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    December 2012 - marriedUSCIS Stage... 01/28/2013 I-130 package sent01/31/2013 Notice of Action Date02/01/2013 Received e-mail and text notification of acceptance02/04/2013 Received hard copy NOA1 (case not found in on-line system)03/12/2013 Transferred to the local office04/10/2013 Case still not found in on-line system04/15/2013 INFO-PASS appointment 05/01/2013 NOA2 sent petition approvedNVC Stage...of course it has to be complicated05/09/2013 Case received by NVC05/23/2013 Received case #'s from NVC05/23/2013 DS-3032 sent from husband's e-mail06/03/2013 First day I can not access payment portal06/04/2013 AOS Fee invoiced and payment made06/04/2013 DS-3032 resent with Supervisor Review06/05/2013 DS-3032 acceptance e-mail06/05/2013 AOS Fee shows "PAID"06/06/2013 AOS package express mailed 06/07/2013 IV bill invoiced and payment made (still waiting on documents from Hubby)06/08/2013 IV package express mailed06/25/2013 IV reviewed - Checklist (2 errors, Birth document & date on DS-230)06/26/2013 Requested supervisor review by e-mail & verbal request for birth document (fingers crossed)06/27/2013 AOS accepted 06/28/2013 Checklist response sent for corrected DS-230 (I had my husband sign extra's just in-case)08/02/2013 NVC requested a supervisor review on the checklist item over 20 business day window08/05/2013 Case Complete!!! 08/27/2013 Interview Assigned10/30/2013 Interview 11/04/2013 Pick up Passport11/12/2013 POE @ JFK11/26/2013 Applied for SS#12/27/2013 Received Green Card

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  1. Hi, I've read that your husband had a pending background check with his I 751 and his N400. How long did it take them to finish the background check? I am waiting for my I 751 to be approved since I applied in October 2016 and I sent them a request and got a message back that my case is on hold because of pending background check which I have no clue about what this means because I don't have any criminal background. Very strange. I just wanted to see what you guys did or was there nothing to be done other than waiting? So frustrating. I already contacted my local senator but didn't hear back from them yet. Thanks in advance.


    1. Happytobe


      Hello! The I751 & N400 were only delayed a few months each.  The senators & congressmen should have an immigration liaison with whom you can communicate.  There should be a release form for you to fill out so that they can contact USCIS on your behalf.  October 2016 is quite the wait.  Have you tried an InfoPass? that may be a route, as well.  Incorrect information is often given over the phone.  Best of luck & sorry to hear about your delay

  2. Hubby just took his Oath last month. The Naturalization process is basically re-submitting evidence of your marriage and commingling of “life”. I went with him to the interview, but only he was called in for the testing/interview. Hope that helps
  3. I would recommend the CR-1 over the K-1, personally. The cost is less (overall), there’s not too much difference in wait time, and he would be able to work right away and travel, if need be. With the K-1, there’s the Adjustment of Status needed after the marriage in the US, as well as applying for Advanced Parole & Employment Authorization. Every relationship and financial situation vary from couple to couple. There is a comparison guide on here, I believe under the guide chart. Best of luck
  4. Woo-hoo!!!! Hubby is no longer an alien 👽! Officially a USC today! 💜 there were tables set up afterward for Social Security, Passport, and voted registration- that saves a few days running around town 😁 Thank you, to everyone who has helped along the way! Congrats, to all of those before and after!
  5. A) the OP of this thread is asking for a female non-US person, whose fiancé is male and had the non-registered marriage/divorce in the US B) the OP of the thread you are citing is a female US person C) yes, similar but not the same persons. @EandH0904 I hope I clarified this OK
  6. Hubby’s Ceremony is next Friday and is a Judicial Ceremony. We plan to go unless they contact us. From what I can find, there was a lot of communication put out in 2013, prior to the shutdown and judicial ceremonies that were scheduled were still conducted. However, there seems to be a lack of communication this time around since many of the current administration officials are “new” and many positions are not filled.... to be continued, I guess.
  7. Happytobe

    Getting ready for NOIR

    So, I just received your PM, but I’m replying here so others can see and hopefully will help someone in the future... Your reply indicated that your wife did NOT send evidence of your relationship, and only the marriage certificate.... I had a feeling that was the case. When it comes to more difficult embassies, such as Casablanca, it is very important to “front-load” the petition. In other words, send in a lot of evidence that you have a relationship, because anyone can sign a marriage contract, and many before you have abused the system. (In other “western” countries, the amount of evidence needed is not as large as a higher fraud country). For the NOIR, she will have to submit evidence, such as, passport stamps (proving she was there with you), pictures with family, communication logs, documents showing she added you to her insurance policies, etc. some of of these things are considered secondary evidence, as I’m sure someone will come along and point out, but you need to prove you and your wife have a relationship. PS.... I’m not a sir, but thank you for being polite. Best of luck.
  8. Happytobe

    Getting ready for NOIR

    Did your wife submit evidence of your relationship with the initial petition? If so, what was submitted?
  9. Another thing, is to look at the history of the K-3. It was created years ago when the CR-1 process took several years, vs 12-14 months now (average times). The K-3 was originally helping spouses with that years long wait be together sooner. Hopefully that information will help give you some perspective.
  10. Happytobe

    How I feel :)

    I’m unofficially recommending a “start here” questionnaire upon signing up that would then give the Members a “to-do” list of site directions 😎
  11. Happytobe

    How I feel :)

    Great points. It’s a good reminder that everyone is different. I, personally, read through soooooo many posts and ALL of the Consulate reviews for hubby’s country, and was able to see how things changed over the years. I’m sure I’ve asked some silly things, and I fully admit I’m an old cranky lady at this point 😂😂😂 I’m even guilty of arguing with another member during our processes because we were just both grump-butts that day. (I owe him a long-overdue apology). Ahhhhhh, humans.
  12. I think the year spent together in Morocco with you AND her son, will help. I have a couple of friends that have a larger age gap, like you and your wife, and were approved. Hopefully, the petition was sent with a lot of evidence. I would recommend to have her there for your interview. She won’t be allowed in, unless specifically requested, but she would be there if needed. Best of luck!
  13. Happytobe

    How I feel :)

    Another thing is, there’s a very handy search tool that should be utilized, because many “newbie” questions are repeated daily/weekly/monthly etc. So, although I empathize with what you’re saying, after using the site for as long as some of us have.... if “newbie’s” actually look and search, many answers can be found and they could then ask more direct questions that may pertain to their case specifically. I guess I’m sounding like a jerk, at the moment, but we “old-timers” have lived it, learned along the way, and know that the site has A LOT of information IF you take the time and have the patience to seek it. This whole process needs patience and calm and it’s so easy to get caught up with frustration.... but, I digress..... There’s always a thread or two every day looking for “fast and easy” and a thread or two that screams of fraud and ones that the OP could have just done a search or clicked on a tab and gotten the answers.... OK.... rant over... have a happy Friday 😎
  14. Smaller amounts are currently allowed. We exchanged a small amount before and after our last trip in 2015. So it is a relatively recent change. To OP: have your husband start inquiring at his bank or currency exchange place. I know it can be difficult for a Moroccan to exchange currency there, but there are people that will share their secrets. (That sounds shady, but it wasn’t meant to) as others have said, taking currency OUT of Morocco is very difficult. If he gets searched while leaving/boarding they can and will take the money.... not an easy feat to get back (if ever)
  15. Hubby’s Oath Ceremony will be on January 26th!!! Woo-Hoo!!!!