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  1. I am so over USCIS and this bullshit. SOrry I just got a damm email from USCIS telling me they sent me another RFE. For heavens sake we sent them everything and we got an RFE they wanted Waylands Tax return so I sent off the 1040 and now they want more. I was really thinking I might be close to geting my GC as I had not heard anything but that was short lived. Am so pissed off right now just can't please anyone right now.

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    2. VanessaTony


      I'm willing to bet they've lost your medical or something. It will be okay. You'll get the RFE and reply and no problem :D

    3. Barbara J

      Barbara J

      Yeah I understand that Matuk but its not like we are 20 geese I still believe there is prejudice put there because we are a mixed couple. And I don't mean from another country because he is black American.ggggggggrrrrrrrrrrrr

    4. Barbara J

      Barbara J

      And Vanessa at least the letter said once it has the evidence I will be notified by mail of a decision. SO I am taking that means no interview. Fingers crossed.