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  1. All the i-751 applications through USPS only goes to: USCIS P.O. Box 21200 Phoenix, AZ 85036
  2. If the USPS intercept your package they will send your package back to you but if you have time wait until 35 days before GC is expiring. Yes, I used UPS overnight
  3. After sending the first package on 1st february which is still in transit ... I have sent the new package through UPS yesterday which was deliverd today at 10am ( Used next day delivery service) because my wife's conditional GC is expiring on 26th March so we had no choice because even USCIS is taking 35 to 40 days send the NOA. So we have applied for USPS package intercept service if that doesn't work than we will stop the payment for the First package. So it will get rejected from USCIS.
  4. I have sent it on February 1st and haven't reached yet, did inquiry about 4 times and nothing yet keep saying in transit. Going to send the new package coming this monday. i wish i could have done next day delivery
  5. I have kind of similar issue too, i sent it on 02/01 through USPS 2 day delivery but somehow my package is still sitting in one usps distribution center for past 15 days
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