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  1. Wifey's Experience at SFO (Hopefully its useful to someone) Interview was scheduled at 630 Sansome Street, SFO at 8AM. We reached at 7:45AM and i dropped off my wife at the entrance of that building. Parked the car opposite to the building in the open parking Lot (635, Sansome Street, SFO) and waited there. They charge $15 per hour and maxes out at $35. Per Wifey, The number of people allowed in waiting area is max of 3 people and she was called in for Interview by officer at 8:15AM. Interview was only 15 mins long where the officer asked her questions from civic test, some clarification questions about travel and requested to see my kid's Birth Certificate to confirm my name. Here is the surprise. The officer indicated that she passed the interview and Oath will be at 11AM and asked us to drive around for the next 2 hours and come back for Oath. W just stayed in the car in the parking lot. Oath was held at 444 Washington Street, SFO (2 mins walking distance from Sansome Building where her interview took place). Oath finished in 15 mins and she walked out at 11:25AM with her Certificate. Apparently they are scheduling Oath either with in 1-2 weeks from the interview or on the same day of interview. I wished they had indicated this before about Oath on same day so that we could have planned a little with a 4yr old in the back seat of the car. I took my oath at a City hall 2 years back when i applied for N400 and looks like COVID is accelerating Oath on same day for SFO applicants.
  2. Update: Wifey got her rescheduled Interview date for July 29th. Apparently the notice was available in myuscis.gov website on July 15th and while we received previous notifications by email and by text message when status changed in the website, we did not get any this time. Wonder if corona virus got to the USCIS systems as well. I am happy in a way she got her interveiw date but anxious as well due to COVID-19 and we really haven't stepped out much in the past 4 months. USCIS needs to enact video interview asap.
  3. Thank you usmsbow. This helps. Wish they could do a virtual interview so to speak rather than have applicants go to the office.
  4. Good to see some movement (atleast one case) getting new interview date post cancellation in march. Still waiting for new interview date for my wife whose interview was cancelled on march 20th.
  5. So spouse of LPR has to wait even more to get in to the country? What a bunch of BS.
  6. Attorney's will not have much to do if it was all straight forward.
  7. The problem exists with the cap of 20K visa's for MS and Phd vs 65K for the "general" population. To me it makes sense to make at least 70/30. In the sense 70% of 85K should go to M.S/Phd from US univs and rest for general population. Consulting companies (TCS, Infosys, CTS, Wipro) have kind of ruined it for the rest making it harder for the deserving ones to get an H-1.
  8. Are you the next Karen? It also means advantage, benefit, use. So totally relevant to H-4 EAD in the above sentence.
  9. Let me see the order first. It behooves me how H-4 is allowed to join H-1 with in weeks but a spouse of LPR has to sit out due to the 60 day ban in place if they reside outside the country. H-1 has been abused big time already and H-4 EAD does directly compete jobs of american citizens so to speak where there is no criteria to get an H-4 EAD and only criteria is to be married to an H-1 and piggyback on their spouses I-140. One with an H-4 EAD can go stock shelves at Target and Walmart any day.
  10. I understand its been only few days since USCIS have reopened but curious to know if anyone whose interview was cancelled due to SIP got their rescheduled interview date notification? Wife's that was supposed to be on March 20th got cancelled and waiting to hear back from USCIS on new date for interview.
  11. Thanks. It still did not answer my question about the change.org petition and what does it cover. I see fiance seems to be covered but did not say about spouse of LPR and parents of USC explicitly. On this, "It's only to provide open work for Americans", this EO doesn't really do much with respect to that. If the EO had covered H-1 and H-4 EAD (where a person with H-4 EAD can work at even a Target store) then an argument can be made it takes away job from americans. But banning parents of USC and spouse and children of LPR with this EO makes no sense and if avoiding the COVID-19 spread is the case then no one should be allowed to enter in to the country for 60 days (other than nurses and doctors or health care professionals). In my opinion this EO is a bunch of BS.
  12. I might have missed this so trying to get the clarity. The petition does not explicitly say whether parents of USC (IR-5)who are supposed to be Immediate relatives per USCIS but part of EO are included as part of this petition as well. Can someone please confirm?
  13. Apologies. I guess i misread your "EO does not claim to exempt immediate relatives" as it does. Even though parents are "technically" immediate relatives its not of much use from EO standpoint where they are affected by the ban.
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