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  1. Yes, I got the transfer notice in Feburary 2018.
  2. After waiting for almost two years now ( applied for I 751 with my husband in October 2016 ) I FINALLY received my approval notice in the mail today. No updates on the website tho. I can't believe how long it takes nowadays. I actually thought I will get an RFE or Interview after not hearing from them for so long. Good for me tho.
  3. It was another extension letter saying that since my case is still pending that the extension is now 18 months not 12 months. All they did was waisting paper because those 18 months are over since may 2018. The people working there are such a joke. Not to say that I had an InfoPass appointment 2 weeks ago to get a 1 year I551 stamp in my passport. Insane.
  4. THANK YOU! OMG.... I would of NEVER guessed that. It's funny how they approved it 4 weeks after the senator contacted him. I called them this morning to see if they would tell me what the letter is for because we are not home until tomorrow but they wouldn't tell me.
  5. Got an email from the post office. Anyone has a clue what this could be? My case is still outside normal processing time ( filed Oct. 2016 ) sent a couple requests and also had my senator sent a request until we both received a message that my case is pending due to background checks. Now I received this email with this letter and I'm crazy nervous that it could be something bad. No updates online yet. Maybe an RFE or Interview?
  6. Does anybody know if I should have complications with getting a I 551 Stamp? I have an info pass appointment and I got a stamp last year in September but I received a new passport and need a new stamp now so I can travel. I am asking because for whatever reason USCIS said that my case is on hold until security clearance or until my background check is not pending anymore so I am kind of nervous that they don't give me a new stamp. Anybody had experience with that?
  7. What country are you originally from? My info pass appointment is next week and I need to get a 551 Stamp so I can travel. Do you think they will give me one since the background is pending? Really strange but I will hopefully have more information next week.
  8. Yes, I did get the notification on Feb 28th. But after that I didn't hear from them until I put in a service request where I got the respond that my background check is pending.
  9. Anybody in here who is still waiting to hear from USCIS? Since my fingerprints were done in December 2016 ( I am an oct 2016 filer ) no word whatsoever from USCIS. No interview, no rfe, no nothing. Put in a request and got a respond that my case is put on hold due to pending security check. Contacted senator but since my background is pending there is nothing they can do. Someone said to file for writ of mandamus but that would cost me a lot of money. I have an Info Pass appointment now July 10th to get a second 551 stamp and will ask them about my case when I am there. Just wanted to see if there is anybody else whos in the same boat? There was someone who filed november 2016 who still waits for a respond but they already went to an interview and got an RFE but in my case I didn't get anything at all. I have to say that I traveled a lot to Europe during the process but that shouldn't be an issue I believe
  10. Well that probably cost me $10K-$15K that I don't have. I heard now that my lawyer can follow up with CIS where they process the background checks? Is there anything else I could do? My husband and me go to the Info Pass in July so I might gonna tell them that I will file a writ of mandamus maybe they don't want it and get me an answer of why my case is still pending. Another member also wrote me that they are NOV 2016 filer and are in the same boat. The senator can't do anything since USCIS is claiming they are waiting for my background check to clear. I have to say I traveled a lot international since I am waiting and someone told me that this could be a reason.
  11. WOW I think I am the only person who is still waiting for their I 751 to be approved as a OCTOBER 2016 filer. Case was put on hold because of security clearance is pending but I have nothing on my record. Already sent a inquiry, talked to my lawyer, contacted the senator who I still didn't hear back from and also made an Infopass appointment which will be July 10th. I strongly believe that they lost my case. Every time I request for a status update, I get the same message that my case is being processed and that there are no new updates. I am outside normal processing time and slowly I am loosing hope. Besides that, I am going through a divorce now which I believe shouldn't be a problem with all the evidence we have. I would just like to know if anyone else is in the same boat as me or did everybody got approved for filers after October 2016??
  12. Hi, I've read that your husband had a pending background check with his I 751 and his N400. How long did it take them to finish the background check? I am waiting for my I 751 to be approved since I applied in October 2016 and I sent them a request and got a message back that my case is on hold because of pending background check which I have no clue about what this means because I don't have any criminal background. Very strange. I just wanted to see what you guys did or was there nothing to be done other than waiting? So frustrating. I already contacted my local senator but didn't hear back from them yet. Thanks in advance.


    1. Happytobe


      Hello! The I751 & N400 were only delayed a few months each.  The senators & congressmen should have an immigration liaison with whom you can communicate.  There should be a release form for you to fill out so that they can contact USCIS on your behalf.  October 2016 is quite the wait.  Have you tried an InfoPass? that may be a route, as well.  Incorrect information is often given over the phone.  Best of luck & sorry to hear about your delay

  13. Oh, and did you hear back from USCIS yet after you filed again for I 751? What a hassle to do everything over again especially with the current waiting time
  14. Interesting. I will defiantly submit the divorce decree but also want the case handled as a joint petition since my husband is really corporate but I guess that's not possible. Would USCIS even know you are divorced if you won't tell them and we both show up for an interview? Yes, I will keep you updated. I guess my case is pending at security check which I don't really believe but will see what they say when I show up for an info pass to check whats going on.
  15. So, I don't need to notify USCIS of my divorce if my husband and me are in good terms but still get divorced? I thought you HAVE TO switch to a waiver when you get divorced I didn't know that you can still file jointly even when the divorce is final. So basically as long as my husband comes with me to the interview we can keep the petition jointly? So people switch to a waiver because they ex husband don't want to attempt the interview? Sorry for the questions but thats the first time I heard I can keep the petition jointly as long as we are in goof terms.