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  1. Yes I see it now yay thank you so much🌸🙏❤️🌺
  2. The stamped in her visa did not say any valid for a year or any date but only the entry date she had which is January 26,2019(stamped when she entered the United States) and that makes me worried because her visa will be expired by March 2019. I wonder what number I can contact to ask for this? Thank you so much I’m advance
  3. After paying the $220 how long does it takes before we receive her greencard on mail? We already received her ssn on mailbox. I wonder how long it will take to get the greencard because I’m worried about her visa being expired by March. I can’t find a link to what will be our next step and who can I contact for my question. You guys in here always my big help, thank you in advance!
  4. Thank you so much you are amazing! I call them wait for about 30 min and no answer like they can’t tell you why because the .gov is the one suppose to explain it like they can’t give you any information... but I follow this instruction and It finally went through🌺 thank God and thank you my friend!
  5. for some reason her case number is more than 1 number electronically, i'm trying to pay for her green card. i am trying to contact them but its hard.
  6. Thank you so much, but how do I pay that green card while she is not here?
  7. My mom received her passport with her visa. But it only gives her 3 mos and says it will expire. I want to know what will be the next step as soon as she gets here in usa, I was trying to search but everything is so confusing, please help me. Thank you in advance! Merry Christmas
  8. Hi everyone I hope you all doing well. I have a question about the affidavit of support I-864EZ when you fill it up for your parent, the part 9. Additional info do you also fill this up? And do I just need to sent this form to my domestic (local) uscis? Thanks in advance
  9. I understand you but you already paid and they already accept your petition, for me if you would ask me I won’t worry about it. Maybe try to give them a call and see what’s up.
  10. I can’t pay yet it says I have to wait for at least 2 weeks! God bless us all
  11. I received a email today and instruction of the nvc. Will do the 1st step and paid today.
  12. What is the meaning of case was sent by the department of state visa processing?
  13. After the case was approved how many months to estimate before the petitionee receive the letter? Says on my letter I-130 form wait for 30 days but my mom still not receiving anything till now approved date was November 16.
  14. I checked my online status today it says case was approved. I’m waiting for the actual letter to see the instruction for the next step. Does anyone knows the next step after this? Thanks