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  1. Congratulations! Enjoy not having to worry about your case progress!
  2. Any updates on the ER? Did you hear back from Cruz's office? Its been radio silence for my mom's case, stuck at ER received status since 7/6 - no call/email or request for evidence..
  3. Ok, keep us posted! What was the tier 2 call about? Requesting evidence for expedite request? Ted Cruz lol, he seems to be more self-centered even by politician standards! I would try House Reps rather than Senators, since those folks are always in *election running mode*, Cruz is up for re-election in 2022 though I think ..
  4. Skyman - Any updates on your wife's case after bio appointment? My mom's bio got rescheduled to 7/1 (from 6/28) and we finally got it done on 7/1. The online status hasn't updated yet but an agent on EMMA confirmed that the system shows that the biometrics were taken. I also went ahead and re-raised the expedite request as the response to the first ER instructed us to do so (i.e. after biometrics were collected).
  5. Good stuff guys! Happy to finally start seeing some movement for November filers! Good Luck everyone!
  6. Received biometrics appointment (Code 3) for my mom's cases yesterday in the mail - scheduled for 6/28, RD of 11/25/2020 so 7+ months! I did raise an expedite request for I-765 on 5/25, not sure if it had anything to do with it but a couple of folks had also posted that it did help kick off their biometric appointments so its definitely worth a try! Happy to finally see some progress! Good luck everyone!
  7. This is consistent with a couple of cases I saw on reddit. Like you said, it "felt" like you did something and you have your biometrics appointment, it was worth it I would say! Hope this gets the ball rolling for you and go straight to interview/GC without needing to expedite again!
  8. That's interesting! I found some reports where the the expedite requests were officially closed stating the lack of biometrics and asking them to raise the expedite request again once biometrics was completed. It did sometimes seem to trigger off the biometrics appointment though. Now I recall, you are able to see your notices etc on your online account correct? Most of us who 100% paper filed don't have that option!
  9. Forgot to ask you - did you get an official response for your expedite request? Or is it still pending due to biometrics?
  10. Did you physically go to SA ASC or were you able to somehow get a hold of them on the phone? I went ahead and requested an I-765 expedite for my mom's case, no biometrics yet after almost 6 months .. fingers crossed that it triggers a biometric appointment for her just like it did in your wife's case. Good Luck!
  11. Unfortunately, nothing new to report, no response yet to the SR either - the automated email said to they have until 5/18 to respond.. not holding my breath though .. lol
  12. Not sure if it'll make any difference but I put in a SR for I131 for being outside of normal processing times, figured no harm in trying! I hope (& wish) more of us start getting biometrics letters soon!
  13. Congrats! Maybe you'll get the ball rolling for us November filers!
  14. Good to finally see some progress on here! Maybe April will be month when all our cases start seeing some meaningful progress... we will all soon be eligible to open an SR some time during April as technically we will be outside of the normal processing times for AP!
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