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  1. one baby. If we do the CR1 visa, she will definitely bring her on 2nd visit.
  2. We discussed bringing the baby but she said that 15 hours flight can be difficult for a year old girl.
  3. No, she can’t due to flight tickets are expensive.
  4. RJandHamid As usual thanks everyone for the prompt response. Knowing flight tickets (damn expensive) and PTO my girlfriend can only visit twice a year, and she has 3 years old baby who needs someone to watch over her ( I don’t know if this explains the number of visits and days spent together to the officer comes the interview .) I wonder what are the option we have? 1- file for CR1 from first visit and do a second visit? 2- wait until the 2nd visit and file for K1 visa?
  5. Thanks everyone for the input. I would like to point out that the age difference is 5 years.
  6. My girlfriend and I met about 5 months ago on a dating website. She's gonna visit me in early 2019 for 9 days, And file for a K1 visa shortly after she returns to the US. My concern is whether one visit is sufficient to file for a K1 visa. Individuals from my country Morocco recommend filing after the second face to face meeting. Legally one meeting is enough, but I want some clarification please. Thanks in advance 🙏🏼