved and my passport back before Christmas :) I'm really nervous... I know I don't need to but just worried about my passport being returned to me in time. LOL
  12. Gj & Cathy

    Sydney Embassy Contact

    Thanks Sukie!!! Love your nickname BTW...reminds me of that vampire show .... LOL Anyways, I was just wondering if having a Police Clearance apart from my Australian one would delay my visa/passport returned after the interview. This is also my second marriage. Once the officer approves your visa, do they send it off straightaway? There's another girl here and she said it goes into AP first... I hope mine doesn't take that long as I'm off to Japan on Dec 29. Congrats to your better half :)
  13. Gj & Cathy

    Visa/Passport on hand for CR1 & K1

    Thanks... are you Aussie as well?
  14. I hear that for CR1 it takes 7 days for passport to be returned after a successful interview. And K1 takes about 2 weeks. How true is this??? And anyone here submitting another Police Clearance from another country apart from Australia?
  15. Gj & Cathy

    Sydney Embassy Contact

    Hi Sukie... are you Japanese? Sorry just asking because of your name. If you are... did you have to submit a Police Clearance other than the one from Australia?