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  1. my ead and travel document were transferred yesterday. While I was filling wawa, My lawyer told them to hold my I 485 and transfer my ead and my I 131 which they did today but it says local office. ıt should have gone to vermont service center. ıs that some kind of glitch? another question ıt was in nbc pending 200 days. was there anybody on the same station who remember how long after they sent combo card? @sandranj I need your wisdom sandra. Please respond if you know anything about this.
  2. when did you receive your combo card based on marriage application? how long does it take them to send you?
  3. Its been 4 month since I applied they sent me prima facie for 1 year valid.
  4. have you ever received prima facie determination approval?
  5. What did you send to uscis for them at the beginning?
  6. he says he doesnt have them. he knows what he sees he need help. You are not helping at all.
  7. why they are saying that photos are not enough. you submitted just one events photos? what kind of text messages you sent. I got scared when I saw this. I also provided same documents like you. but they contains more specific info. Is there a age difference between you and your spouse. like he or she was younger than you. give us some info what you sent specificity.
  8. which I do not have, both names were not on the bills.
  9. CAN SOMEBODY RESPOND MY QUESTION? FAMILY PLEASE !!!!!!!! :((((((( I just want to share what I submitted for prove of sharing spouse my abusive spouse on my wawa packet. Do you guys think that this is a weak proves? Our bills used to come separate. I have never thought putting our bills on both names. do you think that they can deny or they may ask more proff of residency? Police report shows that she is was living our apartment Manager letter 1 letter from friend who become co signed for my aparment, lease was on his name her bills ( not on both on name) I had six bills of spouse ( dental health, department, insurance) my bills ( same) picture of mailbox showing our both names changing adress of spouse paper after incident happened ( USPS) Even if they ask more evidence I dont have to add more. Anybody same statition got approved?
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