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  1. Hi there -- check out the information under Travel Authorizations: https://www.uscis.gov/humanitarian/uniting-for-ukraine/frequently-asked-questions-about-uniting-for-ukraine#:~:text=Can I request an extension,extension of their travel authorization. It outlines instructions for a one time extension.
  2. Maybe try to think about it this way -- if you paid the fee, it's likely (not guaranteed) the beneficiary will receive their work authorization a couple weeks faster than if you applied for the waiver, which is time they could start working and earning money.
  3. Every beneficiary needs an international passport. I supported a family with a 20 month old and an 11 year old. Both had passports. If your beneficiary is outside of Ukraine already, the parent can contact the nearest UA embassy to get a passport for the child
  4. One of the Ukrainian children in the family I sponsored was also in this situation - there were no issues. While it unfortunately seems like every airport varies, they did not need need to provide proof of vaccination upon departure or arrival. They were prepared to explain that the child would receive the first dose in the US, which is what they committed to in the attestation. Good luck!
  5. I don't have experience with this situation -- but the I-94 granting HP will not change, so it could still be used to prove dates of parole. This is what CBP says about expiring passports and the validity of visas: "If a U.S. visa has been issued on a passport that has expired, you should carry both your new passport and the expired passport containing your valid visa. There is no need to re-apply for a new visa unless the visa term has itself expired." https://help.cbp.gov/s/article/Article-905?language=en_US
  6. FYI, LOT has discounted fares for adults (-10%) and children (-30%) -- but must call the airline.
  7. ^this requirement was lifted 3 weeks ago. International travelers to the US should be vaccinated. The Ukrainians I am supporting were not asked for any documentation in Europe (departed from Prague) or at the US port of entry.
  8. Negative covid test results aren't required anymore. The Ukrainians I am supporting traveled without tests. No one asked them for anything covid-related.
  9. Hi! They should check their USCIS accounts. Approved Travel Authorizations will appear there. They should download and print the Travel Authorizations to show the airline when boarding + at the US port of entry.
  10. Just sharing an update -- The beneficiaries I sponsored (family of 4) arrived in the US yesterday (point of entry: SLC) and they couldn't have had a better experience -- their biometrics were taken, but no additional questions or prolonged waiting. They were were prepared for a much more involved experience, but grateful it was short and uncomplicated. There were 2 others arriving at the same time via the U4U program, so very few beneficiaries being processed at the same time. Simply FYI.
  11. A supporter/sponsor does not have to be an immediate family member for Uniting for Ukraine. The beneficiaries I am supporting are my friends, not immediate family members. In my circumstance, they were approved in 1 day and will be traveling this week.
  12. A beneficiary needs a passport -- if you know a Ukrainian who only has a Ukrainian ID, have them apply for a passport. If they are outside Ukraine, they should contact the nearest Ukrainian embassy.
  13. I completed on behalf of the beneficiaries (beneficiaries were on WhatsApp). I was traveling and submitted one from outside the US and the rest from inside the US. They were approved same day & Travel Authorizations were issued. I don't think the system "cares"/captures IP. Even if IP is captured somewhere, there doesn't seem to be an impact.
  14. What they are eligible for will depend on your state. It seems as though there are states where Parolees are eligible to apply for some benefits (food stamps, WIC, Medicaid/CHIP) or may be eligible for a Marketplace plan. Perhaps check with your state agency or check with a local NGO/community organization that handles refugee resettlement (e.g., IRC, HIAS, Catholic Community Services -- if you have any of these where you live).
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