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  1. Where do they store the info from those of us who are natural-born citizens? You know they collect it anyway but we don't have A-files. Good old-fashioned FBI dossiers, J. Edgar Hoover style?
  2. Hi everyone.. It seems like it has taken forever but my wife is putting the finishing touches on her N-400 form and was wondering about what to put in her employment history. Since we've been fortunate enough to be able to get by on my income since her arrival, she has never had to work here in the U.S. The N-400 instructions roughly say: "If unemployed, write 'unemployed'. If self-employed, write 'self-employed'". The thing is, she's really none of the above. She doesn't know what to put and I say she should just write 'Housewife' or 'Homemaker' for the entire time period since her arrival and put N/A in the address fields (or maybe our home address?) What did you put if you were in a similar situation? I don't know... To me, calling yourself 'Unemployed' when you didn't need to work in the first place doesn't seem right...