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    December 2012 - marriedUSCIS Stage... 01/28/2013 I-130 package sent01/31/2013 Notice of Action Date02/01/2013 Received e-mail and text notification of acceptance02/04/2013 Received hard copy NOA1 (case not found in on-line system)03/12/2013 Transferred to the local office04/10/2013 Case still not found in on-line system04/15/2013 INFO-PASS appointment 05/01/2013 NOA2 sent petition approvedNVC Stage...of course it has to be complicated05/09/2013 Case received by NVC05/23/2013 Received case #'s from NVC05/23/2013 DS-3032 sent from husband's e-mail06/03/2013 First day I can not access payment portal06/04/2013 AOS Fee invoiced and payment made06/04/2013 DS-3032 resent with Supervisor Review06/05/2013 DS-3032 acceptance e-mail06/05/2013 AOS Fee shows "PAID"06/06/2013 AOS package express mailed 06/07/2013 IV bill invoiced and payment made (still waiting on documents from Hubby)06/08/2013 IV package express mailed06/25/2013 IV reviewed - Checklist (2 errors, Birth document & date on DS-230)06/26/2013 Requested supervisor review by e-mail & verbal request for birth document (fingers crossed)06/27/2013 AOS accepted 06/28/2013 Checklist response sent for corrected DS-230 (I had my husband sign extra's just in-case)08/02/2013 NVC requested a supervisor review on the checklist item over 20 business day window08/05/2013 Case Complete!!! 08/27/2013 Interview Assigned10/30/2013 Interview 11/04/2013 Pick up Passport11/12/2013 POE @ JFK11/26/2013 Applied for SS#12/27/2013 Received Green Card

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  1. Hi, I've read that your husband had a pending background check with his I 751 and his N400. How long did it take them to finish the background check? I am waiting for my I 751 to be approved since I applied in October 2016 and I sent them a request and got a message back that my case is on hold because of pending background check which I have no clue about what this means because I don't have any criminal background. Very strange. I just wanted to see what you guys did or was there nothing to be done other than waiting? So frustrating. I already contacted my local senator but didn't hear back from them yet. Thanks in advance.


    1. Happytobe


      Hello! The I751 & N400 were only delayed a few months each.  The senators & congressmen should have an immigration liaison with whom you can communicate.  There should be a release form for you to fill out so that they can contact USCIS on your behalf.  October 2016 is quite the wait.  Have you tried an InfoPass? that may be a route, as well.  Incorrect information is often given over the phone.  Best of luck & sorry to hear about your delay

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